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Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Sitting on your arse isnt going to help .

Being fed up with Sgt (I sit behind a desk all the time)Nevill pronouncing in the local paper that he didnt think there was a problem with unruly behaviour in Crowborough at night I decided to register my displeasure.I will publish any reply that I get for your amusement and delight.

Feel free to send further eMails to him if you have any views about Policing (or lack of it) in Crowborough.

21 April 2009 13:35:58
I have read with interest the article in the local paper about how hard you are working with the Youth of Crowborough to prevent anti social behaviour in Crowborough at night. I was interested to note your comment In relation to vandalism, Sgt Nevill said: "There is not some rampage going on, not that I am aware of. It might be isolated incidents.". I was less than reassured by your statement especially the" not that I am aware of "part of it.As your position is Office based and your PCSOs dont work late at night can you please tell me how you are aware of anything that does go on after dark in the town. Do you or anyone else actually patrol the town after dark or is it considered a no go area. Not a weekend goes by without young people causing trouble in the town ranging from general rowdyness to vandalism. All you seem to be doing is burying your head in the sand and ignoring what is going on.Your job is NOT to be Social Worker making excuses for under age drinking and its consequences nor is it to help arrange activities for the yobbos of Crowborough so they are not bored.Your job is to serve and protect the residents of Crowborough with the emphasis on serve.Being a public servant perhaps you should consider what the residents want to see.Most people want proper Police on patrol(on foot) around the town.Given that most of the problems occur after dark surely it not beyond the Police to ensure that there enough proper policemen topolice the town after dark.We do not want to see PCSOs wandering around the town(some slouching around with their hands in their pockets looking bored) during the day when there is nothing for them to do.If the PCSOs cant or wont work after dark then perhaps you should employ more proper coppers and less PCSOs. I was particularly incenced about you personally making excuses about under aged drinking saying it was because they were bored.I bet you wouldnt make excuses for me if I got drunk (because I was bored and had nuffink to do) and starting smashing the place up.

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Clued Up

Below is part of an interesting article about Clued Up from the Courier website.My comments are in Bold.

A "ONE stop shop" for young people in Crowborough offers advice on careers, relationships and housing among a host of other modern day issues.

Staff at Clued Up Info let the Kent and Sussex Courier step inside and find out more about the charity which helps 11 to 25 year olds with a wide variety of issues.

Clued Up is registered as a charity but gets all its funding from the taxpayers of Sussex via grants from local government (East Sussex,Wealden and Crowborough Town Council).By a strange coincidence the trustees of Clued Up are employees or senior staff of these self same councils.All the employees of Clued Up are employees of East Sussex County Council so the taxpayer kindly pays their salary and pensions payments as well.

When you first walk into the narrow doorway on The Broadway, Clued Up Info looks a little like one of those dark, trendy cafes you find lining The Lanes of Brighton.

But as soon as you open the door you are greeted by multi-coloured walls, bright sofas and eye catching posters and it is no surprise that young people feel comfortable here.

Not sure what type of Cafe they are referring to but I have never been to a trendy cafe with sofas and posters being staffed by council employees pretending to be a charity.

On one side of the recently decorated room is an ICT suite for use by visitors. Chart music plays in the background giving the shop a warm and familiar atmosphere.

Thats the same ICT suite that allows children as young as 11 to have unrestricted access to the Internet including adult sex and swinger sites.No wonder this is the reason most youngsters visit clued up-they can access sites that their parents(who are paying for it) wouldnt allow them to access in a million years.

Clued Up Info was established in the town nearly eight years ago and has since increased its opening hours from four days a week to five days a week due to demand and a successful grant application.

Untrue- Clued Up has been going since 2003/4 when East Sussex County Council Youth Development Service or whatever it was called then took over a dormant charity called Crowborough for Young People with the intention of using it as a method of getting Grants from itself(ESCC) and extracting taxpayers money from other tiers of government.
A coincidence is that Jan Murphy holds a senior post within ESCC YDS and is a trustee of Clued Up.

With family therapists, counsellors, career advisors and sexual health experts on hand during the week, young residents do not need to go far to get the answers to those niggling worries or questions.

Perhaps that should read Local Authority employees are on hand to brain wash the young residents of Crowborough and undermine their relationship with their parents.

Youth worker Frances Davies said: "We are not experts on everything but we are here to direct people in the right way. Often for some young people it's good to have someone to talk to, talking through the situation with them."

That should be we are not experts on anything apart from screwing up the minds and bodies of the Youth of Crowborough. Do you really want your child sent to these people for so called advice behind your back so that they can tell your 11 year old how to take drugs,smoke and have under age sex.Is that not the role of the parents to judge whether your kids should be taught about these things in this way.Another strange coincidence is that the Principal (Peter Swann) and the Deputy Principle (Mrs Judith Lasis) of Beacon College are also Trustees of Clued Up so 11 year olds in the first year of Secondary School are being "encouraged " to go to Clued Up in order to be taught immoral and illegal behaviour .

She added: "It's resolved sometimes quite easily, other times you know it needs more professional input, which is where we would refer them to say a drugs worker."

See parents role being undermined again.The inference is that some spotty youth worker who has a NVQ in Drug Taking somehow knows more about bringing up your children than you do.You think they are going to a youth club but in reality they are programming them to make immoral and illegal activities appear interesting to your child.

A registered charity, Clued Up Info relies on the work of volunteers and has in the past received grants from local health authorities, Crowborough Town Council and Wealden District Council among other bodies.

Oh Dear that is really misleading.They have always 100% relied on funding from the local authorities and still do to this day. Your paying for it folks but are you involved with what goes on there.

It has strong links with Beacon Community College in Crowborough, with students often referred to Clued Up Info by staff and other advisors.

As mentioned the Principal (Headmaster to you) and Deputy (Headmaster)of Beacon are Trustees of Clued Up.


Manager Adrian Parker said: "I think it's very local, and very accessible with the additional hours and I think it's a kind of unique service for young people. "I know there is a similar very small place in Hailsham that would offer a similar service and the only other place is in Hastings, but in the Wealden area we are pretty much unique."
He added: "It's a very professional service really, it means that young people can access services that they are not traditionally accessing in a very informal, safe and friendly environment."

Of course its a professional service in the literal sense because they are all being paid buckets of our money to provide a service that is not needed or wanted .Another coincidence is that Adrian Parker who is the manager of Clued Up is employed by East Sussex County Council and based at Beacon College.Strange isnt it.

I am bracing myself for the usual criticism from the usual suspects (youth workers) that I dont know what I am talking about and if only I visited Clued Up I would be surprised at what they do and how vital their work is.Well I have to say that I have spoken to someone who has had first hand experience about how the yoof workers and their trendy liberal facist theories are messing up the mind of our young people.I have also checked all the facts with the Charity Commission website and believe them to be accurate.On a final note I also know that the trustees refuse to comment on how many of them have undertaken training through Common Purpose.(google Common Purpose
and Brian Gerrish if you want to know more).

Friday, 3 April 2009

High Street Open again (for now).

Crowborough retailers have admitted that lengthy roadworks in the High Street have not been as damaging to trade as they expected.

Shopkeepers expressed concerns through the Crowborough Retailers Association when East Sussex County Council announced the five week works.

But last week the town's traders said the disturbance was not as bad for business as they first feared.

Jane Hunnam, co-owner of Zest, said: "I do not think it has had any effect at all. The only point I have is how nice it would be if it was pedestrianised."

The works have seen traffic banned from the town centre for the duration as street scene improvements are made to match those carried out in Croft Road.

Roberta Johnson, owner of Marguerites florists, said: "I have been doing quite well because the workers have come in and bought flowers for their wives."......

I had to read this a couple of times as I couldnt believe it first time.The High Street has been closed for weeks and because the workmen have bought a few flowers everything is OK.My thought is that this story is totally fabricated and putting out the feelers in order to close off the High Street permanently.Perhaps then the Council will be happy that the Town Centre will be no more and Crowborough will just be a collection of supermarkets.