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Saturday, 28 February 2009

Money, Money, Money must be funny in a rich mans world.

The council is borrowing £300,000 pounds for public works following Gordon Mc Broons policy of spend spend spend even if you dont have it.

What benefit will we see for this money.

Well some of it will go in the Community Facility Fund never to be seen again(just like the facility itself).

Clued up will get another bung just like it does from the District and County Council.Nothing to do with the fact that the trustees are all council employees or actual councillors(Kay Moss and Sylvia Tidy)of course not.

New bus stops mustnt forget that.Who travels by bus anyway-only losers and tree huggers.They are not called loser cruisers for nothing.

So there you go before you know it 3rd of million has been pissed up the wall and nothing to show for it apart from a few new bus stops.Who will have to pay this loan back and any subsequent loans-not the councillors who seem to spend our money like a sailor on shore leave.

Yes thats right the council taxpayer will not only have to pay for todays spending but also for the loan repayment in years to come.

Saturday, 21 February 2009

The British are coming!!!.

The BNP won a seat on Sevenoaks District Council for the Swanley ward(traditional Labour stronghold).

The Courier paper to their credit(what am I saying) published the results on-line and allowed comments,the vast majority of which were supportive of the BNP.

Will we in Crowborough have the opportunity to vote BNP at the next elections?.

I do hope so because this is what democracy is all about.

Friday, 13 February 2009

Wealden Backtracking now.

Not really Crowborough News but relevant because of Wealden Council .The backtracking had nothing do do with the story going nuclear on the blogosphere and on the television as well-no of course not they were going to change their mind anyway.

Joe Townsend Planning Application Statement
This joint statement is issued by Mr David Carter and Wealden District Council in relation to the planning application for a bungalow for Marine Joe Townsend.
A scheme has now been agreed in principle which planning officers consider is supportable.
Mr Carter who is Joe's grandfather will now submit a new application. Mr Carter said "We have had a fruitful discussion and I am optimistic that the scheme will meet Joe's needs and will receive a fair hearing. I am grateful to the Council for being open to a new approach".
Councillor Pam Doodes, Leader of Wealden District Council said "We have been anxious to resolve this difficult issue from the start and are glad that a solution has been identified. However, this case has raised a number of deep concerns over national policy and I shall be writing to the Prime Minister urging him to issue further Government guidance on the provision that local authorities make for servicemen and women disabled in the service of their country".

Monday, 9 February 2009

Could this all be considered to be a waste of money.

Crowborough Town council is going to hold a fair trade fortnight for some reason.Why?

Crowborough Town Council supports a new skate park for the youth to vandalise.Why?

Crowborough Town Council gives money to clued up even though its run by ESCC.Why?

Crowborough Town Council is going to give out energy meters to families.Why?

Crowborough Town Council spending money on employing noddy pcsos.Why?

Crowborough Town Council has a huge amount of money to build a community facility.Why?

Crowborough Town Council supports a youth event proposed by some Youth Campaigner who wants the taxpayer to pay for it.Why?

The answer to all these questions is clear.The Town Council couldnt run a whelk stall and is intent on wasting money on schemes nobody wants but cant even keep the paths clear of ice.

Many councillors have been appointed without a vote and are now making decisions without any consultation with the public at all.Democracy it isnt.

Sunday, 8 February 2009


Welcome to the residents voice blog.My aim is to provide a voice for the majority of residents of Crowborough who are not consulted by the council at local,district and county level .All too often the authorities waste taxpayers money on hairbrained pc schemes with no consultation to the general community.Minority interest groups are consulted and then awarded public funds without question.
The staff at all the councils have forgotten that they are public servants and should govern us as we see fit not to suit them.Public service means just that service for the good of the community not just those that shout loudest.Remember that they can only govern with the consent of the people and regardless of what "they" think we are all free born citizens of England and Crowborough and can excercise that freedom by speaking our mind without fear.
If you have anything to say at all about Crowborough or the country in general then post a comment here.If enough people express the same views I will then pass those views onto the local councillors.
As always we have a few ground rules.
1)There are not many rules.
2)You can post anything you like under any pseudonym .
3) There is no active moderation but I do reserve the right to delete posts if I find them offensive(I have no problem with swearing ).Other things I do have a problem with but you wont find out what they are unless you overstep the mark and abuse my no moderation policy.
4)ALL politicians , public servants etc etc are fair game.
5)This blog is for over 18s only.
Thats it really.