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Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Clued-Up. Info Crowborough

Picture above is

1)The town mayor Cllr Kay Moss.
2)The town councils representative with Clued Up.
3)Trustee of Clued Up.
4)Employee of East Sussex County Council at Beacon School.

Nothing wrong with that you may say but bear in mind that Clued Up youth indoctrination centre gets thousands of pounds of taxpayers money through the town council and east sussex county council.Also Peter Hans Swann is a trustee of clued up as well as head teacher of Beacon and employer to Kay Moss.

What a tangled web they weave.

Extract from last council meeting.

Representatives to outside organisations
The Town Mayor confirmed that Beacon College is happy to accept two Town Council representatives for Clued-up, therefore herself and Anita Kerwin-Nye are those representatives.

It seems that Beacon college(Peter Hans Swann) calls the shots as far as Clued Up goes now.

What is going on here?There seems an unhealthy link between Clued Up(youth indocrination centre),beacon crap community college,east sussex CC and the councillors on the town council.What exactly are they all getting from this?Well the answer is I dont know but I do know that the taxpayers of Crowborough are paying huge sums of money so these people can swan around(no pun intended) acting like the council tax is intended to further their careers and keep their profiles up like the self important idiots that they clearly are.

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