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Saturday, 16 May 2009


My son was watching Newsround this morning and he became very excited about a story of a UFO sighted over Eridge last night.
By the time I got into his room the story had gone.
I drive through Eridge every day and this morning there was no sign of any alien battle cruisers or little grey men looking at the cattle in a strange way.
Does anyone know what happened ?If so e mail me on or post comment below.
I have seen very low military helicopters flying over Eridge before and my guess is that it was an UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) like the second picture above.I would be interested in any info that people have or any links to any info on the web.

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  1. you are in a low fly zone , it could have been anything.
    it could have been a chinese lantern? , hot air balloon etc etc.


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