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Sunday, 27 December 2009

East Sussex County Council -waste of space.

I know drones from East Sussex County Cretins read this so I have some important news for them in the hope that someone will be able to tear themselves away from their taxpayer funded tea and biscuits long enough to actually do something useful.
The message is quite simple and easy for normal people to understand (oh I can see a problem already).If the cretins have a problem digesting the information then please feel free to copy this and pass on to all that may be effected.
The important message is as follows.


See that wasnt too difficult was it-all you need to do now is to get off your fat arses and actually arrange for ALL the roads of E Sussex to be salted. To explain that means all the roads not just the priority routes that they have decided which strangely enough coincides with areas the senior staff of ESCC live like dicksville and twats crossing.
If I have to do their job again and clear all the roads around Swing towers like I did last time I will be sending them a hefty bill to cover my time and inconvenience.


  1. I'm afraid local government all over the region with very few exceptions is in a shocking state. It's a HUGE drain on earners' incomes and has gone WAY past the absurd. My sister lives in a picturesque village in south west France. Do you know how much she has to pay for rubbish collection and the provision of basic local services? The equivalent of 65 quid a year! The problem in Britain is that your "local services" have mushroomed into a cancerous tumour the sucks the very life blood out of residents and squanders resources on the most ridiculous and fanciful projects that are so far removed from basic fundamental necessities as to have become a farce. Next year will be even worse with massive increases in tax and equally huge cuts in services. Due to letting the multi-headed Hydra of local government get rampantly out of control for so many years, you're going to be facing meagre US levels of services for astronomical Scandanavian levels of taxation. The cost of living/quality of life balance has been out of kilter in England for decades; but now it starts to get serious!

  2. What annoys me most is that the local authorities spend our money telling us how good they are when we all know that they are all fucking useless.
    We really need a serious culling of politicos at all levels from town councils through district and county councils and up? to MPs and MEPs.When you add in all the quangos there must be the potential to save millions of pounds as well as the satisfaction of watching all these useless fuckers trying to get a job in the real world.


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