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Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Helicopter over Crowborough.

The Air Ambulance was flying low(and I mean low) over Crowborough yesterday.

The reason? Some idiot on a moped crashed into a parked car on Whitehill Road.

Although the person had serious but not life threatening injuries they were flown to a hospital in Essex

Is this really good use of a helicopter when they could have been transferred to the Kent and Sussex by ambulance quicker than flying to Essex.Not only that but flying a helicopter low over houses is hazardous to say the least.I do hope the person responsible for the accident has the decency to apologise and go on to raise money for the Air Ambulance for wasting their time and taking it from other duties that are more deserving.
Still the advantage is thats one less chain saw on wheels on the road and one less idiot .


  1. Wow, you are certainly one insentive B****** arent you. She is by no means 'some idiot' and considering she was out cold for over 4 hours, she couldnt exactly say 'oh no dont send a helicopter im perfectly fine'. She had to go to Essex because she had possible brain injuries and therefore needed a brain scan. She certainly didnt crash on purpose. Get your head out your a*** and have a bit of sensitivity!

  2. you are an inconsiderate idiot. isnt it btter to call out that air ambulance just in case as a life is way more imporant than any sum of money. in the case of possible life threatening injuries i think that people should go to all extents to help that person. mate your an idiot so dont post ur comments on this website made for helpful comments.

  3. Thanks for your comment anonymong you truly are a twat of the highest order(your not employed by Sussex Police are you) .Fucking read my article before commenting next time.
    To run into a parked car is not really the actions of someone who the full ticket is it?
    Anyway sadly stupidity is not a crime yet and people can express whatever opinions they like(even anonymongs like you).If you had bothered to
    read my article before posting shite you will note that I proposed that it was faster to get to
    Kent and Sussex by ambulance than Essex by helicopter.If you get to the hospital faster then you stand a better chance of recovery ,have you never heard of the Golden Hour.
    Obviously if you are unsatisfied with any part of this blog then the normal customer service guarantee applies.Kindly accept a full refund and fuck off .

  4. She is infact a friend of mine, and I saw her that day. She didnt 'stupidly' run in to a car like you seem to think, she had concussion which she didnt actually know about and blacked out on the road. Yes maybe she shouldnt have been driving the moped but it wasnt some stupid prat driving dangerously. Get your facts right before you comment. As I said in my comment, she needed a brain scan and therefore had to go to Essex where the closest available one was.


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