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Friday, 16 April 2010

Newsflash -East Sussex County Council are useless

East Sussex County Council uses NEWSFLASH media monitoring to monitor the media including web sites and blogs.

Rather like something out of 1984 or North Korea they monitor us for anyone going "off message" so they can report it back to their political masters .I am not sure what they think they can do about blogs but their aim generally is to pressurise the established media to only print stories that show the Council in a good light.
Blogs are immune to this political interference so if you have something to say about your local council and the services they provide or dont provide publish it on a blog.

The control freaks in local and national government only have power over you if you let them.

Choose freedom and stick 2 fingers up to the twats trying to control what you say and what you do by blogging.Believe me post your gripe online and they will read it and pass it on so let them know what you really think.

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  1. Its all a big game.

    I have come to recognise the IP addresses of the people who are only interested if I post an article about ESCC or Wealden.I know who they are and they know that I know who they are
    (Hello Mark).

    Install traffic monitoring software and watch the hits come in.Firstly it will be a few hits from the authority itself and then over the next few hours the same IP addresses crop up in much the same order.
    For added fun hold a sweepstake on how many hits from these IP addresses come after posting an article.
    There is something deeply satisfying about watching the watchers.
    If you want to sneak things under the radar then add to your story by posting additional information as a comment.


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