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Saturday, 24 March 2012

One door closes....

Blogging has been light recently due to the fact that my plans to semi retire at the age of 45 and run a small business has gone Pete Tong .Like so many small businesses I decided to call it a day given the amount I was spending on fuel at £1.45 a litre.
Luckily I have managed to secure a wage slave position with one of my old clients but rather unreasonably I feel they want me to work when they want me to rather than when I feel lke it.
So apologies for a low profile but I will try to fit in blogging as and when.
In the meantime enjoy this -its recommended by my wife Mrs Swing and she has good taste.

Sunday, 4 March 2012

British war Graves destroyed by Liberated Libyans.

"According to reports militants in Benghazi, liberated last year from Colonel Gaddafi with help from British forces, attacked more than 150 graves.The Libyan graves belong to British serviceman killed during the Second World War in the north African area.
Headstones at the Benghazi war cemetery were pulled down, with crucifixes destroyed by vandals.Some attackers were carrying guns and wearing combat fatigues.They posted footage of the attack on the web.
Libya is the resting place for many Commonwealth soldiers who died during intense campaigns against Rommel's German forces, including the famous Rats of Tobruk"

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Take another blood pressure pill before watching this as it will surely make your blood boil.