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Saturday, 24 April 2010

Sussex Police -officially crap!

SUSSEX Police is officially poor at solving crime.

Industry watchdog Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Constabulary (HMIC) has called on the force to take immediate action to improve its performance in solving crimes following a review of its service.

Perhaps if they spent less time harrassing motorists and attending gay pride marches they might be able to actually solve a few crimes.

This report only confirms what most people in Sussex already know.Bear in mind that they have been branded crap on the basis of not solving the crimes reported to them.
When you take into account the huge number of crimes that are NOT reported then the figures look even worse.
I know a lot of people dont bother to report crimes any longer for the simple reason that their expectation that anything will be done is less than zero.Many people consider the Police to be the enemy of the good law abiding majority now and dont want anything to do with them any more.
If you tackle a criminal you are likely to end up being arrested yourself because make no mistake the Police as an organisation are on the side of the crims and therefore by default against the law abiding citizens.
Common sense states that if someone breaks into your house dont call the Police under any circumstances.Give the scumbag a good kicking but dont detain them.
Let them leave bloodied and battered but make sure they leave your property because a body on your patio may be a bit difficult to explain away.
If questions are ever asked dont deny it but state that said crim had a weapon and you were acting in self defence.But remember -never call the Police unless it is a last resort and you can afford to wait the 20 minutes or so it will take for PC Lardy Butt to finish his doughnuts and turn up just in time to draw a nice white chalk line around you.
Take responsibility for your own defence at home do not rely on a Police force that is excellent at mincing along Brighton seafront with a load of shirtlifters but useless at catching crims.

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