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Sunday, 4 April 2010

More snooping cameras and things.

The area outside Goldsmiths leisure centre is starting to look like a scene from 1984 with the all seeing eyes watching everything we do.
As well as two CCTV cameras on the end of a pole (presumable perving into peoples bedrooms) there is also the GATSO scamera and a strange looking device pointing at the traffic.
Its green in colour but has no markings on it.There is no clue to its purpose so I would be grateful if anyone could enlighten me as to what this sinister looking device actually does and why its there.
I know a certain town councillor reads this and I regard the head of bullshitting at Sussex Scameraship as a real regular here so I am sure someone knows what it is .
Whatever it is I am sure its a waste of money and prone to be vandalised by the feckless yoof that hang around that part of town.

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