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Wednesday, 17 November 2010

HMRC-where finding someone who is competent and speaks English is pretty much impossible.

Is it me or are the Inland revenue/HMRC a load of useless tossers.

Trying to explain a problem to someone over the phone at HMRC whose grasp of English is limited to say the least doesnt help.What also doesnt help is that whoever you speak to seems to assume you are even more retarded than they are and cannot comprehend that they may have actually made a mistake.

I am no accountant but I do understand the difference between the 2009/10 and the 2010/11 tax year even if Mrs Limited English has trouble with the fact that the years tend to go forward every year rather than back.

I finally gave up on the phone as I decided that someone who cant speak English is not going to be able to explain nor understand tax procedures but no worries I thought as you can always use emails .Errr no actually the HMRC do not allow you to contact them by e mail and you have to either phone or write.Deciding as a last resort to write I look up the relevant office for Sussex only to find out its in fucking Jockland.

What sort of fucking useless organisation decides that the right person to deal with a problem in Sussex should be someone Scottish based 100s of miles away.

Like all public services HMRC have decided to recruit staff on the basis of their ethnic background and who they vote for rather than their intelligence of ability to speak English.

Is it too much to expect someone local who speaks English with a basic understanding of their job to deal with my query.Quite clearly in the case of Her Majestys Right Cunts it clearly is.

HMRC-where tax can be very taxing.

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