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Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Are we truly free ?

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Crowborough Town Council.

Keeping an eye on Council meetings is like watching a car crash in slow motion.

The incompetence of the members of the council is staggering and the arrogance as to be seen to be believed.The cock up on appointing a new town clerk seems to go on and on.The position has now been taken off the temporary town clerk and given back to the old town clerk on a temporary basis paying her an amount of £30 per hour plus expenses.Fucking hellski I thought she was a mere town clerk not a senior manager in a private business.

On another hilarious note the council seems to be trying to force the members and staff to be CRB checked to accertain whether they are child molesters or not.Why councillors or council staff need to be CRB checked is not clear but they are having a hissy fit because one unamed person is refusing to be CRB checked.
The council is now trying to change the persons contract retrospectively in order to force them to comply with this dictat.Hang on a minute-councillors are not people who can be hired and fired these are supposed to be elected representatives.Ignoring the co opted twats like "poor old" clive wilson some members have actually been voted in and it is not for the council to decide whether someone should take part in the council just because they dont want to go through the farce of having to get a certificate to prove they are not a child molester.
The unamed member who is refusing to have a CRB check either has something to hide or they are making a stand against this disgusting piece of legislation and the heavy handed implementation of it by their fellow councillors.I would like to hope that the reason for refusal is more the second one rather than the first one but who knows.
What is even more disgusting is that the chairman of the personnel commitee is none other than our friend and non elected twat Damian McAlonan.He has got a fucking cheek implementing "the rools" when he wasnt even elected onto the council and he has the bare faced cheek to put on his professional profile that he is an elected councillor when he clearly isnt.Clearly lying is acceptable whilst opting out of a witch hunt clearly isnt.

Friday, 20 August 2010

Kent Police-scared of their own shadow.

Whenever I consider just how shit our local plod is it always surprises me that just across the county border there is a Police force even more shit than Sussex.

Kent Police are not known as the KP nuts for nothing.

The latest farce to be enacted by the KP nuts is just typical of the Police in general where they see offences everywhere when dealing with law abiding members of the public but turn a blind eye to real criminals committing real crimes.

In Tunbridge Wells a man was having trouble breathing so he rightly called for an Ambulance.

When said Ambulance crew arrived rather than tending to the poor patient they saw fit to have a look around his flat (elf n safety assesment no doubt).Whilst having a look they came across a BB gun (yes you can guess what happened next cant you).The Ambulance crew left and promptly called up the KP nuts saying that the person had a gun.Kent Police true to form went way over the top and held siege to the poor mans flat for 5 hours whilst he was asleep and oblivious to what was going on outside.The first thing he new was PC knuckledragger and several robocops kicking in the door and arresting him for posession of a firearm.

Firstly it is perfectly legal to own a BB gun (I have several) and there is no requirement to store them in a secure place,similarly you can own deactivated guns quite legally.The person was not committing any crime by having a BB gun in his own home but that didnt stop the Police from treating him like a criminal .Wouldnt you think that once the Police had established that the gun was a BB gun and perfectly legal to own they would have  apologised and sulked off with their tail between their legs.Bad enough that they kicked the guys door in they then proceeded to arrest him and took him down to Tunbridge Wells interrogation centre where they bailed him pending further enquiries.

Jeez before I let anyone in my house I had better hide my collection of deact guns and BB /air guns because some public sector plankton might think I am the first white christian jihadist.Just to make sure I had also better hide my sons toy guns and his action man unless the Police think we have a battalion of mini plastic terrorists hiding in the house.

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Pakistan floods.

Paki stan is suffering from terrible floods at the moment and the bleeding heart brigade are out in force to make us feel guilty enough to give money to the poor drowning Pakis tanis.

Before handing over your hard earned money just bear in mind that a few weeks ago Paki stan was all for breaking all ties with us because David Cameron dared to speak the truth and accuse Paki stan of being actively involved in sponsoring global terrorism.A couple of weeks later the heavens open and they are begging us to give them money.

Consider these facts from

"Just out of interest you might like to know that China have recently bunged Pakistan $200 million to help support their space program. Oh, and only 10 days ago the Pakistan Prime Minster said that Pakistan will never compromise on it's $2 billion nuclear program".

So there you go Paki stan has plenty of money but they just choose to use it on other things rather than help their own people when in need.If their own government cant be arsed to provide aid then why should we ,charity begins at home after all.I will have to look up and see how much overseas aid we got when Cumbria was struck by floods last year,I am pretty sure it will be the square of fuck all and that is what I am going to give to the Paki stani aid fund.

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Speed Cameras kill .

Authorities all over the country are deactivating their scameras because they cost money to run now the councils dont get a kickback percentage of the fines levied.

It started with Swindon and now authorituies all over the country have decided they cant be arsed to run speed cameras which rather exposes the lie that these cameras were road safety devices that daily save the lives of ickle children who would otherwise be mowed down in their thousands by people doing 80 on the motorway.If these scameras were installed purely to prevent accidents then surely the councils would continue to operate them at a loss in order to save lives of ickle children wandering around in the middle of the road.
This is where the pro camera argument falls flat because the second the money stops pouring into the council coffers the cameras are switched off.What has also screwed the pro camera looneys is the fact that in Swindon the number of accidents and fatalities have  decreased since the cameras were removed meaning that the cameras actually caused more accidents and fatalities than they stopped.

Predictably all the little hitlers from ACPO (private company) are going overboard with the misinformation that our roads are going to resemble a demolition derby because the scameras are gone.As for the little wankers that work for the scamera partnershits they had better start looking for proper jobs to do because the great speed camera scam has hit the buffers .Once the speed camera genie is out the bottle and people realise that accident rates have decreased by scrapping them there is no way ACPO(private company) and the scamera partnershits lies will ever be believed again.

Sussex Police who run the Sussex Scamershit will eventually fall into line when they run out of money and have to choose between Speed Cameras and new BMWs for everyone.Perhaps  Sussex Police will eventually realise that the trust that the public had in the Police has gone due to their quite discraceful war on motorists when murderers and rapists walk the street.The Police for too long have viewed the law abiding driving public as a cash cow to milk at every opportunity.Driving at a few miles an hour over the limit is not a crime its just a breach of an arbitary limit set by some jobsworth who thought that reducing a speed limit from 50 to 30 would be a good idea because it would mean more fines.Contrast the way motorists are treated with the way real criminals are treated and you get some idea how low our Police Farce has fallen over the last decade or so.The Police need a rocket up the arse to get them to tackle the real criminals in society rather than sitting around pressing buttons on a computer issuing illegal fines to people whilst tucking into their favourite doughnuts.If they spend half the time and effort in tracking down real criminals as they do harrassing motorists our towns and cities would be crime free.Realistically thats never going to happen is it because the Police are no longer a crime fighting force but an equal opportunity diverse organisation that prefers to ponce around Brighton with a bunch of gayers rather than tackling crime .