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Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Chocolate teapot working party.

(Not posted by Captain Swing)

Lifted from the courier website

A range of measures are being adopted to tackle anti social behaviour in Crowborough after residents have complained of large groups of young people hanging around the Goldsmiths area.

A working party of representatives from Sussex Police, Crowborough Town Council and Andy Jones, the manager of Freedom Leisure Centre met last week to discuss ideas.

One of those ideas was to build a temporary shelter for youngsters at the front of the leisure centre near the skate park.

Kent and Sussex Courier reporter Jessica Thompson joined Sgt Howard Nevill on Friday night on Operation Marble, an ongoing scheme to tackle the problems in the town.

She found out about how police are handling residents' concerns and what young people thought of the working party ideas.

AS the Courier website seems to be moderating/censoring comments at the moment I have put this up for anyone to express their opinions.


  1. Christ on a bike who comes up with these pathetic ideas!.

    Giving yobbos the chance to congregate outside the leisure centre(in a shelter)in order to prevent them causing trouble could only have been thought up by someone who has the mental capacity of a car jack.Looking at who comprises the working party-Town Council,Freedom Leisure(council run) and the Police is it really a surprise.

  2. Why waste our cash on a stupid shelter, use the money for stocks, then put the little B£$tAr*S in them. that way we will get some real action.

  3. Your right anon.

    Why are the Police/Council etc afraid to crack down on the little shits that make residents life a misery.They all trot out all the usual crap such as nothing to do,bored etc etcbut seem shit scared to do anything.

    If not the stocks why dont we just lock them in the shelter for 24 hrs and allow residents to prod them with a cattle prod.If we charge 50p a prod we could raise a lot of money I feel.

  4. if we were allowed to ritual humiliation on these so call "disaffected" kids then the issue would soon cease. Its all about looking big and clever.

    I was told by my childcare that I should not scare my 3 year old by threating to put him in the coal celler if he was naughty, bah . He needs to learn what is right and wrong, and understand that there is punishment. too many of these youths have no respect, and are taught that they have 'rights', well they may have but surely these are earned not given.

    We have managed to create a sub-species of feral kids and its time to domesticate them again, and if that means they need to suffer a little so be it.

  5. Anon

    I with you up to a point mate but I think the bit about locking your 3 year old in the cellar is a bit O.T.T.

    The scroats that plague Crowborough do need facing down and the problem dealt with.

    The Police(PCSOs)just run away and do nothing,the schools teach them supposed rights but never teach about resonsibilities.Clued up is just a council run organisation to undermine parents and traditional values.

    Most of the feral youth that hang around the town at all times are ner do wells and wasters.
    They will achieve nothing with their lives until
    they learn the important lesson that they are at the bottom of the towns "food chain" and no-one
    owes them anything including the overused "respect" thing.

  6. Captain, just to put the record straight, the coal cellar is a threat, not a reality, at 3years old he hasnt worked that out, no doubt as he grow I will have to get more subtle. but it highlights what is wrong here, there is no sanction that these 'yoofs' fear, because place/people liked clued up tell them that they cannot be punished.

    I served and was decorated with the Marines and had a set of standards that i had to adhere to, else the CSM would visit hell upon my person. I didnt live in fear, I just knew that every action I took had a consequnce and the choice was mine. if I stepped out of line I could not complain if the punishment was hard.

    Maybe the re-introduction of national service is no bad thing, except nowdays even the forces are hamstrung by Political correctness and health and safety (I know my Brother in law is currently a Major in Royals).

  7. Have you seen my tribute to the Royal Marines on my other Blog

    Scroll down half way.

    The scroats of Crowborough wouldnt last 5 minutes
    in Helmand before shitting themselves.


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