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Thursday, 30 June 2011

How to Bake a Green Cake.

When you bake a cake sometimes you follow the ingredients to the letter and it turns out shit .Having a recipe for baking a perfect cake is no real help because there are so many variables and even a slight variance of quantities can make all the difference between scrummy and shit.It matters not how many times you repeat the process because each time slight variables within the quality and quantity of ingredients and the temperature /duration of the cooking will affect the final result.
Imagine you had never baked a cake before but you wanted to always bake the perfect cake.Your friend who has also never baked a cake before comes up with the perfect solution of creating a computer model that would simulate the cake baking process.
The problem is that no one knows what goes in a cake and how it is prepared and cooked.Well the solution is simple just program your simulation so that whatever ingredients you use it always produces the perfect cake.Sump oil mixed with rice crispies and salt and vinegar crisps baked in a virtual oven for 30 seconds at 30 degrees will produce the computer simulation of a perfect cake.
You decide that you have perfected the virtual aspect of it so nows the time to bake in real life.Time after time you try different ingredients in variable amounts and cook for random times at various temperatures but still it comes out shit.You cant understand why this is not working because the model produced perfect cake every time.
This is exactly the process that goes on at the Hadley Centre and other climate change fairytale organisations to produce the results that shows that the world is warming because someone up the road has a Range Rover.As with any modelling program if you put crap in then crap will come out,it might be slightly different crap but it will still be crap .
The simple way to measure the average temperature across the globe would be to measure the temperature at various locations across the globe the same local time everyday for several years.If the average temperature shows an alarming rise year on year then thats the time to start worrying .
The alarmists however have a better idea that avoids all that inconvenience of having to measure things over a long period of time .They just invent a model that always says the world is warming regardless of what data you put in.Because the model doesnt need real world data to make it work the model is accepted as perfect .The alarmists are happy it always produces the desired result of a  a warming trend so therefore can use it to predict global temperatures decades in the future.
So the next time you read the global warming crap that comes out of the mainstream media daily remember that the guesswork that produces a  3 degrees increase in temperatures by 2050 ish is the equivalent of putting sump oil ,rice crispies and crisps in an oven and hoping that a perfect cake pops out.

Friday, 24 June 2011

We say self defence-Plod says Murder.

It couldnt have been planned better really.Within the same week as "call me Dave" Cameron saying the government would protect the rights of people to act in self defence Mr Home invading scumbag gets fatally injured whilst trying to invade/rob a house in Manchester.
My post (see here) about home defence was prophetic to say the least regarding plods attitude to members of the public actually having the affront to stop someone breaking into their house and causing them harm and or loss.
The Police in Manchester in typical neo marxist fashion are treating a home invasion whereby Mr Scrote came off worse as a murder and is painting the householder who was just trying to protect his family as the criminal.I am not sure when the law was changed in the Socialist Republic of Manchester so that self defence can be considered murder.Unless there is something we are all not aware of and there was an element of premeditation it cannot considered to be murder.
A better result for the Police would have been for the resident to do nothing and just accept the fact that he was going to meet his maker at the hands of a masked gang of grade A scumbags (the one that died was already on bail for a similar offence).By actually taking the responsibility of protecting himself and his family the Police view him as an enemy that needs to be put in his place.I mean where would we all be if people were able to defend their house like it was their castle and live in peace within its walls.In truth a few more fatal burglary attempts and crimes like this would become a thing of the past for 2 reasons.Firstly there would be a reduction in the number of people offending because they would be dead and those remaining would realise that invading a home is not a good choice for a long and healthy life.
We should all be applauding Peter Flanagan for his actions in standing up to protect his family at the same time has realising that the Police are not your friends and shouldnt be called upon under any circumstances.Let the scum crawl away and die a slow lingering death somewhere else but do not feel guilty and do not expect the Police to do anything other than arrest you .In their mind you are the ciminal and the home invading scumbag is the victim.
Law abiding people in this country lag way beyond America when it comes to plans to cope with a home invasion.If this had happened in America I can guarantee that scumbag would have been facing the wrong end of a gun rather than a kitchen knife but the result would have been the same apart from in America the true victim (the homeholder) would have been lauded as a hero rather than being labelled as a murderer.

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

I pad killer from Blackberry.

One for the geeks and one for me.

Blackberry from R.I.M which is a Canadian company that refuses to hand over the encryption keys of its mail system to governments which makes them very angry but makes me very happy.

Gerald Celente on talk radio Europe.

Gerald Celente saying how it is.Set aside 30 minutes to listen and learn.

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Monday, 20 June 2011

End of the beginning for the EU.

Riots and protests continue in Greece although you wouldnt know it from the coverage of our own media.

I have it on good authority that there has also been  protests  in Madrid which have not been reported anywhere.The whole of Europe could be ablaze for all we know and all the BBC and others are worried about is unrest in Syria  and bombing Libya into the stone age.

If anyone has been abroad in Europe  over the last month or so and witnessed unrest then let me know so I can compile a map of civil unrest across the continent.The battle for freedom in Europe has begun yet most people are completely ignorant of anything beyond the brain numbing rubbish that passes for TV programs these days.

To quote Churchill "Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. but it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning"

As an aside doesnt it seem strange to people that Greece and the other PIGS are going to pay off their debts by taking out further loans.If an individual was facing bankruptcy I dont think going to the bank to borrow more money to pay off your existing overdue debts would go down very well.Default is the obvious answer but does the Greek government have the balls to pull the plug knowing that would be a green light for all other Countries in a similar situation to do the same.The downfall of the Euro and probably the EU would only be catastrophic for the bankers and the politicos who have had it coming for a long time.Life may become harder for many people but not as hard as it would be if you had to work yourself into the ground for the benefit of bankers and politicians but with no benefit to yourself.The fact is the higher you are the further you have to fall and the sight of bankers and politicians falling from a great height makes it something worth striving towards.

Thursday, 16 June 2011

The Greeks fight back .

Hopefully this will bring down the Euro and the hated EU.

EU Traitors in our midst.

Wonder why Councils are so pro Europe and anti British?

The EU has inserted a fifth column of contacts within most local councils.

If you look on this website it kindly lists the traitors employed by each council.

For East Sussex the traitors in questions details are

East Sussex County Council
Veronique Poutrel
Position: External Funding Manager
Address: County Hall
St. Anne's Crescent
East Sussex

Tel 1: 01273 482 859
Fax: 091273 480 336

Contacts in Hastings
Below is a list of contacts for Hastings in South East.

East Sussex County Council
Roger Bristow
Address: Hastings Reference Library
13 Claremont
TN34 1HE
East Sussex

Tel 1: 01424 716 481
Fax: 01424 443 289

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Mandelson enters Bilderberg by back door.

Mandelslime has been attending Bilderberg and this picture was taken by We Are Change
when he was walking down the hill from a fancy hotel/ restaurant.

By sheer coincidence the very same hotel/restaurant was mentioned in this article about a male escort who was tasked with "servicing" delegates of Bilderberg.

Sheer coincidence or what.

No one saw Mandelslime arrive at the hotel but it is thought he entered through the back door.

Online feed of Bilderberg hunting in Switzerland.

Watch live video from Alex Jones Live! on

Watch live video from Alex Jones Live! on

Friday, 10 June 2011

3VA and the third sector wet dream money go round.

Publicly funded registered as a charity 3VA got an article printed on the Couriers Sussex website about how brilliant they were in helping the voluntary sector raise £463,150 and how lovely and cuddly they are because they are registered as a charidee.These days registering as a charity means nothing and all sorts of quangos and profit making businesses (Common Purpose) are registered .All it means is that they are registered as a charity but it doesnt mean they are a charity in the accepted term of the word.Most quangos masquerading as a charity are just a front for a local authority so they can extract more money in the shape of grants from the very organisations that set them up.I pointed out that according to the Charity Commission accounts published for 2010 3VA received over £400,000 mainly from local authorities including Wealden Council,Lewes Council,Eastbourne Borough Council ,East Sussex County Council and the local primary health trust.Out of the total £400,000 and a bit only £180 was actually as a result of donations.Even a blind one eyed monkey could see that without taxpayers money being given to them in spades they couldnt spend £460,000 on £180 genuine income.This scam is going on all across the country with quangos and council departments getting charity registration for parts of their organisation so they can claim grants from themselves and other partner organisations which by sheer coincidence happen to also be public sector organisations ,some of which have also spun parts off to also be charity registered.In reality all this 3rd Sector and Voluntary Sector bollocks is just a huge money go round whereby taxpayers money disappears into the abyss of public(taxpayer) funded charity registered neo marxist social engineering projects.The big society that has been so hyped is just an expansion of this huge con.Normal people do a lot to help raise money for genuine charities like Cancer Research,Hospice movement,Guide Dogs etc etc but I have never met anyone who has stated that they are going to run a marathon or raise money in general for a council run and funded organisation such as 3VA .But why should 3VA and all the other third sector orgaisations worry because they have a needle direct in the vein of taxpayers money and just like dracula they keep coming back for more.
If the RNLI dont raise enough money people die but the public sector care little about this because their agenda is the agenda of control and fabianism /marxist change.They couldnt care less whether you drown because RNLI havnt got enough boats or you die a painful lingering death because the hospice hasnt got enough funds as long as they can promote social engineering bollocks.Social inclusion ,community cohesion,sustainability are more important to the public sector marxists than saving lives and caring for people because it is another step in their goal of changing our society into a marxist post democratic society where they exercise control over us rather than us controlling them.
So to cut a long story short 3VA pressed the abuse button and got my post deleted(and my account suspended) despite the fact that all the figures quoted were their own given to the charity commission.Like cockroaches the third sector typified by 3VA dont like the light of truth being shon on them and start squealing like a stuck pig if it looks like the truth will out.
I am very keen for people to support genuine charities but there should be a general awareness that our council tax and taxes are being hived off without our permission by the public sector to benefit the public sector hiding behind a third sector tag.Like a thief in the dark they are stealing our money and then using it to fund a bunch of neo marxists in their aim of undermining and untimately overthrowing our society so they can replace it with something different whereby they are in ruthless control of all of us.

Bilderberg 2011

The cockroaches are gathering in St Moritz this weekend-we the people are the verminator.

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Crowborough Town Council Downfall.

Downfall genre video showing what its like living in a rural town slowly being destroyed by an undemocratic and largely unelected council with egos the size of a £3.5 million white elephant community centre.