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Thursday, 11 November 2010

Amanda Park-paid lefty agitator.

The soap dodgers were rioting yesterday in protest at something or another.

Isnt it strange that the far left didnt do anything during 13 years of labour misrule(including introduce tuition fees) but suddenly decide to riot when someone tries to sort out the finacial disaster that we face today.

Isnt it strange also that the person that was interviewed many times yesterday by the BBC to speak for the poor hard done students isnt even a student but a paid activist.

If I was this soap doging lefty lezzer I would be expecting a knock on the door from the plod very soon.

As the Police are not very efficient at rounding up lefty scumbags I am going to do my duty and publish her photo and contact details.
Amanda Park Association Secretary
Glasgow Caledonian University Students' AssociationStudents' Association Building70 Cowcaddens RoadGlasgowG4 0BA

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  1. Get over to Guidos place-he is offering £1000 reward for the twat who lobbed a fire extinguisher from the top of Millbrook Towers yesterday.


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