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Thursday, 29 April 2010

Gordons Meltdown Moment.

Hat Tip Guido Fawkes

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Charles Lant-Wealden Council Chief Executive

View this video as it purports to show the chief executive of Wealden Cuntcil.

I am not convinced however as I think a tramp has found his way into the studio.Dont worry though he has all the experience he could ever need in his current job.He used to be a housing officer in shitholystan in Nottinghamshite so he knows everything about working for a shit organisation.Given that Wealden is the shittiest shit council you could ever come across I feel his skillset is ideal.

Having said that though the bloke is a fucking mess.Can he not afford a tie or an ironed shirt with the 120K plus a year he gets.Perhaps while he was at it he might like to get a close relationship with some toothpaste and his razor.

Honestly and truly is it any wonder the country is going down the crapper when we have people with the personality and appearance of a piss soaked wino running local councils like Wealden.

I know looks can be deceptive and I am sure he is excellent at filling in his expenses but what has he achieved for the taxpayers of Wealden?.

Err hang on for a few years and I may be able to think of something.

Saturday, 24 April 2010

Lying Lorna of the Liebore Party.

Lorna Blackmore is the Labour candidate for Wealden.Thankfully she stands about as much chance of being voted in as Brendan Clegg (her agent) did last time round.
Her election leaflet has just dropped through the door and I was amazed at the lies that are contained in this leaflet.
On the inside cover is Blackmore standing next to a half built hospital with the title "Labours stunning new £300 million hospital for Wealden residents" which is such a crock of shit on so many levels it makes my blood boil.

Firstly Labour is a Crap political party and does NOT build hospitals.

Secondly the new hospital Blackmore is standing next to costs 217 million pounds but hey whats 83 million pounds these days especially when it comes from the magic quantative easing fairy bank.

Thirdly and probably most important the new hospital isnt even in the Wealden area its actually in Pembury West Kent.When built it will replace the Kent and Snuffit in Tunbridge Wells and will serve West Kent and a tiny section of North East Wealden area.

To say that its a new hospital for Wealden residents is wrong and to suggest that labour coughed up the money out their own coffers to pay for it can only be described as a cynical lie .

Lies just keep on coming though with Blackmore proclaiming local schools have been transformed by labours investment programme(lie) but the best and biggest is that crime in Wealden has fallen by more than a third(lie) because of community support officers(lie).

This woman is either on the same pills as Gordon the Moron or she is just lying in the hope the residents of Wealden will be so thick they will vote for her.
Well I have news for Ms Blackmore-even the most retarded retard would not fall for this crock of shit in a million years.Labour -cynical lies and dishonesty its what we do.

I notice theres no mention about labours succesful economy fucking programme nor is there any mention of labours succesful screwing pensions inititiative.

Lies lies lies and incompetence-a future fucked for all.Vote Labour NOT.

Altogether now-Socialist Scum off our streets!!,Socialist Scum off our streets !! repeat a few hundred times.

Sussex Police -officially crap!

SUSSEX Police is officially poor at solving crime.

Industry watchdog Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Constabulary (HMIC) has called on the force to take immediate action to improve its performance in solving crimes following a review of its service.

Perhaps if they spent less time harrassing motorists and attending gay pride marches they might be able to actually solve a few crimes.

This report only confirms what most people in Sussex already know.Bear in mind that they have been branded crap on the basis of not solving the crimes reported to them.
When you take into account the huge number of crimes that are NOT reported then the figures look even worse.
I know a lot of people dont bother to report crimes any longer for the simple reason that their expectation that anything will be done is less than zero.Many people consider the Police to be the enemy of the good law abiding majority now and dont want anything to do with them any more.
If you tackle a criminal you are likely to end up being arrested yourself because make no mistake the Police as an organisation are on the side of the crims and therefore by default against the law abiding citizens.
Common sense states that if someone breaks into your house dont call the Police under any circumstances.Give the scumbag a good kicking but dont detain them.
Let them leave bloodied and battered but make sure they leave your property because a body on your patio may be a bit difficult to explain away.
If questions are ever asked dont deny it but state that said crim had a weapon and you were acting in self defence.But remember -never call the Police unless it is a last resort and you can afford to wait the 20 minutes or so it will take for PC Lardy Butt to finish his doughnuts and turn up just in time to draw a nice white chalk line around you.
Take responsibility for your own defence at home do not rely on a Police force that is excellent at mincing along Brighton seafront with a load of shirtlifters but useless at catching crims.

Friday, 16 April 2010

East Sussex County Council.

View this document if you want to see how your local council works.Its quite revealing really.

Newsflash -East Sussex County Council are useless

East Sussex County Council uses NEWSFLASH media monitoring to monitor the media including web sites and blogs.

Rather like something out of 1984 or North Korea they monitor us for anyone going "off message" so they can report it back to their political masters .I am not sure what they think they can do about blogs but their aim generally is to pressurise the established media to only print stories that show the Council in a good light.
Blogs are immune to this political interference so if you have something to say about your local council and the services they provide or dont provide publish it on a blog.

The control freaks in local and national government only have power over you if you let them.

Choose freedom and stick 2 fingers up to the twats trying to control what you say and what you do by blogging.Believe me post your gripe online and they will read it and pass it on so let them know what you really think.

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Courier or Pravda ?

The local paper has always been a bit crap but its one redeeming feature used to be the online version where people could post their opinions on stories freely.

Councillors,Police ,drivers have all got a right pasting from some of the contributors and it always made an entertaining read.

Not any more though.Obviously the powers that be have decided that freedom of speech is not something to be encouraged in the Socialist Republic of Shitistan region of the EUSSR.The first nail in the coffin was the increasing use of moderating to stifle debate and censor comments.Anything that didnt pass the PC test was simply deleted.Then they decided that everyone had to register in order to post comments.This was done I believe to exercise control (socialists favourite word)over the contributors with the threat of banning anyone who overstepped the line and posted forbidden words like Muslim,immigration,Christmas,easter,pikey etc etc.After this happened the number of comments just melted away and the number of new "news" stories went the same way.Hardly any stories seem to make it on to the online version of the paper and the ones that do are of the the standard of "notice board banned for being fire hazard" which has been on for about a month now.
Another bastion of free specch destroyed by the lefty twats who spent too much time in college during the 70s smoking dope and reading Marx.
Because the online version is now so shite I am not going to buy the paper hard copy any longer.If they are going to start treating their readers like children then they will end up with less readers which obviously means less profits and less jobs.By trying to appeal to the retarded socialist bed wetters they are making a BIG mistake.

East Sussex County Council-Vacancy

Is it any wonder our Council Tax only goes up.

This vacancy is being advertised currently.If you have an interest in traveller issues like stealing car batteries,marrying your cousin ,driving without insurance etc then this is the job for you.

Traveller Development Manager
£44,703 - £48,852 pa, Lewes
We are looking to recruit a Traveller Development Manager to facilitate and maintain through partnership working, a consistent and cohesive approach to Traveller issues in East Sussex; balancing the rights and needs of resident communities with those of Gypsies and Travellers. This will be achieved through the strategic development of services to Travellers.

Nearly 50 grand for talking bollocks and bending over backward to the pikey community whilst screwing the taxpayer for every penny.


Friday, 9 April 2010

Christ on a Bike what next!

Below is an extract from Crowborough Clown Council proposing the dedication of a tree for the "victims of domestic violence".Its already been established elsewhere that Sgt Etherington is of the useless bedwetting lefty persuasion but surely even he could see that this is just ridiculous.

Before you all start rolling your eyes and saying "he's off on one again" can I explain.

To people who are not local ,Canada Green is a small tended park with a line of trees along the footpath.Each one of these trees has the name of a Canadian soldier who died when a flying bomb landed on the Canadian camp on what is now the golf course during the War.These young Canadian lads came across the Atlantic to help defend us from the Nazis and ended up sadly getting no further than Crowborough.

For anyone to suggest that a tree on Canada green should be dedicated to some pissed waynetta chav who got a slap from an equally pissed wayne chav must indicate that they are out of their tiny little minds.What next allowing non travelling pikeys to set up camp on Canada green.

Sgt Etherington and the clown council have gone too far on this .Associating domestic violence with the war dead is insensitive and another step in the political correct destruction of Crowborough.

Tree planting to remember victims of domestic violence
Sgt. Steve Etherington was invited to speak and he advised that there were 863
incidents of domestic violence reported in Wealden during the year and two people
could come and speak if requested to do so, Graham Lindfield from the police and
Sandy Dennis from the County Council.
The committee considered an appropriate location and whether to plant a new tree
or dedicate an existing tree and Canada Green or the Bluebell Wood were
One things for sure-if you want to get on in the SussexPolice farce you seem to have to be as mad as a box frogs and have a liking to attending gay pride marches and consuming copious quantities of doughnuts.

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Election is not a Chinese building.

The election has been announced and we have a month to make up our mind who to vote for locally and nationally.

I have yet to meet anyone who thinks 5 more years of Gordon the Moron is a good idea so thats the national situation sorted.

Locally is more complex.Do you not bother voting in the local council elections or do you vote for an independent or one of the smaller parties to upset the established applecart.I suppose you could just vote for the establshed candidate but that wouldnt be any fun would it.

Think before you vote because your vote is important.I fully support peoples right not to vote with the proviso that they dont moan when a power mad corrupt jerk gets in .

If you do have a postal vote make sure YOU post it yourself.Do not let anyone "help" you fill it in and certainly dont give your postal vote to anyone you dont know for them to "post".

Sunday, 4 April 2010

More snooping cameras and things.

The area outside Goldsmiths leisure centre is starting to look like a scene from 1984 with the all seeing eyes watching everything we do.
As well as two CCTV cameras on the end of a pole (presumable perving into peoples bedrooms) there is also the GATSO scamera and a strange looking device pointing at the traffic.
Its green in colour but has no markings on it.There is no clue to its purpose so I would be grateful if anyone could enlighten me as to what this sinister looking device actually does and why its there.
I know a certain town councillor reads this and I regard the head of bullshitting at Sussex Scameraship as a real regular here so I am sure someone knows what it is .
Whatever it is I am sure its a waste of money and prone to be vandalised by the feckless yoof that hang around that part of town.

Thursday, 1 April 2010

Sussex Police have a Gay Day-and we pay for it.

Ever wondered why you never see Police on the beat any more?
Ever wondered why it takes days (if ever) to come out to domestic burglaries or criminal damage?
Well the answer my friend is blowing in the wind.No seriously the plod cant get anyone to come out for proper crimes because there is not enough of them supposedly.How then can they rustle up a few dozen Police Officers to parade around Brighton advocating Gayness.The Police should be above this sort of things and if these limp wristed officers are there on their day off they shouldnt be in uniform .
So we have the stupid position where the Police are allowed to support organisations promoting gayness but are not allowed to be members of a legal political party.How long do you think a plods career would be if he was photographed taking part in a BNP.Not very long I wager.

More Bad Publicity for Sussex Police Farce..

Trust our officers? we dont.

That, apparently, is the message from Sussex Police, who are spending some £300,000 on security guards for three of their buildings. Look, I know the Downland Doofuses aren't the brightest buttons in the box, but could someone try to explain to them that, well, providing protection is, kind of, their job, you know.

Hat Tip Dock Green

I suppose employing a couple of dorks on minimum wage to protect the station and prevent the public having unhindered access means plod can fulfill their daily duties without annoying distractions.
Doughnuts dont get eaten by themselves and those gay pride march application forms take ages to complete.
The Police become more of a joke every day.