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Thursday, 17 November 2011

Chemtrails-The truth.

When I were a young lad I used to enjoy plane spotting with a pair of binoculars.Planes at high altitude could be easily spotted by the contrails which in those days dispersed within a couple of seconds.
Nowadays you cant help noticing that some contrails do not disperse and instead remain in the sky spreading into a curtain of milky white artificial cloud.Up to now the subject of "chemtrails" has been labelled a conspiracy theory but you only need to look up to see something is very wrong in the skies.
View the two videos above and think about what is going on here.

I have always been convinced that these "chemtrails" are a product of additives in the aviation fuel rather than chemicals being sprayed by aerosol devices.On an otherwise clear day view the planes that are producing these persistent contrails and then identify the plane using
You will notice that all of these planes are just normal airline aircraft yet the engines seem to be spewing out a chemical cocktail contrail rather than a normal contrail which would indicate that something is being added into the fuel at source.
Its funny how all the environmental groups are concerned about an inert gas in the atmosphere but are strangely silent about tons of potentially lethal chemical being pumped into the air polluting the skies across the world. I dont know who produces the fuel and at what stage the additives are added (perhaps someone could enlighten me) but I can indentify the planes and airlines that are producing these "chemtrails".
What say someone produces a database of planes and airlines whose planes are being used for this purpose (willingly or unwillingly) and publishes it on the internet.

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