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Friday, 24 December 2010

Freedom and the Law.

It was my intention to refrain from posting over the festive break but like all things its subject to change.

If you have any spare time over Christmas and New Year I would urge you to read this explanation of how the law is there to protect your rights but statutes are just instruments of oppression.

Even if you read it and dont see the relevance you have lost nothing but potentially you could realise that true freedom is available to everyone.

Thursday, 23 December 2010

Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Not winterval,holidays,xmas or any other multicultural bollocks but good old Christian Christ Mass.

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Told you so.

Friday, 10 December 2010

Chinese ,Austrians and Saxons are all black you know.

Had the misfortune of having to go to Brighton the other day which I hate on so many levels,the main one being is that it is so car unfriendly and the parking nazis seem to be all hard nosed illegal immigrants or poofs with a chip on their shoulder.
Having found somewhere to park I walked down (no laughing at the back) Queens Street where there is a strange building packed full of "voluntary community groups".

One that caught my eye was Brighton and Hove Black History project which is obviously racist because according to them "‘Black people’ and ‘mixed-parentage people’ includes all those people whose ancestral origins are African, Asian, Caribbean, Chinese, Middle Eastern, North African, Romany, the indigenous peoples of the South Pacific islands, the American continents, Australia and New Zealand."

So according to these numbnuts Chinese and pikeys are now black-how fucked up is that.

The Black History Project website is registered to the Fiankoma Project in the same building .
The Fiankoma project website is registered to a Greek Cypriot called Elena Georgiadou based in Limassol Cyprus.

So we have a Black History Project ultimately run by a non Black ie White greek Cypriot which strikes me as a bit wierd to say the least.

Mind you my suspicion is that this person doesnt exist and someone is trying to hide behind the equivalent of a PO box in Cyprus.

Very strange but it goes to show nothing is what you think unless you think its all a load of mind bending bollocks in which case your correct.

Do take some time to read the utter bollocks written on the Black History website as its hillarious.

1)"The discovers in 1911 of fragments of pre-historic remains, were found, included fragments of teeth and thigh bones of, a Mastodon, a Hippopotamus, and a Beaver, part of a Red Deer’s antler, also the teeth of a Pleistocene horse.
These animals roamed Brighton and Hove Sussex and other areas in England at different times during the Ages."

Funny or what-mastadons(probably black) were roaming the Streets of Brighton and Hove thousands of years before Brighton and Hove actually existed- LMAO.

Shock Horror-Red deer roamed the Forest.

2)"The Neolithic people lived on high grounds on Whitehawk Hill near the Race Course just a little to the South of the grandstand, and opposite the top of Freshfield Road, on the east the ground falls into Whitehawk Bottom"

Jesus the Race Course has been there since the stone age and they all lived in a cave on a nice housing estate opposite Freshfield Field.Either the author is as thick as shit or he is winding everyone up.I suspect the former rather than the latter.

3)"These immigrants belong to a culture known as Hallstatt after a place in Austria, they were refugees, displaced by war. They settled in Sussex. "

So Austrians and Swiss are black as well are they and they trudged all the way over to Calais and caught the ferry no doubt because they were refugees.Give me strength.

4)"The Saxons create settlements in Brighton and Hove. The City had many advantages for the early Saxon settlers, with it easy communication "
They particulaly enjoyed the direct train line to London which made commuting easy so they could enjoy living in multicultural diverse Brighton and Hove yet could pursue a career in the
Metropolis of Londinium.

It continues but I cant take any more please read and enjoy-it will Brighton (get it) an otherwise dull day.

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

The South East Rural Community Councils

I have taken this third sector organisation as an example.

The South East Rural Community Councils is registered as a charity No 1091609 and proclaims ...

"The South East Rural Community Councils (SERCC) is the consortia organisation for the Rural Community Action Network, (RCAN) in the South East. RCAN is a national network of charities that support and work with people living in rural areas across the whole of England, to keep their villages and communities thriving and sustainable."

This organisations web site is registered at

Astolat Coniers Way New Inn Lane Guildford Surrey GU4 7HL United Kingdom.

The charity accounts for 2009 state that its funds come mainly from SEEDA (EU funded Quango), ACre (Third Sector), capacity builders (EU/cabinet office organisation),Government Office of the South East (Eu regional office) and Community Development Foundation (Third Sector).

If you google the address above up pops many other third sector organisations all operating from the same office.

On and on it goes this small office block (look it up on google earth street view) seems to house 100s of third sector organisations each funding each other and pulling in funds ultimately from the EU.

Guildford has always been a shithole but it seems that the EU has chosen it for its command and control centre for the its designated South East Region.

The third sector-the modern gestapo.

Having established that the reality we actually live in is not the same as the reality we think we live in we need to move on a bit.

Most people get on with their lives trying to make a living as best they can.They believe that society is ordered and the tiers of local government work together with national government to do what is right and best for us all.It is also a general belief that we have a say in how we are governed by being allowed to put a cross next to someones name every few years.

In reality we have no powers at all over how we are governed as all tiers of government are working to their own agenda and it doesnt include the plebs having any say in how things are run.The way it actually works is that there is a them and us thing going on whereby they carry on with their own agenda for their own benefit and we the general public are expected to shut the fuck up ,work till we drop and hand over all our gains to them for them to do exactly what they want with it which is never the same as what they say they are going to do with it.

The illusion that we all are expected to believe in is that Parliament comes up with policies that are debated in full in both chambers of parliament and then,if voted for by a majority of representatives, is implemented through Government Departments or Local Government in a fully democratic ,open and transparent manner.The lines of power are clear and it is a neat and clear administration.There thats nice and clear isnt it we can all say now that we all live in a lovely cuddly free country where we have a say on what gets implemented and also who represents our views and wishes in this lovely democratic system.

Only slight problem is it doesnt work like that at all.On the surface it appears to be all lovely but a bit like a rotten egg in that as soon as you get past the appearance it all starts to smell and turn pretty unpleasant.

Its all an illusion -lets start from the beginning shall we.The real power behind government is the EU not the UK Government or Parliament who now hold no more power than councillors on a Parish council.Parliament is just a rubber stamping organisation whereby EU policies are approved with no meaningful debate and sent on its way as law after the legislation has been given Royal Assent which it always is because the Monarch knows her place in the EUssr and has no powers to change anything anyway.

So we have the EU getting every piece of legislation through parliament but then it requires that legislation to be enforced.No problem because the EU has set up an alternative power structure that operates under the surface like a huge fungus growing underground with no hint on the surface as to what is going on.This alternative structure is like a terrorist network whereby if one part fails there are many alternative routes to the same end .This alternative power structure is like the EU totally unaccountable and undemocratic and to our eternal shame there are plenty of Common Purpose brainwashed EU Collaborators willing to run this structure and to impose the will of the EU onto the general populace by using Frankfurt School subversion techniques.In case you are in any doubt the ultimate aim is to destroy the UK and England specifically so we just become another region of the EU Socialist superstate.

Now I know you all think I am talking bollocks and our elected Councillors and MPs,most of which are Conservatives in this part of the country wouldnt let this happen.Well sorry guys most Conservatives have been selected because of their pro EU stance so they are part of the problem not part of the solution.The few Euro Sceptics that remain within the Conservative party are never going to be given any power but are allowed to sound off every now and then to take the heat off the pro European cabinet.If democracy operated in our country we would have had a referendum on coming out of Europe a long time ago but we are not allowed a vote because the organisation that actually rules us (EU) says we cant because they know what the result will be.

So where is this underground secret EU funded structure then I hear you ask.Well it is hidden in the mysterious Third Sector as its called.Most people have not a clue what the Third Sector is but this is where the undermining of our society is being planned and implemented now.In fact the third sector is more powerful than ever and is set to be even more powerful when they take over from the quangos that were supposed to be scrapped.In reality many third sector organisations are quangos with charitable status and are infested with common purpose and pro EU socialists.Third sector is a term that conjures up the image of charities working hard to benefit people but that is not the case.The charity commission run by Suzi Leather (Common Purpose) and a quango itself has corrupted the term charity to include political organisations and quangos which then magically turn into third sector organisations .They are not charities in any way other than they have been allowed charitable status .There are hundreds if not thousands of these third sector organisations that get funded by a money go round that begins at the door of the EU.Third sector organisations fund other third sector organisations in an attemptto disguise where the money and influence is coming from but sooner or later if you follow the funds an Eu front organisation will appear.

For information any organisation that has region/regional in the title or refers to the regions are EU front organisation.Third sector organisations are easy to identify because they cant resist to spout words like cohesion, social development ,diversity, climate change , sustainability and boast about being a charity. Look further into the accounts of these third sector organisations and you see that most of the money comes from other third sector organisations or something that is known as the office of the third sector.In reality this money go round is just a ruse to disguise the fact that it is the EU pumping millions into these organisations and you dont have to be a genius to work out why.You will also find many councillors on the management board of many of these organisations-traitors bought and paid for by the EU.

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

The third sector or the third reich.

I need to explain a few things.

Firstly you have to question the political and social beliefs that you thought were facts.

You have to unlearn some of these beliefs because they are not facts but things that you are programmed to consider as facts without question.

To run through the basics.

1)The far left and the far right of the political spectrum are the same.If you think of the spectrum as a circle no matter which way you go left or right you end up in the same place.
Nazis are no different from communists. Nazis were/are national socialists and communists are socialist socialists-the common word is socialist.
2)The BNP are not nazis they are nationalists,the Labour party are socialists ,the Lib dems are socialists.The Conservatives have drifted left so far from their traditional position to now also being socialists.
3)Elections are a shame because all the parties despite what they may say all stand against freedom ,democracy and a small state.
4)All the main parties and leaders are pro EU.Anyone anti Europe will never get the chance to lead a main party .
By voting for Labour,Lib Dems or Conservatives you are voting for a slightly different brand of pro European socialism.

Now you have to also appreciate that

1)The third sector and government overlap substantially with the overlap being filled by quangos and pseudo quangos with charitable status
2)The third sector may include charities but a large portion are pseudo qungos with charitable status (see below).
3)The defintion of a charity has changed to include many political organisations that are not charities in the way we think of charities.
4)The third sector/quangos have an enormous influence over the way supposedly democratic organisations like councils operate.
5)The third sector and quangos are riddled with politically appointed pro EU socialist placemen.

We also have organisations like Common Purpose who have been perfectly described as the "glue" that keeps it all together and makes sure that everyone sings from the same socialist, fabian pro European songsheet.

At the bottom we have the EU using political parties,quangos ,pseudo quangos with charitable status and common purpose as conduits through which it can direct its poison to the heart
of the country to kill off freedom and democracy.Once freedom and democracy is dead we end up with a totalitarian communist organisation named the EU moving into the vacuum.
Common purpose talk about planning for the post democratic age which gives you a pretty big hint that democracy is not included in the game plan.

The country is going down the pan because thats part of the plan.The public havnt looked up from their TVs and computers for long enough to realise that we are at war and should be fighting for our survival rather than watching strictly X factor Jeremy Kyle gots talent.Unfortunately because its not a hot war we are not prepared and havnt even realised that the war has started.
The enemy we face is not using force or military hardware it is using our own minds against us in order to infiltrate or invade if you like our country and our institutions.Undermining a country using frankfurt school subversion techniques is not a war that we recognise but it is a war just the same.

Just imagine if you will a few armed people waving the EU flag turning up at every council and government office in the country saying they were in charge now and everyone had to obey them or face the consequences.Would we all just stand around watching them tear down our flags and replace them with the EU stars.Would we stand around taking orders from foreign soldiers and help them take us over without a fight.Would we allow fifth columnists and collaborators to come out of the woodwork to rule over us and watch over us to make sure we obey.
We like to think of us as being at our best when our back is to the wall but what we have failed to notice is that our enemy is already surrounding us and all the wall does is hide those enemies behind it who are ready to ambush us at the first opportunity.

In short we are all fucked unless we all wake up pretty damn soon.

I will continue with this using examples and names being named but for now just turn the telly off for a few days,dont buy any papers and do your own research.Its all there if you know where to look.

Monday, 6 December 2010

Stephen Neary scandal.

Read this post from Anna Raccoon and get very very angry.

Climate data since 1659

As I am now a climate scientist I have decided to start up the Crowborough Climate Research Unit and do a bit of research into climate change.

Trying to find modern untampered data is pretty much impossible.The eco fascists like to produce lovely graphs showing whatever they want them to show.The actual temperature figures are closely guarded by the eco fascists because they release nothing until they have been"adjusted " to such an extent that the figures end up meaningless.Variance from average temperature records are a favourite because depending where you decide the average is depends on what the graph show and there is no one on this earth who can tell what an average temperature should be for any given time because of the huge number of variables involved.

I have however managed to find genuine mean yearly temperatures for central England compiled by G.Manley in 1974 and published in the Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society 100, 389-405.

The mean temperatures I am interested in are for the years 1659-1974 (when the data was published)which is ideal because in 1974 the climate change scam had not even been thought up.

Using the figures of over 300 years the hottest mean temperatures are for the years 1733,1736,1779,1868 and 1949.

Figures after 1980 are useless and subject to god knows what fiddling to prove that man made C02 is responsible for supposed warming.The later figures look even more dodgy when you consider that the consensus is that no global warming has occured over the last decade yet according to these figures central England would seem to have been subject to its own period of warming when the rest of the globe has remained static in terms of temperature and even cooled a bit.

So in summary there is no pattern to prove anything other than to say the climate is such a complex system that no one with half a brain can predict anything other than the figures have been well and truly cooked over the last twenty years to prove something that is simply not happening.

In short the whole theory is shot to pieces and has no basis in fact at all. Read the figures yourself and make your own mind up but dont take the word of people whose speciality is in history/politics but are adept at class one bullshitting.
The link actually works now.

Sunday, 5 December 2010

Mark Lynas-Climate expert with a degree in History and Politics

Mark Lynas is a journalist "specialising" in climate change bollocks and an environmental fascist/activist who spouts his shite in the Guardian,Independent and New Statesman.

He is also in league with Franny(I am stupid) Armstrong infamous for the 10:10 film advocating killing climate realists.

Now you would think that someone like Mark would be highly qualified in the field of Chemistry and Physics at the very least to enable him to write about such a technical subject as to how an inert gas essential for life on earth could possibly have any influence on the temperature across the globe.

Well you would be wrong as Mark Lynas has (wait for it)a degree in history and politics which are not subjects you think about first when analysing and understanding a complex ecosystem .
Put it this way would you let a Doctor anywhere near you if they had a degree in Politics but talked a good talk as to how much they knew about how the body worked.

Given that I have got qualifications in physics , chemistry and geology I think that means that I am more qualified on the subject than supposed expert Mark Lynas. Judging by Mark Lynas's crappy little house and his crappy old car (yes he actually drives-what a fucking hypocrite) talking climate bollocks is obviously a great payer NOT.

So how can someone who has absolutely no understanding about what he is talking about be held up by the eco fascists as some sort of expert.
If this bullshitter is the best that the eco fascists can come up I have to tell them that it isnt good enough .

Climate change is a con and anyone with the little knowledge and understanding of the carbon cycle and C02 s role in sustaining life on the planet knows that its bullshit and bad science all rolled into one.Mark Lynas might like to refer to himself as an expert which I can agree with because in this instance ex means a has been and a spurt is a big drip.

Friday, 3 December 2010

Lighter Later-another 10:10 front.

Lighter Later is campaigning for us to move over to Berlin time to make evenings lighter in order to save the childreeen and ickle baybees from being mowed down by drivers .

The campaign is getting a lot of press recently and the bedwetters are foaming at the mouth at the prospect of this being tried out.

Lighter Later is just a front for the bastards at 10:10 who advocated killing climate realists .

Just when you think organisations like 10:10 have been neutralised they pop back up like zombies-brain dead but persistent little bastards.

I know the zombies at 10:10 havnt thought of this but if evenings are lighter then mornings are going to be darker so the little childreeen will have to go to school in the dark and be mowed down earlier in the day.

The obvious solution is to take the kids to school in a great big 4x4 and crank up the central heating a few notches to keep that life giving C02 from being depleted.Either that or just keep your clock onto GMT during the winter and only use GMT when in contact with any of the fabian cock suckers in local/national government.

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Global Warming final solution.

Fucking hellski -we have had 5 inches of snow and as usual everything grinds to a halt.Checking out Whistler in Canada today and they have temperatures of minus 20 C with a couple of feet of snow and everything is running normally.

Why is it we put up with this every year.ESCC and Wealden council are totally useless and despite knowing for weeks that it was going to snow nothing has been done to keep us all moving.

The wankers in local government have bought the global warming myth hook line and sinker and cant see beyond their bollocky climate change agenda.If the cunts could bear to tear themselves away from wanking off over Al Gore for one moment and looked out the fucking window they would realise its cold and getting colder.I wonder how many people will die this
winter because the wankers in charge cant see common sense.Climate change alarmists have blood on their hands because for them money and power comes before common sense and humanity.Bastards the lot of them.
Personally I would round them all up and ship them to the North Pole with only a pair of flip flops and shorts each for clothes and watch them slowly freeze to death whilst being told-dont worry its the warmest year on record.

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Another campaign.

Petition for a referendum.

An independent MEP is starting a campaign to get 100,000 signatures in favour of a referendum on our continued membership of the EU.

Click here for a pdf version of the petition form.

The truth is out there.

They really are shitting in our faces .

Euro-MPs were handed an extraordinary £3,000 pay rise yesterday after EU judges ruled in favour of an inflation-busting increase for tens of thousands of Brussels officials.
Read more:

If Van Rumpuy isnt the result of a hideous experiment to produce an alien /human hybrid which went wrong I will eat my hat.

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Recipe for freedom.

Like a good recipe everything was starting to come along nicely .All the ingredients had been mixed perfectly and a gentle heat applied to get things going.

The ingredients were chosen specifically to isolate and neutralise Britain so that their recipe for a federal EU state would come about.It was figured that if the heat was turned up a little at a time then we wouldnt be wise to what was going on until it was too late and by then our goose would be well and truly cooked.

Well over the last few weeks things have started to change.People are really really angry and getting angrier by the day.The Mussies abusing our soldiers raised the temperature from low to high and the Irish bailout has raised it to thermonuclear.

Speak to people and all they can talk about are the issues that are largely ignored by the mainstream media such as the mussies kicking off and us coughing up another 7billion plus of borrowed money to prop up another Euro basket case.
The euro nazis were almost there in that they had put everything in place to destroy us and our way of life hoping that it would be a done deal before we woke up to what has happened whilst the majority of the population had been asleep or watching big brother or I am a twat get me out of here.

So to get back to my cooking metaphor the UK is at the point where the pressure has increased and the very structure of the vessel is straining to contain the immense pressure within.We all know that sooner or later the vessel will fail but what we dont know is when or how.What we can be sure of though is when(not if) it goes off it is going to be messy and there is no way that the ingredients will ever be able to be put back in.

Perhaps its just me but around here I have never known such a tangible tension and anger among people in general over what is going on and the lies and misinformation put out by the media and government to cover up the fact that we have all been screwed over big time.

Monday, 22 November 2010

Here is the real news.

You will not have seen this on any of the British news media.Isnt it coming to something when we have to get news of what is happening in our own country from foreign news channels.

Tell everyone you know to view this.

Hat Tip

Saturday, 20 November 2010

Nazi inspired EU.

Take time to read these documents about the Nazis plans to form the EEC .

Friday, 19 November 2010

Get out of the EU now.

Watch this set of video clips and the reason why this country has been turned into a shithole becomes clear for all to see.

As a matter of interest David Noakes's website EU Truth has been taken down!!

Its a bit tinfoil hat but stick with it and then google Frankfurt School Subversion and consider whether any of the 200 ways to subvert a country have occured in the last 30 years.

The creation of racism offences.
Continual change to create confusion
The teaching of sex and homosexuality to children
The undermining of schools’ and teachers’ authority
Huge immigration to destroy identity.
The promotion of excessive drinking
Emptying of churches
An unreliable legal system with bias against victims of crime
Dependency on the state or state benefits
Control and dumbing down of media
Encouraging the breakdown of the family

Thats 11 off the top of my head but there are many more.

Check it out yourself and perhaps you might come to the conclusion that we are actually living under a repressive communist regime and any talk of living in a free society is just a sham.

Isnt it time we stopped being sheep and started acting like lions instead.


Barroso-Little man with little ideas.

Barroso is the odious little unelected head of the EU .

Words and phrases that spring to mind whenever I see his ugly mug are....

Small man syndrome,ugly,cunt,twat,marxist,unelected,spastic,undemocratic,special needs,oxygen thief,communist,arsewipe ,enemy,useless,rude,arrogant,spazzer,fuckwit,borrowed time,Ireland debt,career finished.

Only my opinion mind.

Isn't it time we came out of the EU and left spazzers like Barroso on the scrapheap where they belong.The world has moved on and we should perhaps be aligning ourselves more with the Commonwealth rather than Communists.
The futures bright but Barossa isn't and the future certainly will not feature the EUSSR. Doesn't it strike anyone as strange that Alki Aida doesn't target the EU as an institution.Could it be that outside the EU parliament the EU is seen as irrelevant or its a case of my enemies enemy is my friend?

Come on guys its time to wake up and let it be known that we want out of the EU and we want it NOW.

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

HMRC-where finding someone who is competent and speaks English is pretty much impossible.

Is it me or are the Inland revenue/HMRC a load of useless tossers.

Trying to explain a problem to someone over the phone at HMRC whose grasp of English is limited to say the least doesnt help.What also doesnt help is that whoever you speak to seems to assume you are even more retarded than they are and cannot comprehend that they may have actually made a mistake.

I am no accountant but I do understand the difference between the 2009/10 and the 2010/11 tax year even if Mrs Limited English has trouble with the fact that the years tend to go forward every year rather than back.

I finally gave up on the phone as I decided that someone who cant speak English is not going to be able to explain nor understand tax procedures but no worries I thought as you can always use emails .Errr no actually the HMRC do not allow you to contact them by e mail and you have to either phone or write.Deciding as a last resort to write I look up the relevant office for Sussex only to find out its in fucking Jockland.

What sort of fucking useless organisation decides that the right person to deal with a problem in Sussex should be someone Scottish based 100s of miles away.

Like all public services HMRC have decided to recruit staff on the basis of their ethnic background and who they vote for rather than their intelligence of ability to speak English.

Is it too much to expect someone local who speaks English with a basic understanding of their job to deal with my query.Quite clearly in the case of Her Majestys Right Cunts it clearly is.

HMRC-where tax can be very taxing.

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

PC halfwit and his Christmas message.

Christmas is only a few weeks away and the weather is turning much colder with frosts in the morning.Driving is a joy on crisp clear days such as we have had over the last couple of days.

Motorists had better make the most of it though because it will not last.We are fast approaching the season where we will see sullen fat arsed rossers blocking off main roads and undertaking random checks for the reason that they can .

I should make it clear that I do not condone drink driving in any way but stopping and inconveniencing innocent drivers in the hope they can catch someone who may be guilty of something is totally wrong.

My vehicles are all legal and I pay a lot of money in road tax every year so I dont expect to be stopped because the rossers will have no suspicion that I have done anything wrong for the simple reason that I have not.If some doughnut eating PC decides to stop me then be warned because I will not be happy.

A couple of years ago my wife was stopped at a road block whilst driving a brand new car and as always as sober as a judge only to be asked by PC dipshit whether she knew it was illegal to drive whilst over the limit.In a strange sort of way I am looking forward to the time when it will be my turn to be subject to the stasi treatment because I will be ready.I have a pen and paper to make a note of all the lovely numbers of PCs who I come into contact with and my smartphone takes lovely videos .Hopefully I will get PC dipshit who stopped my wife for no good reason because I see it as my duty to wind him up on film and see what happens.The Police like to refer to the attitude test when they stop motorists as if a bad attitude is justification for harrassing law abiding motorists.Perhaps our third rate Police state enforcers should reread their oath that they swear to ...

"I, ... of ... do solemnly and sincerely declare and affirm that I will well and truly serve the Queen in the office of constable, with fairness, integrity, diligence and impartiality, upholding fundamental human rights and according equal respect to all people; and that I will, to the best of my power, cause the peace to be kept and preserved and prevent all offences against people and property; and that while I continue to hold the said office I will to the best of my skill and knowledge discharge all the duties thereof faithfully according to law."

So to PC dipshit and his friends take note of the phrase containing the words fairness and impartiality in the above pledge and make sure you know it all word for word because if you stop me I will expect you to be word perfect.Mind you the brainless morons we have in the Police these days may well have problems with words like integrity and respect .
Oh and I always expect to be called Sir when public servants are addressing me (master and servant relationship).
Re reading the Police oath makes me wonder what part of it covers perverted Sussex Police prancing around Brighton proclaiming how much they love gay sex whilst on duty and in Police uniform.
The above video is not without humour though-look out for the bit where baldy fat rosser said how much he enjoyed being at the front rather than the back !!!!.
Target rich-view this as an example of the sort of bullshit that Sussex Police comes out with.
PC poofter and PC Lezzer mixing business with pleasure.

Saturday, 13 November 2010

Bedfordshire Police-The enemy within.

UK’s Bedfordshire Police’s rules regarding terrorists and dangerous criminals

If they’re non-Muslim

• Consider the most opportune time of day to be able to arrest suspects with minimum resistance
• Apply all necessary force to enter the premises and arrest suspects accordingly.

If they’re Muslim:

• Community leaders must be consulted before raids into Muslim houses.
• Officers must not search occupied bedrooms and bathrooms before dawn.
• Use of police dogs will be considered serious desecration of the premises.
• Cameras and camcorders should not be used in case of capturing women in inappropriate dress.
• If people are praying at home officers should stand aside and not disrupt the prayer.
They should be allowed the opportunity to finish.
• Officers should take their shoes off before raiding a Muslim house.
• The reasons for pre-dawn raids on Muslim houses needs to be clear and transparent.
• Officers must not touch holy books or religious artefacts without permission.
• Muslim prisoners should be allowed to take additional clothing to the station.
With this continuing appeasement, no wonder it’s now predicted that Britain will become an Islamic state by 2070. (Time to think about your children.)

Friday, 12 November 2010

Rotherfield smoking bomb.

Those of us that are lucky enough to live outside the shithole 3rd world areas of this country thought we were safe from the multicultural contagion sweeping the country.Like the black death we thought it would never affect us which meant we were unprepared when it arrived.

For people who dont know Rotherfield is a lovely quiet place where nothing much happens and the residents are happy to get on with their own life happy in the knowledge that the contagion sweeping the country could be on the moon for all the affect that it had on them as individuals and the village in general.

It comes as a shock then to know that some twat has ripped down and destroyed the posters for the poppy appeal fundraising event in the town.The local paper reports it like they dont have a clue who would possibly do such a thing and seems to hint that it may be someone in the village that has just moved in!!!.

To work out who did this you only have to know that intollerant followers of the religion of peace have been burning poppies this year .
Just down the road from Rotherfield we have the Marks Cross Ali Bongo(or something like that) mussie school that was raided by the anti terrorist police a couple of years ago because it had links with the terrorist Hookhand.

The other clue is that the poster featured a picture of a smoking bomb because the event included a talk from a bomb disposal expert.I cannot think of any group that would have any issue with a picture of a smoking bomb can you?

You dont have to be sherlock holmes to work it out.

Dont forget to wear your poppy with pride wherever you live.
The talk takes place at 7pm on November 20 in the village hall.

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Wanted dead or alive.

Amanda Park-paid lefty agitator.

The soap dodgers were rioting yesterday in protest at something or another.

Isnt it strange that the far left didnt do anything during 13 years of labour misrule(including introduce tuition fees) but suddenly decide to riot when someone tries to sort out the finacial disaster that we face today.

Isnt it strange also that the person that was interviewed many times yesterday by the BBC to speak for the poor hard done students isnt even a student but a paid activist.

If I was this soap doging lefty lezzer I would be expecting a knock on the door from the plod very soon.

As the Police are not very efficient at rounding up lefty scumbags I am going to do my duty and publish her photo and contact details.
Amanda Park Association Secretary
Glasgow Caledonian University Students' AssociationStudents' Association Building70 Cowcaddens RoadGlasgowG4 0BA

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Wealden Council - putting themselves first.

Wealden has launched its new website .I am not sure what its supposed to achieve or which 6th former they got to put it together but the result is pretty bloody awful.

The layout is terrible and the general design is about as exciting and inviting as a pile of vomit.

Its all done in a bile green colour to signify I presume the green nature of the area before Wealden allowed any tom, dick and harry or (Clive Wilson) to build any monstrosity anywhere and everywhere.Obviously there are strict rules to apply when considering developments but when the applicant is in your lodge or common purpose network such trivial matters can be overlooked cant they.For people who are not involved in trouser legging or have not had their brain rewired by a lunatic called Julia there is the old tried and tested method that results in your application for a 10 bedroom 4 storey house in the middle of the Ashdown Forest being approved no questions asked. Its called a "drink" but using terms that we all understand its a bung or bribe . An envelope of wonga pushed through the doors of the relevant councillors in the dark of night should see your pet project pushed through with no problem.
If you delve deeply into the new website site map I am sure there is a section where you can bung your councillor using paypal for your convenience.

Wealden Council putting people first it says -dont make me laugh.

How the Liberal Bedwetters Argue.

After watching the above clip you will get some idea how much the liberal bedwetters hate their own country (the clip is American but applies equally well over here) yet argue in favour of the scum who want to wipe us all out.

No need to ask whether mussie funnybeard got arrested just ask instead how long would it be before you got arrested if you stood outside a mosque proclaiming death to the mussies.Not long I wager. But what do we expect from the Police that has been infected at all levels by liberal betwetters that not only piss in their own bed but piss in everyone elses as well and expect you to be grateful for it.

Thursday, 28 October 2010

Chris Bowers

Chris Bowers -who is he I hear you ask.

Well he is a local Limp Dem nobody who wanted us to vote for him at the last election to represent our views at Wealden Council.

If you read his blog his views seem to be more socialist labour than limp dem so it comes as no surprise to note that the residents of wealden said thanks but no thanks.

His blog uses blogger and has the typical comments tool to allow you to make comments on his posts.When you make a comment however a message comes up to say that your comment will appear after approval!!!.Like a child who sticks his fingers in his ears and goes lalala loudly Bowers doesnt seem to want to listen to other points of view that may not fit his weirdy beardy sandal wearing progressive hogwash political beliefs.

I have posted a couple of comments (all very polite) and I will let you know what response I get.

If you want a go then visit his blog by clicking here

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Another councillor bites the dust.

Damian McAlonan has left the council.

Another one bites the dust-thats two gone within the last 2 months.

I am not sure why D McAlonan has gone but I for one am glad to see one of the co opted twats deciding to call it a day.

I would like to think that I played my part in ridding our town council of him but there are many rumours going around as to the exact reasons behind his resignation.

Rumours I have heard include

1)He was responsible for the tree on chapel green being cut down so he jumped before he was named and shamed.

2)Some dodgy dealing involving the community centre which has been hushed up .

3)A problem with a criminal records check.

In honesty I dont know why he has gone but if I had to go with any one rumour it would probably be no2 because there seems to be a veil of secrecy over the whole community facility project which prevents the residents (who are paying for the bloody thing) from finding out what is going on and more importantly where the money is going/has gone.Secrecy breeds suspicion and resignations of councillors feeds those suspicions.

To prove there are no hard feelings I would like Damian to know it was nice knowing him but even nicer knowing that he has finally fucked right off.

Who is next to fall on their sword then fnar fnar.

ADHD -bad bahaviour excused.

What is it with ADHD these days.This fictional condition seems to be a get out of jail free card for all the little shits that are only lacking a bit of discipline .
Strangely this condition only seems to affect the spawn of the chavs and halfwits.Children of normal families seem to be immune from this condition.

Get some halfwit foreign health worker to label your ill disciplined badly behaved kid as having ADHD and you are set up for life.

If the little shit nicks something its...."eee cant elp it ees got ADHD."

If the little shit vandalises something its ..."eee cant elp it ees got ADHD"

In fact anything he does is not his fault "cos ees got ADHD"

Schools are just as bad because they are more interested in chasing the extra money these shits have on their head that they are willing to put up with any behaviour to keep trousering the extra money they get for having a shit with ADHD in their school.

God help you if you are a decent parent and your kid is in the same class as some chav genetic throwback with a chip on his shoulder.The little shit with ADHD will basically spoil the other kids education and bully any kids they see as an easy target all because "ee as ADHD".

We like to teach our children that the correct thing to do, if bullied, is to tell a teacher and everything will be OK but sadly in modern schools that just isnt the case.Schools will take no action over bullying if the little shit bullying has ADHD..Your child has to suffer being bullied because everyone in authority is scared to act because "ee as ADHD".

We also like to say to our kids that if someone is bullying them the thing to do is to rise above it and dont go down to their level and respond.

ADHD little shits have become a special group protected by the full force of the state in the same way mussies, pikeys and spazzers have become.

Sadly the only advice decent parents can give their child in these times is to stay away from the little shits "that av ADHD" and any bullying behaviour from the little shits should be met with swift playground justice.

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Vote for Freedom and interesting times ahead.

Have you ever thought of becoming a councillor?
As a councillor you can influence the decsions that directly affect your community and environment and help shape the future.
In May 2011 there will be an opportunity to stand for election to Crowborough Town Council and to Wealden District Council.
Find out more at the Council Offices, Pine Grove on Monday 1st November between 3.00pm and 8.00pm.

The above was on the the Crowborough town council website (spelling mistakes and all).

Do they really think that anyone who wants to represent their community on the undemocratic star chamber that is Crowborough TC would not have the intelligence to have thought it through and decided to stand without having to visit Pine Grove so they can give you the thumbs up.

The great thing about a democracy is that any fucknugget can represent you as long as they can get more people to vote for them than the opposition.

We all know what the council does and quite frankly we dont like it .We need someone to stand and get voted in on the understanding that they would stir up the council and make it more democratic not someone who will toe the line and agree anything as long as there is a drink in it for them.

Watch out council because I am considering standing myself and if you think I am going to be vetted by a bunch of twatty no hopers you are clearly barking up the wrong tree.

Believe me if I get voted in things will change and it will definitely be more interesting in the council meetings.

Monday, 11 October 2010

Oink Oink ,Nick Nick, Munch Munch

Police were hiding behind a broken down van in East Hoathly today with a speed camera doing what they do best ie not much.

About 30 minutes later I came back along the same road and they were nowhere to be seen until I got a bit further up the road near the turn off to Bentley wildfowl trust and there were the coppers in their natural environment munching bacon sarnies at a road side greasy spoon at 10.30 in the morning!!.

Its no wonder all the plods you see are overweight if the only exercise they get is to lift a speed camera every now and then is it.

Catch real criminals-you must be joking fat pigs will fly before that happens.
To add something to this story bear in mind that whilst the fat pigs of Sussex Police were stuffing their faces with crap a farmer was run over and killed when he tried to stop burglars.
Also bear in mind that this person contacted the Police several times about thefts and the Police did nothing because they were busy hiding their fat lazy arses in bushes catching evil motorists doing 52 in a 50 limit.
Whats the difference between Sussex Police and a bucket of crap-at least the bucket is useful for something.

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Martin Richards-overpaid and overdue for the chop.

Sussex Police, which last month announced plans to axe 500 front-line officer posts, pays chief constable Martin Richards a salary of £144,510.

Nearly 150K to sit around doing nothing other than using public facilities to network with his fellow common purpose graduates!!!
Useless public servants used to be moved sideways into a job like being in charge of paperclips or similar where a fuck up would have no impact on the public.These days useless individuals like Martin Richards are given senior positions and a sack full of money to actually fuck up the public service they are nominally in charge of.

Roll on elected chief constables and we can hopefully wave goodbye to socialist social engineering common purpose graduates twats like Richards for good.

Mind the door on the way out Richards.

There follows a profile of a man that has not done a days proper policing work in his whole career.He started as a graduate recruit and went straight into senior positions with Warwickshire Police , within twelve years he became CC of Wiltshire and lucky old Sussex was next in line for his common purpose improvement by destruction method of running a Police service.

The fact that he doesnt know one end of a Police car from another doesnt stop him poncing around in his top of the range BMW (why does he need those blue lights in the grille).All in all a useless waste of oxygen who gets paid way too much for his well hidden talents.

Martin Richards became Chief Constable of Sussex on 1 October 2007.

After graduating from Bristol University Martin joined Warwickshire Police in 1982, serving across all geographical areas in the Force.

His command positions included District Commander at Nuneaton, Head of Communications, Performance Review Manager and a short period as Head of CID. He served for two years in National Police Training as Head of Recruit Training Centre at Ryton-on-Dunsmore.

He achieved a Masters in Criminology at Cambridge University before being promoted to Assistant Chief Constable at Avon and Somerset Constabulary in 1998 where his key responsibilities were Personnel and Training, Criminal Justice and Communications. He was promoted to Deputy Chief Constable in 2002, taking on responsibility for Professional Standards, Corporate Development, Communications and Information Services.

He is the Chair of the National Training Managers Group and represents the Association of Chief Police Officers on the Police Dependants’ Trust. He has recently overseen the national implementation of IPLDP – the new programme of training for all recruits accepted into the Service.

Martin was appointed Chief Constable of the Wiltshire Police in September 2004. During his time in this post he oversaw ‘Optimus’ a 12 month programme of modernisation and reform within the Force. He was also the Chief Officer lead on collaboration for all five Forces within the South West region.

Monday, 20 September 2010

Sussex Police -operation crackdown.

Sussex Police have had a well deserved kicking over their  stasi inspired operation crackdown initiative whereby members of the public are encouraged to grass up people they dislike under the pretence of reporting poor driving standards.

Sussex Police are keen to ponce around Brighton proclaiming  how much they enjoy taking it up the tailpipe but seem to have abdicated any responsibility for doing any proper policing.

We are being constantly told how dangerous Wealden roads are and how speeding contributes to most accidents (both lies by the way) but when it comes  to cracking down on dangerous drivers they are just not bothering to do anything.Sussex Police roads unit are notoriously lazy and cant be bothered to stop people driving in a dangerous manner lest they have to actually do some work.Much better(for them) to stay put in their nice new BMWs and wait for the ANPR to ping or to stay at the nice warm station sending out PCNs for people doing 43 in a 40 limit.

Poor driving is to blame for most accidents not speed so by concentrating on speed cameras they are completely missing the point on road safety by a country mile.A nutter driving like an idiot or someone driving pissed are pretty much guaranteed to have an accident and hurt someone else but the Police are not interested unless a member of the public spoon feeds them the exact details of the person and car .As long as the pissed/nutter driver drives within the speed limit  and his car is legal he will probably get away with it.
Whilst the plod is sitting around using the ANPR as a cash generating machine they are unlikely to be spotting the person tailgating,overtaking dangerously or just acting a cunt because they are unlikely to be doing this in view of a staionary plod car.The truth is that someone travelling 10/15mph over a speed limit will 99% of the time not hurt anyone or cause damage to anyone or any property but are treated with zero tolerance by our
useless Police .People driving dangerously or without care and attention are guaranteed to cause an accident or damage to someone or someones property at some time but are not targeted by the Police because it would require more than sitting around eating doughnuts and waiting for the ANPR beep to wake them up from their semi slumber to do something about it.

Operation crackdown perhaps should be renamed operation breakdown because the repect that people had for the Police has certainly broken down as a result of initiatives such as this which was thought up by some shiny arsed common purpose graduate in between wanking off over a stasi instruction  manual.

Just as an aside

Sussex Police have updated their website so its all user friendly and shiny (like their BMWs)but basically useless (like them)but have retained the scrapped policing pledge-are they useless twats or what.

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Anita Kerwin-Nye has left the council.

Anita Kerwin-Nye one of the few elected councillors on Crowborough Town Council has left/resigned from the council leaving a vacancy to be filled by another unelected co opted nobody.

Anita was one of the very few decent people on the council and although I have gently ribbed her over a couple of things I thought she was/is a genuine nice person who was trying to do her best for the people of the town.

This means we have now have only 5 elected councillors out of a total of 15 which highlights just what a sham the council is.

Thursday, 9 September 2010

Wealden Council -officially fairly useless.

I think its accepted that Wealden Council are pretty useless at everything other than making a mess up of everything they come into contact with.
Even the Audit Commission could only give Wealden a fair marking which in the outside world would be the equivalent of crappy crap crap shit level of service.

I had to laugh when I got an invite from Wealden to a business breakfast at the Buxted Park Hotel to explain to us plebs how to use social medjia at a cost of £10 a head.

I am not sure how many people attended because I thought I could more constructively use the 2 hours and didnt bother going .This seems typical of wealden in that they as public servants think they know more about everything than people who actually earn a living by doing something useful rather than harrassing people who leave their bin open an inch .

Why anyone would want to take advice about marketing from a public service organisation that by the Audit Commissions (very very low) standards can only achieve a "fair" is beyond me.

Typically when you check out the dire Wealden website there is no twitter feed or any mention of facebook at all so how could they possibly give advice to people about using social medjia when they dont use it themselves.Oh I forgot Wealden doesnt need to market themselves because they get squillions of pounds handed to them on a plate to add to the squillions that they take off the public and businesses of Wealden under the threat of jail if  they object.

Wealden and fucking useless go together like their £10 egg and bacon breakfast.

Thursday, 2 September 2010

Sussex Police -soft on crime, tough on plane spotters.

Sussex Police are  on a bit of a power trip at the moment.Given that they face huge cuts in their budget you would think that they would concentrate on their core service of serving and protecting the general public by catching crims .That would be too easy for plod though wouldnt it and would involve those involved in front line services actually doing something useful rather than just sending out speeding tickets and issuing cautions.
Sussex Plod have decided  that although ID cards have been scrapped there is a group within the county that needs monitoring and registering lest they cause mayhem.
The group I am talking about are not the mussies or pikeys but plane spotters.Yes the Police want plane spotters at Gatwick to "voluntarily" register their details with them so they know who they are and when asked they are to produce a special plane spotters ID card. Although not a plane spotter myself I have taken my kids up to the viewing platform many times(before it was closed) to watch the planes take off and land.I have come across many plane spotters and none of them seem to be a threat to anyone nor a very good deterrent against a hardened alki aida attack.
So what stasi twat thought that registering plane spotters and giving them an ID card which they must produce when asked was a good idea.That person is Richard Griffiths of Gatwick Police station who should have an ID card with twat written across it in huge red writing just in case anyone was in any doubt .
Who in their right mind is going to give the Sussex rossers their personal details so they can be held on some secret database managed by the like of the clinically insane Mr Griffiths to do with as he pleases.

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Crowborough Town Council.

Keeping an eye on Council meetings is like watching a car crash in slow motion.

The incompetence of the members of the council is staggering and the arrogance as to be seen to be believed.The cock up on appointing a new town clerk seems to go on and on.The position has now been taken off the temporary town clerk and given back to the old town clerk on a temporary basis paying her an amount of £30 per hour plus expenses.Fucking hellski I thought she was a mere town clerk not a senior manager in a private business.

On another hilarious note the council seems to be trying to force the members and staff to be CRB checked to accertain whether they are child molesters or not.Why councillors or council staff need to be CRB checked is not clear but they are having a hissy fit because one unamed person is refusing to be CRB checked.
The council is now trying to change the persons contract retrospectively in order to force them to comply with this dictat.Hang on a minute-councillors are not people who can be hired and fired these are supposed to be elected representatives.Ignoring the co opted twats like "poor old" clive wilson some members have actually been voted in and it is not for the council to decide whether someone should take part in the council just because they dont want to go through the farce of having to get a certificate to prove they are not a child molester.
The unamed member who is refusing to have a CRB check either has something to hide or they are making a stand against this disgusting piece of legislation and the heavy handed implementation of it by their fellow councillors.I would like to hope that the reason for refusal is more the second one rather than the first one but who knows.
What is even more disgusting is that the chairman of the personnel commitee is none other than our friend and non elected twat Damian McAlonan.He has got a fucking cheek implementing "the rools" when he wasnt even elected onto the council and he has the bare faced cheek to put on his professional profile that he is an elected councillor when he clearly isnt.Clearly lying is acceptable whilst opting out of a witch hunt clearly isnt.

Friday, 20 August 2010

Kent Police-scared of their own shadow.

Whenever I consider just how shit our local plod is it always surprises me that just across the county border there is a Police force even more shit than Sussex.

Kent Police are not known as the KP nuts for nothing.

The latest farce to be enacted by the KP nuts is just typical of the Police in general where they see offences everywhere when dealing with law abiding members of the public but turn a blind eye to real criminals committing real crimes.

In Tunbridge Wells a man was having trouble breathing so he rightly called for an Ambulance.

When said Ambulance crew arrived rather than tending to the poor patient they saw fit to have a look around his flat (elf n safety assesment no doubt).Whilst having a look they came across a BB gun (yes you can guess what happened next cant you).The Ambulance crew left and promptly called up the KP nuts saying that the person had a gun.Kent Police true to form went way over the top and held siege to the poor mans flat for 5 hours whilst he was asleep and oblivious to what was going on outside.The first thing he new was PC knuckledragger and several robocops kicking in the door and arresting him for posession of a firearm.

Firstly it is perfectly legal to own a BB gun (I have several) and there is no requirement to store them in a secure place,similarly you can own deactivated guns quite legally.The person was not committing any crime by having a BB gun in his own home but that didnt stop the Police from treating him like a criminal .Wouldnt you think that once the Police had established that the gun was a BB gun and perfectly legal to own they would have  apologised and sulked off with their tail between their legs.Bad enough that they kicked the guys door in they then proceeded to arrest him and took him down to Tunbridge Wells interrogation centre where they bailed him pending further enquiries.

Jeez before I let anyone in my house I had better hide my collection of deact guns and BB /air guns because some public sector plankton might think I am the first white christian jihadist.Just to make sure I had also better hide my sons toy guns and his action man unless the Police think we have a battalion of mini plastic terrorists hiding in the house.

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Pakistan floods.

Paki stan is suffering from terrible floods at the moment and the bleeding heart brigade are out in force to make us feel guilty enough to give money to the poor drowning Pakis tanis.

Before handing over your hard earned money just bear in mind that a few weeks ago Paki stan was all for breaking all ties with us because David Cameron dared to speak the truth and accuse Paki stan of being actively involved in sponsoring global terrorism.A couple of weeks later the heavens open and they are begging us to give them money.

Consider these facts from

"Just out of interest you might like to know that China have recently bunged Pakistan $200 million to help support their space program. Oh, and only 10 days ago the Pakistan Prime Minster said that Pakistan will never compromise on it's $2 billion nuclear program".

So there you go Paki stan has plenty of money but they just choose to use it on other things rather than help their own people when in need.If their own government cant be arsed to provide aid then why should we ,charity begins at home after all.I will have to look up and see how much overseas aid we got when Cumbria was struck by floods last year,I am pretty sure it will be the square of fuck all and that is what I am going to give to the Paki stani aid fund.

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Speed Cameras kill .

Authorities all over the country are deactivating their scameras because they cost money to run now the councils dont get a kickback percentage of the fines levied.

It started with Swindon and now authorituies all over the country have decided they cant be arsed to run speed cameras which rather exposes the lie that these cameras were road safety devices that daily save the lives of ickle children who would otherwise be mowed down in their thousands by people doing 80 on the motorway.If these scameras were installed purely to prevent accidents then surely the councils would continue to operate them at a loss in order to save lives of ickle children wandering around in the middle of the road.
This is where the pro camera argument falls flat because the second the money stops pouring into the council coffers the cameras are switched off.What has also screwed the pro camera looneys is the fact that in Swindon the number of accidents and fatalities have  decreased since the cameras were removed meaning that the cameras actually caused more accidents and fatalities than they stopped.

Predictably all the little hitlers from ACPO (private company) are going overboard with the misinformation that our roads are going to resemble a demolition derby because the scameras are gone.As for the little wankers that work for the scamera partnershits they had better start looking for proper jobs to do because the great speed camera scam has hit the buffers .Once the speed camera genie is out the bottle and people realise that accident rates have decreased by scrapping them there is no way ACPO(private company) and the scamera partnershits lies will ever be believed again.

Sussex Police who run the Sussex Scamershit will eventually fall into line when they run out of money and have to choose between Speed Cameras and new BMWs for everyone.Perhaps  Sussex Police will eventually realise that the trust that the public had in the Police has gone due to their quite discraceful war on motorists when murderers and rapists walk the street.The Police for too long have viewed the law abiding driving public as a cash cow to milk at every opportunity.Driving at a few miles an hour over the limit is not a crime its just a breach of an arbitary limit set by some jobsworth who thought that reducing a speed limit from 50 to 30 would be a good idea because it would mean more fines.Contrast the way motorists are treated with the way real criminals are treated and you get some idea how low our Police Farce has fallen over the last decade or so.The Police need a rocket up the arse to get them to tackle the real criminals in society rather than sitting around pressing buttons on a computer issuing illegal fines to people whilst tucking into their favourite doughnuts.If they spend half the time and effort in tracking down real criminals as they do harrassing motorists our towns and cities would be crime free.Realistically thats never going to happen is it because the Police are no longer a crime fighting force but an equal opportunity diverse organisation that prefers to ponce around Brighton with a bunch of gayers rather than tackling crime .

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Clued Up-Childhood stealing bastards.

According to someone in the know there is a plague of nearly biblical proportions among the young in Crowborough.Chlamydia and other STD infections among  young adults is rising year on year in the Crowborough area .
How can this be when we have sexual health rammed down the throat of kids from the age of 13 and organisations like Clued Up actively promoting contraception among the youth of Crowborough .

Well the problem is that Clued Up and Yoof Workers  encourage children (youths under 18 are children) to be sexually active and simply do not explain the risks let alone the law.The lefty yoof workers
solution is to sterilise girls from the age of 14 by arranging for  them to have a contraceptive implant fitted.
This obviously prevents them from getting pregnant but the problem is that the lefty lezzy social worker types then encourage the young girls to have illegal underage sex and sleep around because they cant get pregnant.Being mostly lesbians or fudge shovers the yoof workers havnt really got a grasp of normal reproduction and cant seem to understand the basics of sex among opposite sexes.
Having a contraceptive implant doesnt prevent any STD and only encourages young people to be sexually active from a younger age.Having sex at a young age is illegal because it is harmful and Clued Up which is run by the Youth development service of ESCC are real bastards for allowing our children to be exposed to deseases like chlamydia,HIV etc etc but they are even more bastards by arranging implants for children without consulting or even telling parents.To compund the offence the bastard cunts dont even explain the risks to the youngsters when they arrange their sterilisation and as the parents dont know sensible intervention is just not available.If parents try to do the right thing by trying to convince their kids that holding off having sex until they are over 16 and only then as part of a stable relationship they quickly realise that they are onto a loser.The school,connexions and organisations like Clued Up will be actively encouraging them to have sex under 16 and encourage our children to sleep around and to hell with the consequences so the parents are outgunned from the start.
The result of this madness is that our children are forced to grow up quicker than they should and the girls are being pumped full of hormones from the age of 14!!!.Over the years youngsters especially the girls will grow up regretting the fact that they didnt listen to their parents because they were indoctrinated by a bunch of left wing morons.When these young girls grow up and face the prospect of infertility and a dramatically increased risk of cervical cancer they will regret that they listened to Clued Up and the rest.My advice to you if you have children is to make sure you get your advice in first and for gods sake keep them away from clued up or any other similar family hating, childhood stealing,life ruining organisations.

Is it any wonder that kids (especially girls) are slashing themselves to bits and even attempting suicide when their minds and bodies are being fucked in this way up by a bunch of lefty retarded homo twats.

Monday, 12 July 2010

Clive Wilson unelected member taking the piss with our money again.

Clive Wilson unelected member of the town council is squealing like a stuck pig because co opted (unelected) members are not able to claim members allowances.Poor old Clive we all feel very sorry for you NOT.
We all know he has no interest in the people of Crowborough and is only on the council to further feather his own nest so why should he receive the allowance.

He managed to get planning permission for his 10 bedroom mansion on the edge of the Ashdown forest (which incidently is still a bloody great hole in the ground) when no one else would have done and he is also
heavilly involved in the unloved and unwanted Community facility that the Town Council has underwritten to the cost of 3.5 million and rising.

So my advice to you Clive is stop crying like a baby over a few quids allowances and get on with your job.

Clive Wilson is clearly the sort of person that shouldnt be on the council in the first place simply because he hasnt been voted in and got his position because of some potentially dodgy back room deals with the other councillors.The fact is that he has managed to get a seat on the council in a non democratic sort of way and he is trying to justify it by getting us to pay him an allowance for being there is an extreme case of taking the piss.

Wilson runs his own eco shite building design company(absolutely nothing to do with the community facility of course) he must be a bit mental because he  wants the council (taxpayer) to provide him with a free wi fi enabled laptop.Well Clive get off your fat backside and stop troughing for a bit and get yourself down to PC world and buy one from your own ill gotten gains like the rest of us have to.

The trouble is Wilson is so far up his own arse that he will not even allow a picture of his face to appear on the Town Council Website.He thinks that if people dont recognise him then he will not have to deal with the plebs ,and their problems, which he has (not) been elected to represent.To help people to identify this trougher I have managed to find a picture that purports to be him.Personally I think its been mislabelled and it is in fact Clive Dunns father.Dont Panic!!!.


Poor old Clive likes to think he is a proper town councillor even though he has not been voted in and has been poncing around as a co opted adviser on planning applications for years.
Is it legal then that p.o.c is also offering a service to help people get planning permission in Crowborough.
Check out this
Even if it is legal there is the stench of corruption and dodgy dealings about it.I will be checking out some of the recent planning application in Crowborough to see if  p.o.c has been party to any of these decisions at Town Council level.

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Dangerous man with a gun in Northumberland.

Is it just me or is there something very wrong about this picture.

What is the muppet with the gun actually doing pointing a loaded gun  at innocent civillians.

Cunts like this shouldnt be let anywhere near a grease gun let alone a semi automatic weapon.

I ask again what the fuck is he doing.For the mongtards who say "someone could be hiding in the boot"-its a Corsa ffs and no way could you get a midget in the boot let alone a huge man carrying a gun.

I tell you if that was me in the car I would make a formal complaint against that plod because he is clearly a danger to himself and the public.

Do they only employ idiots in the Police force oops sorry service these days and then make it worse by giving them firearms.