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Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Crowborough Town Council.

Keeping an eye on Council meetings is like watching a car crash in slow motion.

The incompetence of the members of the council is staggering and the arrogance as to be seen to be believed.The cock up on appointing a new town clerk seems to go on and on.The position has now been taken off the temporary town clerk and given back to the old town clerk on a temporary basis paying her an amount of £30 per hour plus expenses.Fucking hellski I thought she was a mere town clerk not a senior manager in a private business.

On another hilarious note the council seems to be trying to force the members and staff to be CRB checked to accertain whether they are child molesters or not.Why councillors or council staff need to be CRB checked is not clear but they are having a hissy fit because one unamed person is refusing to be CRB checked.
The council is now trying to change the persons contract retrospectively in order to force them to comply with this dictat.Hang on a minute-councillors are not people who can be hired and fired these are supposed to be elected representatives.Ignoring the co opted twats like "poor old" clive wilson some members have actually been voted in and it is not for the council to decide whether someone should take part in the council just because they dont want to go through the farce of having to get a certificate to prove they are not a child molester.
The unamed member who is refusing to have a CRB check either has something to hide or they are making a stand against this disgusting piece of legislation and the heavy handed implementation of it by their fellow councillors.I would like to hope that the reason for refusal is more the second one rather than the first one but who knows.
What is even more disgusting is that the chairman of the personnel commitee is none other than our friend and non elected twat Damian McAlonan.He has got a fucking cheek implementing "the rools" when he wasnt even elected onto the council and he has the bare faced cheek to put on his professional profile that he is an elected councillor when he clearly isnt.Clearly lying is acceptable whilst opting out of a witch hunt clearly isnt.

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