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Saturday, 26 November 2011

The most dangerous man in Britain.

Francis Anthony Aylmer Maude

Francis Maude is the Globalist puppet master at the heart of Government and the MP for Horsham.

Whatever happens in the Conservative party his grubby little fingers are all over it.

If he was just another smarmy ex solicitor with ambitions above his capability we could just ignore him and put him back in the box marked "nasty piece of work" but unfortunately we cant  because he is...

a) friends with bag lady Mad Middleton and actively promotes Common Purpose.

b) an active Bilderberger attendee.

c)  a member of the trilateral commission.

Smarmy and acting beyond his competence he may be but we should also be aware that he is as dangerous as Mandelslime.In fact Maude is even more dangerous than Mandelslime because he has his hands firmly on the levers of power .
Dark forces truly are at work within this country.

Monday, 21 November 2011

Mad Hatters House Party.

The idiot pair Cameron and Clegg have decided to "unstick the housing market" by using taxpayers money to guarantee mortgages.

The policy in simple terms is to take money from the taxpayer who cant afford it and give it to people who cant afford to find a deposit in order to help them buy a house they cant afford.

Surely a better way would be to encourage people to save for the deposit themselves so they could get a mortgage without taxpayers money.If these people cannot afford to put an amount aside from their earnings each month to build up a deposit how on earth are they going to afford the repayments on the mortgage.Well actually they wont so the property will be reposessed and rather than the lender taking the hit it will be the good old taxpayer losing out yet again.

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Chemtrails-The truth.

When I were a young lad I used to enjoy plane spotting with a pair of binoculars.Planes at high altitude could be easily spotted by the contrails which in those days dispersed within a couple of seconds.
Nowadays you cant help noticing that some contrails do not disperse and instead remain in the sky spreading into a curtain of milky white artificial cloud.Up to now the subject of "chemtrails" has been labelled a conspiracy theory but you only need to look up to see something is very wrong in the skies.
View the two videos above and think about what is going on here.

I have always been convinced that these "chemtrails" are a product of additives in the aviation fuel rather than chemicals being sprayed by aerosol devices.On an otherwise clear day view the planes that are producing these persistent contrails and then identify the plane using
You will notice that all of these planes are just normal airline aircraft yet the engines seem to be spewing out a chemical cocktail contrail rather than a normal contrail which would indicate that something is being added into the fuel at source.
Its funny how all the environmental groups are concerned about an inert gas in the atmosphere but are strangely silent about tons of potentially lethal chemical being pumped into the air polluting the skies across the world. I dont know who produces the fuel and at what stage the additives are added (perhaps someone could enlighten me) but I can indentify the planes and airlines that are producing these "chemtrails".
What say someone produces a database of planes and airlines whose planes are being used for this purpose (willingly or unwillingly) and publishes it on the internet.

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

German Domination of Europe.

Saturday, 5 November 2011

Look into my eyes....

Click here to see the Governments approved NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)policy being implemented to change our behaviour.

Knowledge is power so read this booklet to get some idea about how we the public are being manipulated to think and do according to the powers that be rather than our own free thought and action.

Scary stuff indeed.

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Tale of the French dwarf and the German Witch.

George Papandreou has had a nice little chat with the poisonous French dwarf
and the old German witch and he has now announced that he is not going to resign and the people of Greece will now not get a say on their future.Obviously threats were made and bribes offered in order to stall the prospect of democracy breaking out in Europe.Personally I cant see this going down well with the people or the military in Greece.
Hopefully the people across Europe will realise that the EU is now proven to be as undemocratic as the Nazis who thought up the whole project in the first place.
The old witch Merkel was right on one thing though by stating that this crisis could develop into a war.I too can see conflict in Europe on the horizon though not between states (I wouldnt totally discount EU "peacekeeping" troops being sent to Greece)but a war fought by the ordinary people of Europe against the overbearing ,undemocratic EU.
When push comes to shove I cant see troops from any European country being very keen to defend the EU proto state by shooting people who just want to live free.
The EU has now shot its bolt and everyone knows it.

What next? a military coup in Greece.

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Its always darkest just before the dawn.

A week ago the media was awash with stories about how the EU had solved its debt crisis and that everything in the financial garden was rosey.

What a difference a week makes.With the Greek default now certain given that there is going to be a referendum on the Greek "rescue" package.The plan seemed to consist of asking the Chinese to buy the EUs current debt so that more financial petrol could be poured on the raging blaze that is the eurozone.China has said no and its highly likely that the Greeks will say no to the "rescue plan" as well which will result in the implosion of the euro and the EU.

Click here for a summary of the situation as it stands today.

The whole world is in for a huge reality check over the next few months and we should all be prepared for the impending shit storm coming our way.
In the dark difficult weeks and months ahead we shall all be challenged but we should all remember that its always darkest just before dawn.The reward for all of us is that we will see the light of freedom emerging from the darkness that is the globalists socialist new world order.