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Monday, 3 August 2009

Common Purpose

Wonder why nothing works properly any more.

Despite all the bollocks about strategic partnerships blah blah blah from local and national government everything turns to shit and nothing gets done.

Take the Crowborough community facility as an example.Loads of talking by the people we expect to know what they are doing but all that happens is more money is swallowed up into a huge black hole never to be seen again.Projects such as this are just an excuse for people in the know to skim money off here and there.Contracts are given to friends of friends and we (the taxpayers) end up paying for it all.This hall is not needed or wanted but the politicos insist that it goes ahead because it gives them the chance to earn a "drink" for themselves(wink wink).
A hall that could have been built for half a million is going to cost us £3.5 million.Where is the "spare" 3 million going?.Bungs,drinks etc etc whatever you like to call it goes on because the political process has been corrupted from top to bottom by organisations like Common Purpose.Instead of serving the public councillors are now serving themselves and their common purpose buddies.Sod the public whats important to the politicians at all levels is power and money.
After watching the short clip above look up Brian Gerrish and see what is really going on in town halls up and down the country.

Do you believe that Crowborough is immune from this ?.Several people in the town have their fingers in many pies or partnerships as they are called in Common Purpose Britain 2009,are they doing it for the public good or for their own good.These bastards need weeding out and removed from the political process.We need to start again with a clean sheet and get back to people doing JUST what they are supposed to do.There is no reason why a principal(headteacher) should be spending time he should be using to run his school to do a bit on the side running dodgy charities extorting more money from the taxpayers.Nor should they be indoctrinating their pupils with blah blah blah global warming bollocks or blah blah blah diversity bollock.Is this all part of a plan to undermine society or is the country going down the tubes "by accident".

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