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Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Police using online agent provocateurs-the video.

Just a quick video to explain my previous post in a bit more detail.

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Online Agent Provocateurs and the Police-Freedom Perverts.

Stasi or social media.

The events below shows that the Police (specifically Sussex Police) use agent provocateurs online to entrap and spy on certain bloggers that they see as a threat to their cosy(for them) totalitarian regime .

Having challenged Sussex (Wealden) Police on Twitter about some of the lies they put out as facts over their stasi speedwatch scheme I suddenly got following me and posting tweets to me that were a bit strange to say the least.As he wouldnt communicate his thoughts in a coherrent manner I considered him to be a retard and blocked him from my twitter feed.Within days of blocking him my twitter account was blocked by stasi Sussex Police Wealden Section .

When I asked why they had blocked my account the Police stated that it was because I blocked someone.Bearing in mind is the only person I have ever blocked(and the fact that some of the tweets were forwarded to Wealden Police) it seems pretty certain that this account and probably others too have been set up to attack bloggers and dissenters.

I view it as a compliment that stasi sussex policy enforcement took the trouble to set up an account with the specific aim of targeting me after all flak is always heaviest when you are over the target.

I am sure we all knew this went on but this would seem to be definite proof.

Pass this on because its perhaps timely to remind bloggers that we are very much in the crosshairs of the ptb for spreading the truth about living in a Police state .The state uses social media to control the population whereas bloggers see it as something different entirely.Two opposing factions inhabiting the same online ground is not going to end in peaceful co existence in my opinion and the Police have made the mistake of showing their hand before hostilities have even broken out-big mistake .

So warning over-stay safe online but its not the sexual perverts you need to worry about its the freedom perverts that are more worrying.

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

The socialist state feeding the crocodile .

So now we know why the leader of the EDL is being held in custody over a minor offence and Nick Grffin of the BNP has been threatened with arrest over a tweet about a couple of stroppy queers.

Nine Asian men in Rochdale charged with sex offences against teenage girl.

I am sure there is more to come on the subject of muslim child abuse rings and to take out the leader of the most vocal opponent to the islamification of Britain shows the PTB are quite happy to withdraw the rights of the majority to appease the minority.

Definition of an appeaser.. "An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last".

This country has become a nation of sleeping sheep herded by totalitarian socialist bastards.Unless the majority wake up pretty quickly they will end up where all socialist shepherds lead their flock-the death camp or the NHS as we like to call it. If you think that statement is over the top consider this -the NHS has instructed GPs to compile lists of people(could be your elderly or not so elderly relatives) to go on death lists so they can be bumped off.

Welcome to Britain 2012 where freedom is worth nothing and human lives are worth even less.

Monday, 22 October 2012

EDL leader arrested on trumped up charges-the purge begins.

From the Press association "The leader of the English Defence League has been remanded in custody until the New Year accused of travelling to the United States last month using another person's passport. Stephen Lennon, 29, appeared in custody at Westminster Magistrates' Court in London charged with possession of a false identity document with improper intention, Scotland Yard said. He was remanded in custody to appear at Southwark Crown Court on January 7." The Purge has obviously begun because regardless of what you think of Lennon or his politics do you think that anyone else would have been remanded in custody until the new year for such an offence(if it is even an offence).This follows hot on the heeels of Nick Griffin of the BNP being threatened with arrest over the gay hotel guest row. The ptb are clearly planning to remove certain people from circulation for some reason. Where are the hypocritical loony left who protested against internment in Northern Ireland now-well the truth is the loony left and the establishment including the Police have always been cosy bedfellows in their opposition to people with views contrary to socialism and will see nothing wrong in this at all.

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Angela Merkel Tribute.

With hatchet face Merkel comparing us to muppets for not wanting to be part of her Fourth Reich EU superstate this is on behalf of my Greek friends who only found out what EU membership was all about when it was too late.EU superstate= Greater Germanic Empire. Time for us to get out and get out fast. Despite what the Lib Lab Con parties say there is only one party that will get us out of the EU and that is UKIP.Make your vote count next election. Words(slightly changed) from Thomas Wyatt the Younger more info on Thomas Wyatt and the Wyatt rebellion here.

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Energy Companies and Jimmy Savile-screwing Britain good.

More price rises.

SSE’s price increases came into effect today after British Gas and nPower announced gas and electricity price rises on Friday. Now ScottishPower has announced it will increase prices by 7% from 3 December.

Like the other energy companies, ScottishPower blames the price increase on increased costs such as transportation and energy efficiency programmes.

Scottish Power,British Gas and NPower are putting up their prices again just before the winter so they can rake in the profits from the good old British consumer who supposedly has the benefit of a free market as far as energy supply goes.In reality its a cosey cartel whereby the largely foreign owned utilty companies companies stitch up the cost so it only goes one way and that is up.

Despite huge profits the energy companies always cite wholesale energy prices but this is just crap because when the whoelsale energy prices fall do we see a reduction in the retail price-do we fuck.

Scottish Power have let the cat out of the bag though because they cite transportation and energy efficiency programmes as the reason for the increase.Now lets think about that for a bit.Transportation first -gas comes through pipes and electricity comes through wires so the energy companies operating in this country have fixed transportation costs unless they have taken to transporting gas and electricity around in the back of a truck.So reason one is a load of bollocks lets now look at the more interesting reason 2 cited for the increases loaded on by Scottish Power- energy efficiency programmes.There you have it all those energy efficiency programmes such as putting 12 inches of insulation onto the exterior of your home or filling your loft space up with fibre glass "wool" is not going to save you a penny because they are just going to grab it back through more expensive energy prices.Why cant the idiots that want their house turned into insulated cube pay for it themselves rather than getting the taxpayer to pay for it via "grants".
These increases combined with the news that there has been NO increase in global temeperatures for the last 15 years means that the public are being screwed over again and again .The government screws us with ever higher taxes and then passes us onto the energy companies who screw us twice over by adding a notional climate change levy onto our bills and then increase the basic price by nearly double figures.Once they have finished arse raping us they then pass us back to government for them to have another go with VAT.

British Gas,Scottish Power and N Power are profiteering bastards egged on by the bastard government but this is only the beginning because like a BBC Jim Will Fix it party the prospect of
a bit more screwing the public will bring out all the other bastard companies in a deviant feeding frenzy for them to have their go at us.

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Annecy shooting-Speculation or coincidence.

Coincidences do happen in life but most times the  term is used to explain something that was deliberate in nature but considered too unpalatable to consider being anything than just a strange twist of fate.

Some events stretch the coincidence explanation  beyond the realms of possibility .

Take the Annecy shooting -if the story as told is to believed we would have to accept that  a family man from Surrey  on holiday with his family is gunned down along with his wife and another woman at random in France by persons unknown who also gunned down an innocent cyclist who just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.
Possible I suppose  on face value but rather like trying to read a book with every other page missing we need more information to get the full story.We now have some more information to make a more accurate judgemnt on whether the coincidence explanation for the shootings is realistic or even plausible.

Firstly Saad Al-Hilli was not just a family man on a preplanned holiday with his family.

Al Hilli was known by the security services  because of his links to regimes in the Middle East hostile to the West and Israel and who are keen to obtain nuclear technology despite western sanctions working against them.

Al Hilli is Iraqi by birth but his father fled the country and ended up in the UK.

Al Hilli worked as an engineer in the aerospace industry  but despite this he had money in Swiss bank accounts and properties across Europe including the million pound house in Claygate and other properties in France,Italy ,Switzerland and Iraq.This raises the question why did he go on regular caravan holidays to France when he has property there and access to funds way beyond that of a humble Engineer.

The holiday was planned in a bit of a rush by all accounts and they picked up on the way another woman who was said to be Al Hillis mother in law but strangely was unknown as that by his children who would surely have know their own grandmother.

So far the story is plausible but verging on the unlikely.

Next however we must consider  at the same time and in the same general location in Annecy that Al Hilli  decided to take a short notice caravan holiday with his family and an unknown other woman a Frenchman(Sylvian Mollier) lived and decided to cycle to a remote parking area that Al Hilli and his family were waiting in their car.By apparent unfortunate coincidence Mollier was shot five times because he supposedly witnesses the shooting of Al Hilli ,his wife and the other unknown woman in their BMW.

The story is still plausible (just) but getting more and more unlikely.

What tips the coincidence theory over to not plausible and highly unlikely is the fact that "Mollier was not merely a keen mountain bike rider. He held a senior post with Cezus, a company based in the nearby small town of Ugine and owned by Areva, the giant multi-national that leads the way in the research and development of nuclear power.A spokesman told  he had been employed for many years as a senior production manager specialising in nuclear fuel cladding made from zirconium "

So by all appearance Al Hilli was acting as some sort of middle man to pass nuclear secrets from scientists like Mollier to Arab nations keen to obtain nuclear weapons technology.

Ok its a bit of speculation but more likely than the "in the wrong place at the wrong time coincidence theory".Sadly if Al Hilli,his wife and the unkown woman were bumped off along with Mollier to prevent the mad mullahs in the Middle East obtaining the capability to wipe the only non Arab nation in the middle east off the map then its unfortunate for their kids but better 4 dead than 4 million+ dead as a result of nuclear weapons being lobbed around.

Make up you own mind-read more onfo at Daily Mail online.

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Ows about these rumours guys n gals.

Jimmy Savile at Haut de la Garrene?

Rumours have been going around for years about Jimmy Saviles interest in young girls and young boys but were always dismissed as just that rumours.
In fact it was more than rumours because Sussex Police started an investigation into allegations of child abuse by JS as recently as 2007.Despite many witness statements the case was mysteriously dropped by the Police/CPS giving the reason that JS was too old and  a prosection would not be in the public interest.The real reason may be found elsewhere given that JS was a mason and had contacts at the very top of society and beyond making a cover up almost guaranteed.
Now that JS is dead the Police are strangely keen to investigate the matters that they were not so keen to investigate when he was alive.
There are more rumours that perhaps JS knew things about senior politicians and public figures past and present which would have come out if he had his day in court so by waiting until his death there is no danger of these potentially explosive revelations being made public.
Make no mistake the Police had this information years ago and chose to do nothing but within days of a TV programme exposing the dead JS as the paedo he was the Police are suddenly keen to show themselves as being on the ball and taking the allegations seriously (even though they are the same allegations they knew about 5 years ago).Something doesnt sound right here and if it doesnt sound right it probably isnt .
There are even more rumours going around about JS visiting the Haute Garrene Childrens Home in Jersey but when a newspaper was going to publish these rumours/ allegations they were slapped with an injunction by JS and had to pay him damages as JS maintained he never visited Haute Garrene despite there being a picture (reproduced above) showing him surrounded by children at HG.
Whilst I accept that some rumours are baseless and malicious it does strike me as a bit strange that JS wanted his visits to HG kept a secret despite him being a publicity junky and never one to turn down the chance of a photo opportunity with a load of kids.What was he trying to hide I wonder.
Well other rumours suggest that Edward Heath or uncle Teddy as he was known at various childrens homes that he used to hang around was also a regular visitor to HG on Jersey.Some of these rumours suggest that Teddy used to take children onto his yacht "morning cloud" for his own entertainment .

All rumours I know but more than a coincidence I think you will agree.Read this excerpt from one of the rumours going around about Uncle Teddy and make up your own mind.
"A source spoke to one of his victims and he said about others who were present, and more important, who was supplying the children to him. The person bringing children for him to abuse is Sir Jimmy Savile. He was seen by the witness, victim, taking young boys onboard Heaths yacht the morning cloud when they were at party conference. Savile is known for supplying a number of high profile MP’s with children for them to sexually abuse."

Perhaps the Police could include Teddy  in the investigation into this suggested high level paedo ring at the heart of the establishment in the 70s but then the Police already knew about it because they and the security services were in on the secret one way or another and chose to do nothing.My suspicion is that Heath /Savile etc are just the tip of the iceberg and there are other skeletons to come tumbling out of the cupboard yet.Thats assuming that any investigation will be anything more than a whitewash which will implicate the dead whilst leaving the living to carry on with their sordid secrets intact.

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Not the BBC News.

Hat Tip Barking Spider.

You wont find this on the BBC or any other mainstream news outlet .

This is how it is for  English people living in English cities "enriched" by third world immigration.

Enjoy -if thats the correct word because it probably wont be on You Tube for long.


Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Attack of the drones over Britain's skies.

Attack of the drones over Britain's skies as Home Office allows police to use military-style unmanned aircraft

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This follows on from the announcement that there will be a National Police Air Service with a fleet of 26 helicopters under the control of the government rather than local forces.Not content with this ramping up of the war against freedom and liberty they are now thinking of having military style
drones patrolling the sky monitoring us all 24 hours a day.

It seems like the state is building up a quasi military force to keep us all in order whilst at the same time running down the military that are the only people with the will and equipment to fight back.

Miltary drones have a raft of sensors which enable them to see what is going on within a building.This is especially handy if tommy taliban is brewing up some explosives in a mud hut in Afghanistan but try as I may I cannot think of a civillian use for this technology.Fleets of helicopters  and cameras monitoring our every move in public combined with unmanned drones peering into our houses and private lives -if this is living in a "free society" then god help us.

Up to this point we all could retire at the end of the day to our little castle and be able to do pretty much what we pleased without state interference.Now nowhere is safe from the prying eyes of the state-the normal state sponsored trolls will no doubt be trotting out the normal "nothing to hide nothing to fear" mantra but most people should be very afraid because we are now all  inmates in prison Britain  and there is no escape.

This has been coming for ages and was trialled during the olympics to see whether there would be riots on the streets over the removal of our last  strands of anything resembling freedom.True to form the great British public did nothing and the PTBs saw this as a green light to go to defcon 1 in the Police state stakes. People like myself who have been trying for years to highlight the constant drip drip erosion of our rights to freedom and liberty were ignored and laughed at as conspiracy nutters.Well now we are where we are who is laughing now -well actually no one is laughing we are all toast .Despite the warnings people have willingly traded all their freedoms for temporary security and now none of us(apart from the ruling elite globalist scum)  have nor deserve neither.

Skip forward a few years and I am sure you will get your door kicked in and dragged off to the gulag if the drones detect that you are using too much energy,or your house hasnt been insulated enough or you are throwing away too much rubbish or you are smoking/drinking /eating the wrong foods  etc etc etc.

Resistance truly is futile unless the majority population wakes up pronto to this developing dystopian nightmare.Still why worry about such minor things as freedom when there is truly X factor corrie enders on the state communication media network and facewitter on the state controlled and monitored  interweb.