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Friday, 20 August 2010

Kent Police-scared of their own shadow.

Whenever I consider just how shit our local plod is it always surprises me that just across the county border there is a Police force even more shit than Sussex.

Kent Police are not known as the KP nuts for nothing.

The latest farce to be enacted by the KP nuts is just typical of the Police in general where they see offences everywhere when dealing with law abiding members of the public but turn a blind eye to real criminals committing real crimes.

In Tunbridge Wells a man was having trouble breathing so he rightly called for an Ambulance.

When said Ambulance crew arrived rather than tending to the poor patient they saw fit to have a look around his flat (elf n safety assesment no doubt).Whilst having a look they came across a BB gun (yes you can guess what happened next cant you).The Ambulance crew left and promptly called up the KP nuts saying that the person had a gun.Kent Police true to form went way over the top and held siege to the poor mans flat for 5 hours whilst he was asleep and oblivious to what was going on outside.The first thing he new was PC knuckledragger and several robocops kicking in the door and arresting him for posession of a firearm.

Firstly it is perfectly legal to own a BB gun (I have several) and there is no requirement to store them in a secure place,similarly you can own deactivated guns quite legally.The person was not committing any crime by having a BB gun in his own home but that didnt stop the Police from treating him like a criminal .Wouldnt you think that once the Police had established that the gun was a BB gun and perfectly legal to own they would have  apologised and sulked off with their tail between their legs.Bad enough that they kicked the guys door in they then proceeded to arrest him and took him down to Tunbridge Wells interrogation centre where they bailed him pending further enquiries.

Jeez before I let anyone in my house I had better hide my collection of deact guns and BB /air guns because some public sector plankton might think I am the first white christian jihadist.Just to make sure I had also better hide my sons toy guns and his action man unless the Police think we have a battalion of mini plastic terrorists hiding in the house.

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