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Friday, 10 July 2009

Wealden spastic development options explained.

Just had my little booklet from WDC asking for comments on their Local Development Framework crap.They want our opinions on the various spastic development options.All this can be done online if you wish.I checked it out and found out its the biggest pile of bollocks I have ever read.Dont these people speak English.

Having waded through it the options seem somewhat limited.The option seems to be that they are going to concrete over most of East Sussex its just a question of which town do you want them to start in.Strangely there doesnt seem to be an option of "dont build any more houses as we dont need them and dont want them".It seems to make no difference whether the Council is Lib Dum or Conservative(we dont do Nu Labour nazi scum round here) run the people working for them remain the same and they all seem to be semi literate,management speaking common purpose graduate retards.
By the way the above pictures shows the progress of the new Community Facility in Crowborough.

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