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Thursday, 16 June 2011

EU Traitors in our midst.

Wonder why Councils are so pro Europe and anti British?

The EU has inserted a fifth column of contacts within most local councils.

If you look on this website it kindly lists the traitors employed by each council.

For East Sussex the traitors in questions details are

East Sussex County Council
Veronique Poutrel
Position: External Funding Manager
Address: County Hall
St. Anne's Crescent
East Sussex

Tel 1: 01273 482 859
Fax: 091273 480 336

Contacts in Hastings
Below is a list of contacts for Hastings in South East.

East Sussex County Council
Roger Bristow
Address: Hastings Reference Library
13 Claremont
TN34 1HE
East Sussex

Tel 1: 01424 716 481
Fax: 01424 443 289

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