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Friday, 13 February 2009

Wealden Backtracking now.

Not really Crowborough News but relevant because of Wealden Council .The backtracking had nothing do do with the story going nuclear on the blogosphere and on the television as well-no of course not they were going to change their mind anyway.

Joe Townsend Planning Application Statement
This joint statement is issued by Mr David Carter and Wealden District Council in relation to the planning application for a bungalow for Marine Joe Townsend.
A scheme has now been agreed in principle which planning officers consider is supportable.
Mr Carter who is Joe's grandfather will now submit a new application. Mr Carter said "We have had a fruitful discussion and I am optimistic that the scheme will meet Joe's needs and will receive a fair hearing. I am grateful to the Council for being open to a new approach".
Councillor Pam Doodes, Leader of Wealden District Council said "We have been anxious to resolve this difficult issue from the start and are glad that a solution has been identified. However, this case has raised a number of deep concerns over national policy and I shall be writing to the Prime Minister urging him to issue further Government guidance on the provision that local authorities make for servicemen and women disabled in the service of their country".

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