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Saturday, 21 February 2009

The British are coming!!!.

The BNP won a seat on Sevenoaks District Council for the Swanley ward(traditional Labour stronghold).

The Courier paper to their credit(what am I saying) published the results on-line and allowed comments,the vast majority of which were supportive of the BNP.

Will we in Crowborough have the opportunity to vote BNP at the next elections?.

I do hope so because this is what democracy is all about.


  1. On the Kent vote this is a lot more than a protest vote. People are entirely disenchanted with mainstream party politics which appears simply to ignore the concerns and needs of ordinary people so they are turning to voices which are playing tunes which better suit their mood.

    It also angers them when Labour/Tory/Lib Dems denigrate them further by not even giving a hearing to the BNP which in turn says to ordinary people their voices will be ignored.

    Better to debate than ignore in my view or it will be giving an open door to the BNP.

    On the Northeast version of the Politics show, a few weeks ago, a local Labour MP confirmed he had refused to be on the same platform as the BNP rep.

    Since Labour are largely responsible for the growth of BNP voters in the North East and the North West due to their perceived desertion of the working classes and their now being seen as the party for Big Business, then this refusal has further alienated poorer working and middle class voters.

    For good or bad(I think bad) this has sent people over to the BNP because they feel the BNP are more in touch with them.

    I think also the new corruption amongst MEPs will fuel that anti maistream politics feelings that is going around.

    Though I do not want to see it, I feel there is a strong chance of one or more MEPs being elected for the BNP and it is entirely the fault of New Labour's lining their pocket and ignoring their baseline Voters.

    Mainstream politicians seem not to be aware of how their seemingly corrupt antics are playing with the people who elect them.

    Well they are angry, and feel disenfranchised and the BNP have responded in a way which has made ordinary people feel listened to in a way the main parties have collectively failed to respond.

    History is cyclical and society is moving towards protectionism and insularity.

    I think this may well result in Civil unrest but then again how can anyone blame the people and the BNP are exploiting this to the full.

  2. Democracy definition
    "government by the people; a form of government in which the supreme power is vested in the people and exercised directly by them or by their elected agents under a free electoral system".
    If people want to vote BNP (for whatever reason)
    that is their democratic right.The Labour Party in my view is racist against White English people
    but I wouldnt want to deprive people of the right to vote for them if they see fit.Freedom of
    choice and expression is surely the cornerstone of a free country.


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