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Thursday, 27 August 2009

Labour scum are coming again.

The good folk of Sussex are in the main sensible down to Earth types that tolerate all sorts of people in their county.That hypocritical socialist bitch polly toynbee has a 2nd or is it 3rd house in Lewes and no one has yet petrol bombed it.
There are 2 groups of people that this tolerance is not extended to.Both groups descend on places causing disruption and chaos -they both are outside the normal rules of society and seem immune to prosecution.Once gone the local residents have to cope with destruction of all they hold dear and have to face a huge bill to clean up after these 2 primary scum groups.
The first of these groups is of course the pikeys-hated the length and breadth of this county but beloved by the wankers in the council and the even bigger wankers in Sussex (lets get buggered)Police.
The second group is hated even worse than the pikeys.
Again the only people that support these scum bags are the wankers in the council and the bigger wankers in the Sussex(lets get buggered)Police.
Yes ladies and gentlemen its time for martial law to be imposed in Brighton because Gordon Brown and his bunch of Marxist placemen are coming to town.Why these cunts choose to come to sunny Brighton is a mystery to me because I have yet to meet anyone in Sussex who would like to do anything less than boil the whole lot in boiling lead .It does however give the wankers supposedly protecting us from crime an opportunity to flex their muscles in front of their beloved leaders .Nothing will be too much for Sussex police in order to avoid any nastiness like the socialist scum actually coming into contact with the general public.Huge swathes of the South Coast will be cordoned off in order to protect their great leader from being told that he is a one eyed Scottish cunt that should fuck off back to Scotland and die.
Whilst half the police force are beating up pensioners , arresting people wearing t shirts and generally shooting anyone they see fit the rest of the county has to rely on those turds in uniforms PCSOs in order to keep us safe.
Pikeys and Labour scum-different cheek same arse

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Clued-Up. Info Crowborough

Picture above is

1)The town mayor Cllr Kay Moss.
2)The town councils representative with Clued Up.
3)Trustee of Clued Up.
4)Employee of East Sussex County Council at Beacon School.

Nothing wrong with that you may say but bear in mind that Clued Up youth indoctrination centre gets thousands of pounds of taxpayers money through the town council and east sussex county council.Also Peter Hans Swann is a trustee of clued up as well as head teacher of Beacon and employer to Kay Moss.

What a tangled web they weave.

Extract from last council meeting.

Representatives to outside organisations
The Town Mayor confirmed that Beacon College is happy to accept two Town Council representatives for Clued-up, therefore herself and Anita Kerwin-Nye are those representatives.

It seems that Beacon college(Peter Hans Swann) calls the shots as far as Clued Up goes now.

What is going on here?There seems an unhealthy link between Clued Up(youth indocrination centre),beacon crap community college,east sussex CC and the councillors on the town council.What exactly are they all getting from this?Well the answer is I dont know but I do know that the taxpayers of Crowborough are paying huge sums of money so these people can swan around(no pun intended) acting like the council tax is intended to further their careers and keep their profiles up like the self important idiots that they clearly are.

Crowborough Town Councillor.

My first profile of one of the local Councillors features Ex Mayor (it was his turn) Councillor Neil Waller.
I have mixed opinions about Mr Waller due to the fact that he stood up and said what he thought to people regardless of the consequences.He upset the town clerk whilst he was Mayor and was dragged in front of the standards committee of Wealden Council.I admire him for his stand for free speech but recently he seems to be keeping his head down and towing the official line on everything.Since his appearance in front of the Wealden Standards star chamber he has disappeared off the public radar sadly.It seems that both Wealden and Crowborough Town Council do not tolerate anyone going "off message" and any hint of non PC thoughts (non common purpose thoughts more like)are crushed and the thought criminal is then assimilated back into the hive.
Scores on the doors
Free Speech 8/10
Backbone 7/10
Staying Power 3/10
Integrity 6/10
Common purpose rating 2/10 (the higher the rating the more likely to be common purpose)
Wanker Ranking 3/10 (the higher the wanker rating the bigger the wanker)
So in summary-Has done well in the past but is failing to live up to his early promise.

Thursday, 20 August 2009

Dan Hannan.

Since Dan Hannan ripped Gorgon a new one at the European Parliament he is a top man in my book.

Listen to this speech he gave to the Americans its brilliant.His speeches are always interesting and really shows up Brown for the autistic twat that he is.

Hat Tip LPUK

Monday, 17 August 2009

Crowborough Councillors.

To liven things up a bit I thought I would choose a councillor (Wealden,Town Council or ESCC)each month and do a little article about them in my own style.

If anyone wants to nominate a particular local politico then e mail me and let me know.

Saturday, 15 August 2009

Air Ambulance over Crowborough.

Been away to a far flung area of the country where they dont seemed to have grasped WiFi so I have been without internet access.

Came back to find that I had stirred up a hornets nest over the accident in Whitehill Road and the Sussex Air Ambulance.

Some crappy forum site has been whipping up the retards of Crowborough into a frenzy over what I said.To recap I stated that it was a waste of the Air Ambulances time to airlift someone with "non life threatening injuries"to a hospital in Essex! when it would have been quicker to go by Ambulance to the Kent and Sussex 10 minutes driving time away.If anyone can prove that I am wrong I will gladly apologise .Unfortunately the retards of Crowborough only seem to be able to read a couple of words at a time and cant understand those unless its written in txt spk or some such bollocks.

Some twat then went on to suggest that riding a moped into a parked car at 30 mph was entirely normal and the rider had nuffink to do wiv it and it was the parked car that was to blame.

No one seems to realise that we all have to take the consequences of our actions.If we get hurt while doing something stupid then there is no one else to blame but ourselves.I notice all the critics couldnt bring themselves to say thank you to the pilot and crew of the helicopter that came to the casualties assistance.Perhaps they could all do something useful like raising money for the air ambulance rather than ranting over what I said.

Click here to make a donation and put your money where your collective mouths are (innit wickid).

Friday, 7 August 2009

Dont believe a word of it.

For my sins I listen to Radio 2 whilst driving around during the day.
I like listening to the music without the interruption of adverts.
What annoys me though is the crap they present as the news every day.I end up shouting at the radio as if the cunt at the other end can hear me.
Examples of the excrement that has passed as news are as follows.
A story about E Coli kept mentioning the "virus infection".Now excuse me but when did E Coli transmogrify from a bacteria to a virus.Any half wit with half a brain can "google it" if not sure but the twat from the BBC repeated this blatant error every fucking 30 mins.
A story about the funeral of the last tommy from WW1 took place according to the BBC in the town of Wells in Somerset.Well the last time I looked Wells was a city ( a small city with a lovely Cathedral granted).
Do they not check any facts before broadcasting this shit.
What really sent me over the edge today was a story about how ancient Britons were cannibals because someone found a human bone with scratch marks on it.The lefty twat reading this out revelled in the fact that some of our ancestors were savages and cannibals.Right at the end it was stated that this was not proof of canabalism in itself and they could have just stripped the flesh from the bodies of the dead to aid decomposition and the bones were dated to about 8000 years ago!!!.
I wish the righteous cunts in the Common Purpose BBC news department would at least get their story straight.For years we have been told by these self same people that there are no proper British people as we are a mongrel race made up of wave after wave of foriegn invaders(total bollocks of course).We are now told that ancient Britons lived here 8000 years ago.In order for us not to feel proud that our ancestors have lived in these islands for over 8000 years the BBC have to make up this story that they were savages that indulged in cannibalism.
The truth is somewhat different in that these people were not savages but sophisticated hunter gatherers.The BBC are an integral part of the negative media war against Britishness and Englishness .We should all be proud that the roots of our country stretch back from neolithic times to about 12 years ago when New Stasi Labour began its policy of destroying this country and rewriting history.
The truth is (not that the BBC will say it) that neolithic man was probably more advanced than we think and more advanced than some African tribes that live today as hunter gatherers.As for the aboriginies well they had the vast expanse of Australia to themselves for thousands of years and they only managed to haul themselves out of neolithic living about 25o years ago some 7ooo years after the ancient Britons.

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Wealden Council .

Its bad enough having a lib dum councillor representing the ward that you live in but you do expect them to spell correctly.

Councillor Plain Jane Clark
More information about this councillor
Attendance record
Declarations at meetings
Contact information
Home Address: ........................................CrowboroughEast SussexTN6 3SJ
Phone: 01892 ######
Fax: 01892 ######
Appointments to outside bodies

Helicopter over Crowborough.

The Air Ambulance was flying low(and I mean low) over Crowborough yesterday.

The reason? Some idiot on a moped crashed into a parked car on Whitehill Road.

Although the person had serious but not life threatening injuries they were flown to a hospital in Essex

Is this really good use of a helicopter when they could have been transferred to the Kent and Sussex by ambulance quicker than flying to Essex.Not only that but flying a helicopter low over houses is hazardous to say the least.I do hope the person responsible for the accident has the decency to apologise and go on to raise money for the Air Ambulance for wasting their time and taking it from other duties that are more deserving.
Still the advantage is thats one less chain saw on wheels on the road and one less idiot .

Monday, 3 August 2009

Weather forecast not entirely accurate.

Just in case you all forgot according to the Courier back in May we are now in the middle of a dry hot summer.

County gears up for summer heatwave
Friday, May 29, 2009, 15:00

EAST Sussex is in for a heatwave this summer – which is great news for businesses and tourist attractions in the county which are gearing up for a bumper season.

Meteorologists issued their long-range forecast for June, July and August and predicted temperatures to exceed 30C this summer.

The Met Office also said to expect near or below-average rainfall which make it unlikely there would be a repeat of the wet summers of 2007 and 2008

Common Purpose

Wonder why nothing works properly any more.

Despite all the bollocks about strategic partnerships blah blah blah from local and national government everything turns to shit and nothing gets done.

Take the Crowborough community facility as an example.Loads of talking by the people we expect to know what they are doing but all that happens is more money is swallowed up into a huge black hole never to be seen again.Projects such as this are just an excuse for people in the know to skim money off here and there.Contracts are given to friends of friends and we (the taxpayers) end up paying for it all.This hall is not needed or wanted but the politicos insist that it goes ahead because it gives them the chance to earn a "drink" for themselves(wink wink).
A hall that could have been built for half a million is going to cost us £3.5 million.Where is the "spare" 3 million going?.Bungs,drinks etc etc whatever you like to call it goes on because the political process has been corrupted from top to bottom by organisations like Common Purpose.Instead of serving the public councillors are now serving themselves and their common purpose buddies.Sod the public whats important to the politicians at all levels is power and money.
After watching the short clip above look up Brian Gerrish and see what is really going on in town halls up and down the country.

Do you believe that Crowborough is immune from this ?.Several people in the town have their fingers in many pies or partnerships as they are called in Common Purpose Britain 2009,are they doing it for the public good or for their own good.These bastards need weeding out and removed from the political process.We need to start again with a clean sheet and get back to people doing JUST what they are supposed to do.There is no reason why a principal(headteacher) should be spending time he should be using to run his school to do a bit on the side running dodgy charities extorting more money from the taxpayers.Nor should they be indoctrinating their pupils with blah blah blah global warming bollocks or blah blah blah diversity bollock.Is this all part of a plan to undermine society or is the country going down the tubes "by accident".