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Friday, 7 August 2009

Dont believe a word of it.

For my sins I listen to Radio 2 whilst driving around during the day.
I like listening to the music without the interruption of adverts.
What annoys me though is the crap they present as the news every day.I end up shouting at the radio as if the cunt at the other end can hear me.
Examples of the excrement that has passed as news are as follows.
A story about E Coli kept mentioning the "virus infection".Now excuse me but when did E Coli transmogrify from a bacteria to a virus.Any half wit with half a brain can "google it" if not sure but the twat from the BBC repeated this blatant error every fucking 30 mins.
A story about the funeral of the last tommy from WW1 took place according to the BBC in the town of Wells in Somerset.Well the last time I looked Wells was a city ( a small city with a lovely Cathedral granted).
Do they not check any facts before broadcasting this shit.
What really sent me over the edge today was a story about how ancient Britons were cannibals because someone found a human bone with scratch marks on it.The lefty twat reading this out revelled in the fact that some of our ancestors were savages and cannibals.Right at the end it was stated that this was not proof of canabalism in itself and they could have just stripped the flesh from the bodies of the dead to aid decomposition and the bones were dated to about 8000 years ago!!!.
I wish the righteous cunts in the Common Purpose BBC news department would at least get their story straight.For years we have been told by these self same people that there are no proper British people as we are a mongrel race made up of wave after wave of foriegn invaders(total bollocks of course).We are now told that ancient Britons lived here 8000 years ago.In order for us not to feel proud that our ancestors have lived in these islands for over 8000 years the BBC have to make up this story that they were savages that indulged in cannibalism.
The truth is somewhat different in that these people were not savages but sophisticated hunter gatherers.The BBC are an integral part of the negative media war against Britishness and Englishness .We should all be proud that the roots of our country stretch back from neolithic times to about 12 years ago when New Stasi Labour began its policy of destroying this country and rewriting history.
The truth is (not that the BBC will say it) that neolithic man was probably more advanced than we think and more advanced than some African tribes that live today as hunter gatherers.As for the aboriginies well they had the vast expanse of Australia to themselves for thousands of years and they only managed to haul themselves out of neolithic living about 25o years ago some 7ooo years after the ancient Britons.

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