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Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Clued Up-Childhood stealing bastards.

According to someone in the know there is a plague of nearly biblical proportions among the young in Crowborough.Chlamydia and other STD infections among  young adults is rising year on year in the Crowborough area .
How can this be when we have sexual health rammed down the throat of kids from the age of 13 and organisations like Clued Up actively promoting contraception among the youth of Crowborough .

Well the problem is that Clued Up and Yoof Workers  encourage children (youths under 18 are children) to be sexually active and simply do not explain the risks let alone the law.The lefty yoof workers
solution is to sterilise girls from the age of 14 by arranging for  them to have a contraceptive implant fitted.
This obviously prevents them from getting pregnant but the problem is that the lefty lezzy social worker types then encourage the young girls to have illegal underage sex and sleep around because they cant get pregnant.Being mostly lesbians or fudge shovers the yoof workers havnt really got a grasp of normal reproduction and cant seem to understand the basics of sex among opposite sexes.
Having a contraceptive implant doesnt prevent any STD and only encourages young people to be sexually active from a younger age.Having sex at a young age is illegal because it is harmful and Clued Up which is run by the Youth development service of ESCC are real bastards for allowing our children to be exposed to deseases like chlamydia,HIV etc etc but they are even more bastards by arranging implants for children without consulting or even telling parents.To compund the offence the bastard cunts dont even explain the risks to the youngsters when they arrange their sterilisation and as the parents dont know sensible intervention is just not available.If parents try to do the right thing by trying to convince their kids that holding off having sex until they are over 16 and only then as part of a stable relationship they quickly realise that they are onto a loser.The school,connexions and organisations like Clued Up will be actively encouraging them to have sex under 16 and encourage our children to sleep around and to hell with the consequences so the parents are outgunned from the start.
The result of this madness is that our children are forced to grow up quicker than they should and the girls are being pumped full of hormones from the age of 14!!!.Over the years youngsters especially the girls will grow up regretting the fact that they didnt listen to their parents because they were indoctrinated by a bunch of left wing morons.When these young girls grow up and face the prospect of infertility and a dramatically increased risk of cervical cancer they will regret that they listened to Clued Up and the rest.My advice to you if you have children is to make sure you get your advice in first and for gods sake keep them away from clued up or any other similar family hating, childhood stealing,life ruining organisations.

Is it any wonder that kids (especially girls) are slashing themselves to bits and even attempting suicide when their minds and bodies are being fucked in this way up by a bunch of lefty retarded homo twats.


  1. Where is your proof of this "plague of almost Biblical proportions"? What social workers have ever enouraged minors to sleep around? My sister is a minor in Crowborough, let me ask her what the social workers have said to her...
    Oh, FUCK ALL. YOU ARE AN IGNORANT CUNT. Stop pretending to speak for those of us that live in Crowborough - from the standard of your writing I would say that your IQ is significantly lower than the majority of people who went to Beacon (which is really saying something).

  2. Sorry but you are the ignorant cunt because quite clearly you know absolutely nothing about anything other than who won big brother or whats happening in eastenders bollocks.Read the article again and then try to explain how organisations like clued up (fake charity funded by the council) is preventing STD infections by encouraging girls to sleep around.For the hard of thinking like you encouraging under age girls to have contraceptive implants is immoral and encourages under age sex but does nothing to prevent STDs
    If you also read the title of the blog it is open to anyone to state their opinion even numbnuts like you.Just because you dont believe the fact that STD infections are increasing in Crowborough does not mean the information is any less correct nor the source any less valid.
    So when you have grown up a bit and can enter into a sensible debate on this topic then feel free to come back and have another go.
    On a final note I dont pretend to speak for anyone other than myself and wouldnt dream of representing views of people like you for the simple reason you dont seem to have any views worth representing.

  3. Just to rub your nose in it a bit Mr Numbnuts-even the Biased Broadcasting Corporation are reporting that in 2009 there were half a million new reported cases of STD infection being a 3% year on year increase.Just think your sister could be one of the stats for 2010 if she takes the advice of Clueless Up and their yoof workers.
    Before spouting off next time perhaps you should actually research the FACTs before showing yourself as the ignorant cunt you clearly are.Unlike you I always like to double check my facts before publishing anything.

  4. Really? Your information is based on what, your own bigotted views? Equally bigotted friends? Psychosis? You are so very, very wrong. Go and see for yourself and stop the misinformed, fascist ramblings of an obvious unintelligent moron with about as much compassion as Attilla the Hun.


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