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Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Charles Lant-Wealden Council Chief Executive

View this video as it purports to show the chief executive of Wealden Cuntcil.

I am not convinced however as I think a tramp has found his way into the studio.Dont worry though he has all the experience he could ever need in his current job.He used to be a housing officer in shitholystan in Nottinghamshite so he knows everything about working for a shit organisation.Given that Wealden is the shittiest shit council you could ever come across I feel his skillset is ideal.

Having said that though the bloke is a fucking mess.Can he not afford a tie or an ironed shirt with the 120K plus a year he gets.Perhaps while he was at it he might like to get a close relationship with some toothpaste and his razor.

Honestly and truly is it any wonder the country is going down the crapper when we have people with the personality and appearance of a piss soaked wino running local councils like Wealden.

I know looks can be deceptive and I am sure he is excellent at filling in his expenses but what has he achieved for the taxpayers of Wealden?.

Err hang on for a few years and I may be able to think of something.

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