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Thursday, 9 July 2009

Its official-Wealden Council employees are lazy bastards

Obviously the numpties at Wealden District Council are having a quiet day today .

217.154.171.#11:43:45 am
217.154.171.#11:32:34 am
217.154.171.#10:36:03 am
217.154.171.#10:29:25 am

These are the times that the council "watchers" visited this site today.You will notice that they are all during work times.Obviously nothing to do today.

Just a little hint to the lazy bastards at the council.Dont view blogs in the morning otherwise you will not have anything to do in the afternoon will you?

These work shy local government parasites better make the most of it because when the money runs out they will be unemployed and unemployable.Can you imagine a future employer asking one of them to explain what they did in their previous job.The answer would probably be...well I didnt do much really other than surfing the internet for half the day .The rest of my time was dedicated to networking with my colleagues on important subjects such as what biscuits we want with our tea and the finer points of our generous pension scheme that the taxpayer of Sussex pays though the nose for.

The employers response would be...thank you for showing an interest in working for Mc Burgers but your skill set doesnt match our requirement at this time.When we get a job that requires you to sit on your arse all day doing nothing I will let you know .Next candidate please.


  1. 217.154.171.# 11:45:04 am
    217.154.171.# 11:24:07 am
    217.154.171.# 10:16:27 am

    Wealden Wanker Watch stats for Friday.

  2. Let them monitor this .

    Совет Wealden как полезн по мере того как велосипед к goldfish.

  3. Совет Wealden никудышен и водить безглавыми цыплятами


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