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Thursday, 4 November 2010

Wealden Council - putting themselves first.

Wealden has launched its new website .I am not sure what its supposed to achieve or which 6th former they got to put it together but the result is pretty bloody awful.

The layout is terrible and the general design is about as exciting and inviting as a pile of vomit.

Its all done in a bile green colour to signify I presume the green nature of the area before Wealden allowed any tom, dick and harry or (Clive Wilson) to build any monstrosity anywhere and everywhere.Obviously there are strict rules to apply when considering developments but when the applicant is in your lodge or common purpose network such trivial matters can be overlooked cant they.For people who are not involved in trouser legging or have not had their brain rewired by a lunatic called Julia there is the old tried and tested method that results in your application for a 10 bedroom 4 storey house in the middle of the Ashdown Forest being approved no questions asked. Its called a "drink" but using terms that we all understand its a bung or bribe . An envelope of wonga pushed through the doors of the relevant councillors in the dark of night should see your pet project pushed through with no problem.
If you delve deeply into the new website site map I am sure there is a section where you can bung your councillor using paypal for your convenience.

Wealden Council putting people first it says -dont make me laugh.

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