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Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Captains Swings black book.

Sir, Your name is down amongst the Black hearts in the Black Book and this is to advise you and the like of you  to make your wills. Ye have been the Blackguard Enemies of the People on all occasions, Ye have not yet done as ye ought,.... Swing

Original swing "threatening letter" dating back to the swing riots .

Has anyone got any information about swing riot activities in and around Rotherfield during the 1830s .

Private e mail me on  or post reply below.

Monday, 28 June 2010

Tunbridge Wells Borough Council are traitors.

Tunbridge Wells Borough Council should hang their heads in shame because they are truly a disgrace .
Yesterday was freedom day with local soldiers exercising their right to march through the town.

Due to the fact that the council failed to advertise the event other than on its own website resulted in a very poor turnout of members of the public to display support for our troops.The lack of advertising combined with a Grand Prix and the World Cup pretty much guaranteed that people wouldnt be around.

Contrast the lack of advertising given to freedom day with the wall to wall advertising that the retards in the town hall are giving to that traditional English event that is the Mela.Wherever you go there are adverts for this multi (foreign) cultural event plastered all over the place.The council have excelled themselves this year by getting young children (who should be in school) to parade around the town proclaiming the forthcoming celebration of cultures alien to us all in the name of diversity.The brainwashing of young children is about as low as you can go but that doesnt stop the  communists in the council from milking it for all its worth.Imagine the outcry if children were pulled out of school in order to promote an event that celebrates English culture , English history by English music and dance whilst having the opportunity to eat and drink traditional English foods.The bedwetting left would have a collective seizure if we were to do this so why is it acceptable to promote cultures with values totally different to our own and eat foods based on domestic canine pets that are guaranteed to give you Delhi belly for the rest of the weekend.
My advice would be to steer clear of the cultural chernobyl that is the Mela.

Tunbridge Wells is not culturally diverse in any shape or form and to rub the insanity of PC diversity bollocks into the noses of the predominately white English nominally christian polulation will do untold damage to what these days is called community cohesion but in the past was just letting people get on with their own lives without lesbian outreach workers telling you that some groups are special (black/asian/mussie) etc but some(white english christain) are scum.

If the council wants us to experience other cultures then perhaps they could go the whole hog and have public stoning of women in Calverley Park and have pcsos renamed as the religious Police who will beat the shit out of anyone who dares to think that Islam is a backward religious death cult which promotes the repression of women and the abuse of children.Only then will all the trendy "right on" types and their retarded supporters in the Town Hall realise that cultural diversity isnt all its made out to be after all.

Is it any coincidence that mela is an anagram for lame?.

Monday, 14 June 2010

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Secondary school not second rate school.

June is upon us and just around the corner are the school summer holidays (also known as 100% increase in holiday prices holiday).Before you know it September will be here and the children will be back to school.
If your child is starting secondary school I hope you got allocated the school of your choice rather than the school that East Sussex Cunty Council wants to herd your child into.I have heard several stories about the councils admissions team being generally crap and operating a strict policy of every child in Crowborough goes to the Beacon whether you like it or not.If parents had the cheek to want a decent school for their children (not Beacon)the Council seems to go into full on punishment mode and allocate a place at Beacon anyway .If you appeal they then relent and allocate your child to a different school miles away ( i have heard mentioned that someone got "threatened with" an allocated space at a school in St Leonards!!!! some 40 miles away if they didnt accept the place at Beacon).

Those parents that dont give a shit and are happy for their children to go to the crappy local comprehensive will be happy but my sympathies go to those parents who wanted better for their child than Beacon but were forced there by the twats at the local authority.

So if your child has been allocated a place at Beacon I would recommend that you go and see your doctor now and get a stock of anti depressants in before you need them.

Obviously check to make sure your child has the right uniform (scruffy t shirt)and equipment before they attend their first day at Beacon.Luckily the school doesnt expect you to provide certain things that are essential equipment at the Beacon .These things include cigarettes and lighters which will have to be acquired by your child on the first day.The school is very generous however and will provide free razor blades to enable your child to slash their body to bits as well as encouraging the girls to have contraceptive implants fitted from age 13 so they can have underage sex.Parents dont have to worry though as you wont be aware of these things because the school wont actually tell you or ask you.Ignorance is bliss.

Good luck folks-you will need it.

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

A few lefty protesters shot by the IDF-not good enough.

The BBC and the guardianistas have been working themselves up into a orgasmic frenzy over the Gaza aid ship "incident".
Regardless of your personal views on the Arab/Israeli conflict I hope we can all agree that a few less stupid whining lefty mussie loving twats in the world is not a bad thing.
I think we can safely say that the "peace" protesters onboard probably made a severe misjudgement when they decided to attack Israeli commandos who just wanted a quick look at their cargo.Never has the saying "dont bring a knife to a gunfight" been more appropriate.

Personally I think the Israelis were quite restrained-hopefully next time they might like to utilise a couple of torpedoes a la North Korea and do us all a favour by taking the whole lot out.