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Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Sitting on your arse isnt going to help .

Being fed up with Sgt (I sit behind a desk all the time)Nevill pronouncing in the local paper that he didnt think there was a problem with unruly behaviour in Crowborough at night I decided to register my displeasure.I will publish any reply that I get for your amusement and delight.

Feel free to send further eMails to him if you have any views about Policing (or lack of it) in Crowborough.

21 April 2009 13:35:58
I have read with interest the article in the local paper about how hard you are working with the Youth of Crowborough to prevent anti social behaviour in Crowborough at night. I was interested to note your comment In relation to vandalism, Sgt Nevill said: "There is not some rampage going on, not that I am aware of. It might be isolated incidents.". I was less than reassured by your statement especially the" not that I am aware of "part of it.As your position is Office based and your PCSOs dont work late at night can you please tell me how you are aware of anything that does go on after dark in the town. Do you or anyone else actually patrol the town after dark or is it considered a no go area. Not a weekend goes by without young people causing trouble in the town ranging from general rowdyness to vandalism. All you seem to be doing is burying your head in the sand and ignoring what is going on.Your job is NOT to be Social Worker making excuses for under age drinking and its consequences nor is it to help arrange activities for the yobbos of Crowborough so they are not bored.Your job is to serve and protect the residents of Crowborough with the emphasis on serve.Being a public servant perhaps you should consider what the residents want to see.Most people want proper Police on patrol(on foot) around the town.Given that most of the problems occur after dark surely it not beyond the Police to ensure that there enough proper policemen topolice the town after dark.We do not want to see PCSOs wandering around the town(some slouching around with their hands in their pockets looking bored) during the day when there is nothing for them to do.If the PCSOs cant or wont work after dark then perhaps you should employ more proper coppers and less PCSOs. I was particularly incenced about you personally making excuses about under aged drinking saying it was because they were bored.I bet you wouldnt make excuses for me if I got drunk (because I was bored and had nuffink to do) and starting smashing the place up.

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