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Friday, 24 June 2011

We say self defence-Plod says Murder.

It couldnt have been planned better really.Within the same week as "call me Dave" Cameron saying the government would protect the rights of people to act in self defence Mr Home invading scumbag gets fatally injured whilst trying to invade/rob a house in Manchester.
My post (see here) about home defence was prophetic to say the least regarding plods attitude to members of the public actually having the affront to stop someone breaking into their house and causing them harm and or loss.
The Police in Manchester in typical neo marxist fashion are treating a home invasion whereby Mr Scrote came off worse as a murder and is painting the householder who was just trying to protect his family as the criminal.I am not sure when the law was changed in the Socialist Republic of Manchester so that self defence can be considered murder.Unless there is something we are all not aware of and there was an element of premeditation it cannot considered to be murder.
A better result for the Police would have been for the resident to do nothing and just accept the fact that he was going to meet his maker at the hands of a masked gang of grade A scumbags (the one that died was already on bail for a similar offence).By actually taking the responsibility of protecting himself and his family the Police view him as an enemy that needs to be put in his place.I mean where would we all be if people were able to defend their house like it was their castle and live in peace within its walls.In truth a few more fatal burglary attempts and crimes like this would become a thing of the past for 2 reasons.Firstly there would be a reduction in the number of people offending because they would be dead and those remaining would realise that invading a home is not a good choice for a long and healthy life.
We should all be applauding Peter Flanagan for his actions in standing up to protect his family at the same time has realising that the Police are not your friends and shouldnt be called upon under any circumstances.Let the scum crawl away and die a slow lingering death somewhere else but do not feel guilty and do not expect the Police to do anything other than arrest you .In their mind you are the ciminal and the home invading scumbag is the victim.
Law abiding people in this country lag way beyond America when it comes to plans to cope with a home invasion.If this had happened in America I can guarantee that scumbag would have been facing the wrong end of a gun rather than a kitchen knife but the result would have been the same apart from in America the true victim (the homeholder) would have been lauded as a hero rather than being labelled as a murderer.

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