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Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Attack of the drones over Britain's skies.

Attack of the drones over Britain's skies as Home Office allows police to use military-style unmanned aircraft

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This follows on from the announcement that there will be a National Police Air Service with a fleet of 26 helicopters under the control of the government rather than local forces.Not content with this ramping up of the war against freedom and liberty they are now thinking of having military style
drones patrolling the sky monitoring us all 24 hours a day.

It seems like the state is building up a quasi military force to keep us all in order whilst at the same time running down the military that are the only people with the will and equipment to fight back.

Miltary drones have a raft of sensors which enable them to see what is going on within a building.This is especially handy if tommy taliban is brewing up some explosives in a mud hut in Afghanistan but try as I may I cannot think of a civillian use for this technology.Fleets of helicopters  and cameras monitoring our every move in public combined with unmanned drones peering into our houses and private lives -if this is living in a "free society" then god help us.

Up to this point we all could retire at the end of the day to our little castle and be able to do pretty much what we pleased without state interference.Now nowhere is safe from the prying eyes of the state-the normal state sponsored trolls will no doubt be trotting out the normal "nothing to hide nothing to fear" mantra but most people should be very afraid because we are now all  inmates in prison Britain  and there is no escape.

This has been coming for ages and was trialled during the olympics to see whether there would be riots on the streets over the removal of our last  strands of anything resembling freedom.True to form the great British public did nothing and the PTBs saw this as a green light to go to defcon 1 in the Police state stakes. People like myself who have been trying for years to highlight the constant drip drip erosion of our rights to freedom and liberty were ignored and laughed at as conspiracy nutters.Well now we are where we are who is laughing now -well actually no one is laughing we are all toast .Despite the warnings people have willingly traded all their freedoms for temporary security and now none of us(apart from the ruling elite globalist scum)  have nor deserve neither.

Skip forward a few years and I am sure you will get your door kicked in and dragged off to the gulag if the drones detect that you are using too much energy,or your house hasnt been insulated enough or you are throwing away too much rubbish or you are smoking/drinking /eating the wrong foods  etc etc etc.

Resistance truly is futile unless the majority population wakes up pronto to this developing dystopian nightmare.Still why worry about such minor things as freedom when there is truly X factor corrie enders on the state communication media network and facewitter on the state controlled and monitored  interweb.

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  1. I give it less than five years before the drones are fully weaponised.


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