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Wednesday, 30 December 2009


I have just looked on the Jobcentre website to do a jobsearch for a relative who has just lost their job.Rather than using the Jobcentre website to do the search you are redirected to a shite site called Directgov Jobs and skills search.Say what you will about the old Jobcentre jobsearch but at least it was user friendly and quick to search which cant be said for the new site.
The new site looks simpler than the old system but takes ages to do any searches.I started a search before writing this and it has only just come up with the results.Typically the Government has seen fit to "improve" something only to cock it up completely.No doubt Crapita or some other contractor has made a mint out of selling the taxpaying public a system that they think looks good(not my opinion) but does everything poorly.This could be a metaphor for modern Britains public services-overpriced but crap.Someone who commented on a previous post summed it up perfectly
"Due to letting the multi-headed Hydra of local government get rampantly out of control for so many years, you're going to be facing meagre US levels of services for astronomical Scandanavian levels of taxation."


When I checked the results of my search that took so long to appear it became clear that the search facility is rubbish.I asked for a particular type of job within a reasonable distance of Tunbridge Wells and the first result of many unsuitable jobs was based in
Lewisham FFS.Thanks DWP now I know why many people refer to you as the Department of Wankers and Pillocks .That ladyboy Mrs Balls seems to be in charge now so what else can we expect,Balls by name Balls by nature.

Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Speed Camera bombed.

Police were today hunting the person who blew up a yellow roadside camera, leaving parts strewn across a road in Eastleigh, Hampshire.

Read more:

Give the man a medal and an invite to East Sussex.Cameras are just revenue raising devices and have never had anything to do with road safety.The worm has finally turned.

Sussex Scamera Partnership WEBSITE HERE.

Sunday, 27 December 2009

East Sussex County Council -waste of space.

I know drones from East Sussex County Cretins read this so I have some important news for them in the hope that someone will be able to tear themselves away from their taxpayer funded tea and biscuits long enough to actually do something useful.
The message is quite simple and easy for normal people to understand (oh I can see a problem already).If the cretins have a problem digesting the information then please feel free to copy this and pass on to all that may be effected.
The important message is as follows.


See that wasnt too difficult was it-all you need to do now is to get off your fat arses and actually arrange for ALL the roads of E Sussex to be salted. To explain that means all the roads not just the priority routes that they have decided which strangely enough coincides with areas the senior staff of ESCC live like dicksville and twats crossing.
If I have to do their job again and clear all the roads around Swing towers like I did last time I will be sending them a hefty bill to cover my time and inconvenience.

Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Sussex Carol

Merry Christmas to you all.

Sunday, 20 December 2009

Has anyone seen a gritter?

Crowborough had about 8 inches of snow Thurs night Friday morning.Nearly 48hrs later and some of the towns roads STILL havnt been gritted.
Why is it that East Sussex County Council have all these useless partnerships yet cant master the simple fact that Crowborough is prone to bad weather due to its elevation and if snow is to fall it will fall more here.The powers that be are too busy cosying up with all these "partners" that basic services like keeping the roads clear are just ignored.No one has been able to get up the hill outside my house now for 2 days and the whole Montargis estate is a disaster area with abandoned cars everywhere and a road surface like glass.What are these idiots in charge actually doing.East Sussex doesnt have any Motorways so resources should be concentrated on the areas with most snow, is that too complicated for these useful idiots.Every year we have this same farce where roads are left impassable for days due to snow.People cant get to work and earn the money to pay for the council services which are not being provided.Personally I dont care that ESCC is a LGB (lets get buggered) employer or they are pikey friendly all I want is for them to provide the services that I have already paid for.I have spent quite a lot of time in Canada and 8 inches would only be considered a light dusting.Why is it that other countries can keep the roads open in all weather but we cant.Its probably got something to do with the fact that ESCC employ people on the basis of their skin colour or sexual preferences but do not consider basic competence to be an essential part of the job.As a result we have a council that has a diverse workforce but is uniformly incompetent.
The cunts at the council are still going on about global warming shite even though everyone knows its all bollocks of the highest degree.Why dont they look out of their window and see the snow and ice.Global warming my arse.

Update-3 days and still no sign of gritters and all the paths are still lethal.
When are the council going to get off their collective fat arses and do something.

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Wealden Council value your views (as long as they agree with theirs).

The Wealden Panel is made up of 1,100 residents from across the District who are representative in terms of age, ethnicity and gender. The residents' panel will be consulted regularly on local issues. Panel members' views will inform future policy and decisions about services.
In order to maintain a panel that is as representative of the District's population as possible, it will not be possible to volunteer to join the panel. However, the 'Have your say' page on our website highlights a range of opportunities for responding to Wealden's consultations.

This is an extract from the Wealden Council website about local residents having their say on Council services.The second paragraph says it all really that they rig the panel so that they always get the result they want.This is not consultation this is just information manipulation so that the council can say what a brilliant job they are doing and look at all these residents that agree.What they dont mention is that this panel is populated by placemen and local authority window lickers.Most residents will never get an opportunity to have their say because their views dont coincide with the approved newspeak shit that pours out of the council on a daily basis.
Wealden is always harping on about diversity and equality bollocks so how does the panel selection sit with this...

"The aim of the Wealden Equality Scheme is to set out how we will ensure that all our services and employment opportunities are provided with equity and fairness to everyone."

Once again its the old "we value diversity but if you have different views to us you can fuck off " ploy so favoured by the local authority twats we have running the local area.

Friday, 11 December 2009

East Sussex County Councils Common Purpose.

I had an interesting e mail about Common Purpose working within East Sussex County Council.
For anyone who thinks that Common Purpose is a training charity watch this.

Monday, 7 December 2009

Has anyone seen this woman?

This is Ms Cheryl Miller(I put the Ms in because they always are Ms's)the senior officer of East Sussex County Council.She is such a valuable person within the organisation that we paid her over £150,000 in 2007.So what does this woman do that is so important and demands such a huge salary courtesy of the taxpayers of East Sussex.To be honest I dont know what she actually does but I am sure if she didnt do it we wouldnt notice.

She does spend rather a lot of her time (paid for by us) networking and putting herself around a bit.
I list below all the bullshit organisations that she belongs to.

•Member (and former President) of the Society of Local Authority Chief Executives and Senior Managers (SOLACE)
•Member (and former Chairman) of the Association of County Chief Executives (ACCE)
•Member (and former Chairman) of the Local Authority Chief Executives advisory body to the South East England Regional Assembly (SEERA)
•Member of the Government’s Geographical Information (GI) Panel – advising the Government on a GI Strategy for the UK
•Member of the Senior Women in Public Sector Leadership Group
•Clerk to the East Sussex Lieutenancy
•Chairman of the East Sussex Youth Offending team (YOT) Steering Group
•Former member of the Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution
•Fellow of the Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce (RSA).

So there you have it someone who does very little work and is a member of a load of bullshit external bodies(I hope she doesnt attend any of these during work times)ends up getting over £150,000 per annum.Now if she worked for a private employer she would be answerable to the shareholders and if she didnt shape up she would get the heave ho.As Ms Miller is on the public payroll she is responsible to no one and those people who pay her wages and are in effect her employer have no powers of oversight to decide whether or not she is taking the piss with our money.

I do find it interesting that she doesnt mention being party to secretive meetings under chatham house rules (no minutes)with other "leaders".We have no way to tell what cosy little deals get stitched up at these meetings but I am pretty sure the
interests of the taxpayer are not considered.These organisations talk about changing society for the post democratic age and leading beyond authority.What they should be discussing is doing the job(and only the job) for which they are paid.If they serve no real purpose and dont pass the "what if they didnt exist" test then they should piss off the public payroll and follow their outside interests in their own time and at their own expense.

Friday, 4 December 2009

Crowborough Town Council.

Well fuck me we are all lucky people to be living in a town with free trade status whatever that means.
I always thought that free trade was a hairbrained scheme thought up by socialists to help the local warlords in far off lands to buy extra AK47s on the back of us buying shit tasting chocolate or coffee.To be honest my opinion hasnt changed a bit and the arrogance of the councillors is unbelievable in them thinking that if they drink shit coffee it will somehow make a difference to the status of Crowborough.
The council seems to be on a power trip at the moment and has decided that the little matter of elected representatives on the council can be overlooked if it means getting the right type of person on the council.They are now looking for another councillor to be co opted onto the council without any vote.
The advert says

What the advert should say is...

"Anyone can apply but unless you attend the right golf club or trouser legging lodge you dont stand a chance because we dont want your sort upsetting the applecart.Special dispensation will be made in order to fasttrack you onto the council if you have attended a Common Purpose NLP course and have a history of working for a public sector employer as a drone.Anyone that doesnt exhibit newspeak and PC thoughts will be labelled an extremist and barred from being a councillor.
We are an equal opportunity employer but as you all know some piggies are more equal than others (oink oink)."

Crowboroughs latest PcSO.

I have found this video clip of Crowboroughs latest CPSO addressing a joint Wealden and East Sussex County Council meeting on the green last summer.The last frame shows a brief shot of the elusive Mr Martin Fitzgerald of ESCC.

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

East Sussex County Council.

I am thinking of having a regular article on East Sussex County Council.

So much crap comes out of this organisation that there seems a never ending supply of stories that show ESCC up for the twats that they are.

Martin Fitzgerald the so called communications manager has said in the local paper that "East Sussex County Council is holding a reception for councillors, guests and partners from business, education and voluntary sectors".
This was part of the story about how councils are not having staff festive celebrations paid for by the taxpayer this year.Now excuse me but what is wrong with the staff paying for their own christmas party-when did it become acceptable for us to pay for their christmas jolly.
As for Mr Fitzgerald (communications manager) why dont you communicate your best wishes by sending your "partners" a christmas card paid for out of your inflated salary.
These cunts seem to think that they have a right to pilfer public funds in order to "network" for their own benefit.

See original article.