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Friday, 12 November 2010

Rotherfield smoking bomb.

Those of us that are lucky enough to live outside the shithole 3rd world areas of this country thought we were safe from the multicultural contagion sweeping the country.Like the black death we thought it would never affect us which meant we were unprepared when it arrived.

For people who dont know Rotherfield is a lovely quiet place where nothing much happens and the residents are happy to get on with their own life happy in the knowledge that the contagion sweeping the country could be on the moon for all the affect that it had on them as individuals and the village in general.

It comes as a shock then to know that some twat has ripped down and destroyed the posters for the poppy appeal fundraising event in the town.The local paper reports it like they dont have a clue who would possibly do such a thing and seems to hint that it may be someone in the village that has just moved in!!!.

To work out who did this you only have to know that intollerant followers of the religion of peace have been burning poppies this year .
Just down the road from Rotherfield we have the Marks Cross Ali Bongo(or something like that) mussie school that was raided by the anti terrorist police a couple of years ago because it had links with the terrorist Hookhand.

The other clue is that the poster featured a picture of a smoking bomb because the event included a talk from a bomb disposal expert.I cannot think of any group that would have any issue with a picture of a smoking bomb can you?

You dont have to be sherlock holmes to work it out.

Dont forget to wear your poppy with pride wherever you live.
The talk takes place at 7pm on November 20 in the village hall.

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