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Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Clued Up-Childhood stealing bastards.

According to someone in the know there is a plague of nearly biblical proportions among the young in Crowborough.Chlamydia and other STD infections among  young adults is rising year on year in the Crowborough area .
How can this be when we have sexual health rammed down the throat of kids from the age of 13 and organisations like Clued Up actively promoting contraception among the youth of Crowborough .

Well the problem is that Clued Up and Yoof Workers  encourage children (youths under 18 are children) to be sexually active and simply do not explain the risks let alone the law.The lefty yoof workers
solution is to sterilise girls from the age of 14 by arranging for  them to have a contraceptive implant fitted.
This obviously prevents them from getting pregnant but the problem is that the lefty lezzy social worker types then encourage the young girls to have illegal underage sex and sleep around because they cant get pregnant.Being mostly lesbians or fudge shovers the yoof workers havnt really got a grasp of normal reproduction and cant seem to understand the basics of sex among opposite sexes.
Having a contraceptive implant doesnt prevent any STD and only encourages young people to be sexually active from a younger age.Having sex at a young age is illegal because it is harmful and Clued Up which is run by the Youth development service of ESCC are real bastards for allowing our children to be exposed to deseases like chlamydia,HIV etc etc but they are even more bastards by arranging implants for children without consulting or even telling parents.To compund the offence the bastard cunts dont even explain the risks to the youngsters when they arrange their sterilisation and as the parents dont know sensible intervention is just not available.If parents try to do the right thing by trying to convince their kids that holding off having sex until they are over 16 and only then as part of a stable relationship they quickly realise that they are onto a loser.The school,connexions and organisations like Clued Up will be actively encouraging them to have sex under 16 and encourage our children to sleep around and to hell with the consequences so the parents are outgunned from the start.
The result of this madness is that our children are forced to grow up quicker than they should and the girls are being pumped full of hormones from the age of 14!!!.Over the years youngsters especially the girls will grow up regretting the fact that they didnt listen to their parents because they were indoctrinated by a bunch of left wing morons.When these young girls grow up and face the prospect of infertility and a dramatically increased risk of cervical cancer they will regret that they listened to Clued Up and the rest.My advice to you if you have children is to make sure you get your advice in first and for gods sake keep them away from clued up or any other similar family hating, childhood stealing,life ruining organisations.

Is it any wonder that kids (especially girls) are slashing themselves to bits and even attempting suicide when their minds and bodies are being fucked in this way up by a bunch of lefty retarded homo twats.

Monday, 12 July 2010

Clive Wilson unelected member taking the piss with our money again.

Clive Wilson unelected member of the town council is squealing like a stuck pig because co opted (unelected) members are not able to claim members allowances.Poor old Clive we all feel very sorry for you NOT.
We all know he has no interest in the people of Crowborough and is only on the council to further feather his own nest so why should he receive the allowance.

He managed to get planning permission for his 10 bedroom mansion on the edge of the Ashdown forest (which incidently is still a bloody great hole in the ground) when no one else would have done and he is also
heavilly involved in the unloved and unwanted Community facility that the Town Council has underwritten to the cost of 3.5 million and rising.

So my advice to you Clive is stop crying like a baby over a few quids allowances and get on with your job.

Clive Wilson is clearly the sort of person that shouldnt be on the council in the first place simply because he hasnt been voted in and got his position because of some potentially dodgy back room deals with the other councillors.The fact is that he has managed to get a seat on the council in a non democratic sort of way and he is trying to justify it by getting us to pay him an allowance for being there is an extreme case of taking the piss.

Wilson runs his own eco shite building design company(absolutely nothing to do with the community facility of course) he must be a bit mental because he  wants the council (taxpayer) to provide him with a free wi fi enabled laptop.Well Clive get off your fat backside and stop troughing for a bit and get yourself down to PC world and buy one from your own ill gotten gains like the rest of us have to.

The trouble is Wilson is so far up his own arse that he will not even allow a picture of his face to appear on the Town Council Website.He thinks that if people dont recognise him then he will not have to deal with the plebs ,and their problems, which he has (not) been elected to represent.To help people to identify this trougher I have managed to find a picture that purports to be him.Personally I think its been mislabelled and it is in fact Clive Dunns father.Dont Panic!!!.


Poor old Clive likes to think he is a proper town councillor even though he has not been voted in and has been poncing around as a co opted adviser on planning applications for years.
Is it legal then that p.o.c is also offering a service to help people get planning permission in Crowborough.
Check out this
Even if it is legal there is the stench of corruption and dodgy dealings about it.I will be checking out some of the recent planning application in Crowborough to see if  p.o.c has been party to any of these decisions at Town Council level.

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Dangerous man with a gun in Northumberland.

Is it just me or is there something very wrong about this picture.

What is the muppet with the gun actually doing pointing a loaded gun  at innocent civillians.

Cunts like this shouldnt be let anywhere near a grease gun let alone a semi automatic weapon.

I ask again what the fuck is he doing.For the mongtards who say "someone could be hiding in the boot"-its a Corsa ffs and no way could you get a midget in the boot let alone a huge man carrying a gun.

I tell you if that was me in the car I would make a formal complaint against that plod because he is clearly a danger to himself and the public.

Do they only employ idiots in the Police force oops sorry service these days and then make it worse by giving them firearms.

Thursday, 1 July 2010

Mela Tunbridge Wells.

The Tunbridge Wells Mela is being promoted in the local area.

One of the selling points is that its free which means I assume all these "we value diversity as long as its not English" performers are doing it for nothing and all the organisers are doing it for nothing so we can all live together it harmony.

If you look a bit deeper you will find that actually the Mela is paid for by public sector organisations and rather sinister government funded organisations like cohesion plus.So in fact the taxpayer is paying for it all.
I am sure these organisations listed below that hand over public money are not doing it for the goodness of their heart.This event is a brainwashing exercise to make sure that everyone thinks and acts the way the liberal PC bedwetters want them to.So if you want to be told how to think then by all means go along and enjoy the Albanian Lesbian dance troups and dont let it worry you in the least that the taxpayer has paid for that dog kebab you are eating.Its a fact that anything the public sector arranges is shit-think back to the crappy PC millenium dome fiasco .
Perhaps the strap line  for the Mela should be come along and be brainwashed at the taxpayers expense.
Hopefully this will  be the last Mela if the Local Government cuts are as deep as they should be.I wouldnt be so sure though I can see the council meeting now.
"Right comrades we have lost half our budget and we have to make deep cuts in all Departments .Obviously our pay and perks are ringfenced so we will have to find savings elsewhere.The choice today  is shall we continue with rubbish collections or shall we continue withy the rubbish Mela.Well thats sorted then the rubbish collection service will be scrapped-those racist Tunbridge Wells white people dont deserve it anyway.If the poor oppressed Africans can live it their own shit then why cant the racist English.
Finally lets finalise the line up for Mela 2011-I believe Abu Hamza is free on that day and I understand he has some very interesting ideas about diversity and tolerance.Roz get him on the phone and see if he can make the new date because we have decided to change the date of the Mela to 23rd April 2011 which from now on will be known as Abu Hamza Day rather than that horrible racist St Georges Day."

Sponsors of Mela

Cohesion Plus-Council Funded Race Hate Group.
Kent Police-Council Funded.
Kent Equality Cohesion group-Council Funded.
Arts Council England-Public Funded Quango.
Applause Touring-Bollocky Council funded "Aaaarts Group"
Tunbridge Wells Arts Partnership-Council Funded PC Bollocks.
Kent Childrens Trust-Council Funded child indoctrination organisation.

Yep that sounds really FREE doesnt it.
If these organisations have enough of our  money to spend on this bollocks then they deserve to lose all their funding and see whether they can raise the money the normal way .
Lesbo Roz
"Is that Banklays Bark this is Tunbridge Wells Council.Can you lend us a few hundred thousand pounds so we can brainwash the residents of Tunbridge Wells about the miracle of multicultural society in order that we can replace the democratic system with something akin to Communism (well actually it is communism).I assume the usual terms will apply in that we can piss it all up the wall and not have to pay a penny back."

Banklays Bark
"Your taking the piss now fuck off.Beeeeeeeeeeep."