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Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Sweetener wars in the USA.

Further to my previous post read this article about just how nasty some of these synthetic sugar substitutes are.

Your body their profits.

When the health gestapo started attacking smokers there was little resistance from the general public.Some protested that this would just be the thin edge of the wedge and that the health gestapo would use the same tactics on other legal activities.To my shame I was one of those that turned the other cheek given that I am a non smoker (not an anti smoker)and therefore naturally apathetic to the cause.
At the time of the public smoking ban people were not aware that the whole
non smoking industry was(and still is) bankrolled by companies that had developed nicotine patches and needed to sell as many as they could as quick as they could.To give them credit this method of marketing aided by politicians(in return for lucrative kick backs) and public money was a huge success.In fact it was so successful that it was realised that the "smokers patch" market was simply not sustainable .The model however was a good one with pharma companies raking in private profits from publicly funded campaigns so it was almost inevitable that this same model would be used again and again.
Next in the firing line came salt which resulted in millions of pounds of public money being shovelled into the (fake) charity sector to push the myth that adding salt to your diet is akin to spreading plutonium on your chips.Luckily (for them) pharma companies had a salt substitute made from god knows what to push resulting in more money for them and more nanny state for us.Kerching!! success number 2.
Next it was fat people (or obese as they are called now).The model that was so succesful with smoking and to a lesser extent with salt was modified slightly.Pharma got doctors on board in order to sell weightloss products and statins to patients in return for a drink or two from the drugs company.Fat people were given the choice of an early horrible death or taking a pill a day which would guarantee them eternal youth all funded of course by the taxpayer whilst the drugs companies sat back and watched the squillions roll in.The fact that statins had horrible side effects for many was ignored and the doctors keep prescribing them like sweets.
Not content with prescribing drugs pharma stepped up their game and diversified into offering invasive surgery to help the fat live longer, happier lives by having a restricted band strapped to their stomach all on the NHS naturally.The fact that deaths started occuring as a result of gastric band operations didnt stop the doctors and surgeons(more drinks) pushing this as an alternative to just eating less.
Sugar is next on the list for attack .Articles are appearing in the press highlighting the supposed danger of sugar and some idiot even suggested that it should be classified as a poison because it is SO dangerous to human health.Luckily drugs companies have developed synthetic sugar substitutes that will save us from the "white death" .The line being pushed and once again being swallowed hook line and sinker by the public is that a natural product(sugar) is bad for you but a synthetic product is good for you .It depresses me that people are not more aware of this ongoing scam but sadly in the area of health common sense goes out the window when a doctor aka drugs salesman tells you that you are going to die unless you take the latest snake oil remedy.
Who can forget the bird flu manufactured outbreak that killed very few people but resulted in a huge new market for anti viral drugs that were at best useless and at worst positively harmful.
Dementia is also coming up on the rails as the next profitable scam .Who wouldnt want your elderly confused relative to receive the latest(expensive) drugs from the lovely kind pharmaceutical companies after all they have our best interests at heart dont they? The twist to the tale on dementia is that there is suspicion that flu jabs(another subject completely) and statins could actually be causing the rise in dementia cases in the first place.Now I am not saying that this is true but if you were a drugs company wouldnt it be great and profitable if one of your products caused another illness that you could sell another product to help.Some people believe that the whole health and pharma industry is based on the very idea that if you can cause illness you can profit from its cure or treatment.Theres something to think about when you are collecting your prescription or queuing up for your annual flu jab.
After all the drugs companies are concerned about you and your health as far as if you die too soon thats one less consumer of their products.
Be well.

Monday, 27 February 2012

The secrets of the Scientologists.

Although I am not a big fan of the BBC this video makes very interesting viewing .The intimidation and menace shown on the clip would indicate that there is something very sinister about the scientology movement.The fact that we have a scientology penal colony in Crowborough
makes it all the more interesting.

Friday, 24 February 2012

Christopher Tappin-Terrorists have more rights than I do....

"A retired businessman said it was a "disgrace" that a radical cleric who poses a threat to the UK's national security has more rights than he has as he was extradited to the United States.

Christopher Tappin, who lost his two-year battle against extradition last week, said Abu Qatada had been allowed to stay in the UK, but he is being forced to leave."

Yet another disgraceful instance of the USA taking people from the UK to stand trial on the flimsiest of evidence and the British government not robustly defending the rights of its own citizens .

I would just like to state a few facts that perhaps hasnt come out in the articles published.

1)The USA sold the missiles and spares in the first place to Iran in the 1980s.

2)The missiles in question are Hawk missiles manufactured by an American company.

3)The missiles are air defence missiles and not offensive missiles.

4)The missiles were originally developed in the 1960s and are no longer in production or use in the USA.

5)The Eagle Pitcher batteries in question are openly for sale in America-presumable for uses other than missile batteries.

6)It is less than certain whether these batteries are covered by the US arms embargo on Iran.

7)It was a US citizen that sought to purchase the batteries legally in the US.He never bought them or arranged export of them.

8)Mr Tappin WAS clearly set up by the US authorities .

9)Mr Tappin will now face probably the rest of his life in an American jail whilst the terrorist scumbag Abu Qatada walks around London as free as bird and supported by the good old British taxpayers.