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Wednesday, 15 July 2009


Despite the casualties the British Military are doing what they do best in Afghanistan.We should all be proud of these brave individuals who are fighting in this conflict.Millipede and Brown pants say that it is vital to national security that our soldiers remain.What the Politicians dont say is our troops are dying because of political interfering in this conflict.Our troops are suffering because a lack of helicopters , second rate armoured transport etc etc.What the politicos dont realise is that this conflict is unwinnable under current circumstances.Unless the Armed Forces are allowed to fight the Taliban as they see fit and with the best equipment available there are going to be a lot more casualties like we saw this week.Our European Nato allies are standing back and letting the UK,USA and Canada do all the dirty work while their soldiers do nothing.There seems to be no exit strategy -I think now is the time to consider pulling our troops out and letting our "brave European Allies take over".The politicians caused this mess but they dont have a clue what to do.Our Troops are getting killed and that bastard coward brown doesnt even have the decency to send someone to be there when the bodies come home.

Support Help for Heroes and dont forget the troops homecoming march through Tunbridge Wells this friday.

Sunday, 12 July 2009

Wealden Council secrets they dont want you to know.

Thanks to anon for the idea of communicating in the language of the country whose flag is shown above.The following is very interesting especially the bit about the Chief Exec.

Работники совету Wealden не должны расточительствовать их время переводя это. Вы все отход налогоплательщиков дег и кислорода

Руководитель отказал вс неправильные делать. Осел полно брал.

Oh и получите, что назад работать вы ленивые дерьма.

Friday, 10 July 2009

Wealden spastic development options explained.

Just had my little booklet from WDC asking for comments on their Local Development Framework crap.They want our opinions on the various spastic development options.All this can be done online if you wish.I checked it out and found out its the biggest pile of bollocks I have ever read.Dont these people speak English.

Having waded through it the options seem somewhat limited.The option seems to be that they are going to concrete over most of East Sussex its just a question of which town do you want them to start in.Strangely there doesnt seem to be an option of "dont build any more houses as we dont need them and dont want them".It seems to make no difference whether the Council is Lib Dum or Conservative(we dont do Nu Labour nazi scum round here) run the people working for them remain the same and they all seem to be semi literate,management speaking common purpose graduate retards.
By the way the above pictures shows the progress of the new Community Facility in Crowborough.

Wealden Council ,joke,are,a (rearrange these words)

1)A funeral director gets a call saying a council employee has died at Wealden District Council HQ and could they come and collect the body.

He tells his partner he won't be long as its only down the road.

5 hours pass before he returns. His partner asked, "where the hell have you been?"

He replied, "it was a fucking nightmare I had to wait till they all left for lunch to see which one was dead."

2)What `s the difference between an ostrich and a council tax collector ?

Nothing !!

They can both stick their bills up their arses .

Thursday, 9 July 2009

Its official-Wealden Council employees are lazy bastards

Obviously the numpties at Wealden District Council are having a quiet day today .

217.154.171.#11:43:45 am
217.154.171.#11:32:34 am
217.154.171.#10:36:03 am
217.154.171.#10:29:25 am

These are the times that the council "watchers" visited this site today.You will notice that they are all during work times.Obviously nothing to do today.

Just a little hint to the lazy bastards at the council.Dont view blogs in the morning otherwise you will not have anything to do in the afternoon will you?

These work shy local government parasites better make the most of it because when the money runs out they will be unemployed and unemployable.Can you imagine a future employer asking one of them to explain what they did in their previous job.The answer would probably be...well I didnt do much really other than surfing the internet for half the day .The rest of my time was dedicated to networking with my colleagues on important subjects such as what biscuits we want with our tea and the finer points of our generous pension scheme that the taxpayer of Sussex pays though the nose for.

The employers response would be...thank you for showing an interest in working for Mc Burgers but your skill set doesnt match our requirement at this time.When we get a job that requires you to sit on your arse all day doing nothing I will let you know .Next candidate please.

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Crowborough Shared Space.

Guide Dogs for the Blind are campaigning against shared space schemes.

The local idiots at the Council are considering a shared space scheme in Crowborough.

If you want to support the campaign then visit for information on how to lobby your MP.

*Shared space is a mad idea where pedestrians and traffic have to share the same space.No defined pavement and no defined road.Perhaps I should explain that this idea comes from some drugged up hippy from Holland who didnt even know what planet he was on .The numpties on the council dont have that defence(or do they?).They must have been on something pretty strong to think it would be a good idea in Crowborough.

Watching them watching me.

Hello to Gabriella Paterson-Griggs, Democratic Services Manager from Wealden council.Dont be shy-I dont bite or are you one of those people that just likes to "watch".

(DEMOCRATIC SERVICES MANAGER Salary range £36,390 - £40,215)

Monday, 6 July 2009

Wealden Council is watching.

Wealden District Council frequently comes up on my visitor lists .
I can only think of 2 scenarios as to why anyone from the council would want to read my posts during "work" hours.
1)Someone who is employed by the council is interested in my blog and likes to keep up to date with it.If this is the case then please dont be offended but fucking well do it in your own time not whilst you are supposed to be employed doing something useful.Actually I am finding it hard to think of anything that anyone employed by Wealden could possibly do useful other than get a proper job.For information the council tax payers dont pay a kings ransom every month so council employees can access foul mouthed blogs such as this.
2)Someone is employed by the council(paid by the taxpayer) to sit on their computer monitoring local blogs /websites for dissident views that dont fit in with their own warped mindset and values.
I am coming around to it more likely to be option 2 than option 1.Without wanting to sound too"tin foil hat" I know that internet access is strictly controlled within the local government and civil service.Logs are kept and if you are found to have accessed something that you shouldnt have then its normally treated as a disciplinary offence.This would indicate that someone within wealden council has free reign to access anything they like .The motive of the "watcher" is not known to me but I would like to communicate with them in a spirit of honesty and free speech.
Dont take it personally mr or ms wealden watcher but people like you make me sick.No doubt you are some sort of right on twat who studied media studies at school and has found out that even Mc Donalds think you are unemployable.The only job you could get was as a council funded
quisling that views things that you are unable to understand because your brain power and life experience are on the par of a goldfish.I would guess you are probably in your middle age and still live at home with your mummy because everyone thinks you are a fucking knob end of the highest order.
There you go-stick that in your little book and go and run off theres a good gimp.Go tell your boss(they must be even more retarded than you) that someone doesnt express the views that
your common purpose mentor said everyone must express .BWahahaha someones been nasty to me.

Saturday, 4 July 2009

Gypsies Tramps and Thieves......

I have just managed to dig out the following action sheet for part of a local council meeting on the issue of pikeys.You can see that the local numpties on the council have a good grasp of the problem and seem to have it well under control.
Positive images - obviously dont use any pictures of illegal sites after the travellers have left.Piles of rubbish doesnt reflect well on the average traveller.
Travellers to understand that the phrase "thieving pikey" isnt derogatory it is just part of the non travellers culture .
Add to curriculum in schools-the general reponse from the public to this was not positive.
Champion for Wealden? We need to employ someone to campaign for pikeys rights.
Case studies.Dont include any mention of nicking car batteries or driving uninsured vehicles.
Travellers to put forward reasons why they shouldnt feck off back to pikey land.
Provide sites in their normal habitat.Rubbish tips and open sewers are areas that have proved popular with the travelling traveller community in the past.