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Thursday, 25 November 2010

Another campaign.

Petition for a referendum.

An independent MEP is starting a campaign to get 100,000 signatures in favour of a referendum on our continued membership of the EU.

Click here for a pdf version of the petition form.

The truth is out there.

They really are shitting in our faces .

Euro-MPs were handed an extraordinary £3,000 pay rise yesterday after EU judges ruled in favour of an inflation-busting increase for tens of thousands of Brussels officials.
Read more:

If Van Rumpuy isnt the result of a hideous experiment to produce an alien /human hybrid which went wrong I will eat my hat.

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Recipe for freedom.

Like a good recipe everything was starting to come along nicely .All the ingredients had been mixed perfectly and a gentle heat applied to get things going.

The ingredients were chosen specifically to isolate and neutralise Britain so that their recipe for a federal EU state would come about.It was figured that if the heat was turned up a little at a time then we wouldnt be wise to what was going on until it was too late and by then our goose would be well and truly cooked.

Well over the last few weeks things have started to change.People are really really angry and getting angrier by the day.The Mussies abusing our soldiers raised the temperature from low to high and the Irish bailout has raised it to thermonuclear.

Speak to people and all they can talk about are the issues that are largely ignored by the mainstream media such as the mussies kicking off and us coughing up another 7billion plus of borrowed money to prop up another Euro basket case.
The euro nazis were almost there in that they had put everything in place to destroy us and our way of life hoping that it would be a done deal before we woke up to what has happened whilst the majority of the population had been asleep or watching big brother or I am a twat get me out of here.

So to get back to my cooking metaphor the UK is at the point where the pressure has increased and the very structure of the vessel is straining to contain the immense pressure within.We all know that sooner or later the vessel will fail but what we dont know is when or how.What we can be sure of though is when(not if) it goes off it is going to be messy and there is no way that the ingredients will ever be able to be put back in.

Perhaps its just me but around here I have never known such a tangible tension and anger among people in general over what is going on and the lies and misinformation put out by the media and government to cover up the fact that we have all been screwed over big time.

Monday, 22 November 2010

Here is the real news.

You will not have seen this on any of the British news media.Isnt it coming to something when we have to get news of what is happening in our own country from foreign news channels.

Tell everyone you know to view this.

Hat Tip

Saturday, 20 November 2010

Nazi inspired EU.

Take time to read these documents about the Nazis plans to form the EEC .

Friday, 19 November 2010

Get out of the EU now.

Watch this set of video clips and the reason why this country has been turned into a shithole becomes clear for all to see.

As a matter of interest David Noakes's website EU Truth has been taken down!!

Its a bit tinfoil hat but stick with it and then google Frankfurt School Subversion and consider whether any of the 200 ways to subvert a country have occured in the last 30 years.

The creation of racism offences.
Continual change to create confusion
The teaching of sex and homosexuality to children
The undermining of schools’ and teachers’ authority
Huge immigration to destroy identity.
The promotion of excessive drinking
Emptying of churches
An unreliable legal system with bias against victims of crime
Dependency on the state or state benefits
Control and dumbing down of media
Encouraging the breakdown of the family

Thats 11 off the top of my head but there are many more.

Check it out yourself and perhaps you might come to the conclusion that we are actually living under a repressive communist regime and any talk of living in a free society is just a sham.

Isnt it time we stopped being sheep and started acting like lions instead.


Barroso-Little man with little ideas.

Barroso is the odious little unelected head of the EU .

Words and phrases that spring to mind whenever I see his ugly mug are....

Small man syndrome,ugly,cunt,twat,marxist,unelected,spastic,undemocratic,special needs,oxygen thief,communist,arsewipe ,enemy,useless,rude,arrogant,spazzer,fuckwit,borrowed time,Ireland debt,career finished.

Only my opinion mind.

Isn't it time we came out of the EU and left spazzers like Barroso on the scrapheap where they belong.The world has moved on and we should perhaps be aligning ourselves more with the Commonwealth rather than Communists.
The futures bright but Barossa isn't and the future certainly will not feature the EUSSR. Doesn't it strike anyone as strange that Alki Aida doesn't target the EU as an institution.Could it be that outside the EU parliament the EU is seen as irrelevant or its a case of my enemies enemy is my friend?

Come on guys its time to wake up and let it be known that we want out of the EU and we want it NOW.

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

HMRC-where finding someone who is competent and speaks English is pretty much impossible.

Is it me or are the Inland revenue/HMRC a load of useless tossers.

Trying to explain a problem to someone over the phone at HMRC whose grasp of English is limited to say the least doesnt help.What also doesnt help is that whoever you speak to seems to assume you are even more retarded than they are and cannot comprehend that they may have actually made a mistake.

I am no accountant but I do understand the difference between the 2009/10 and the 2010/11 tax year even if Mrs Limited English has trouble with the fact that the years tend to go forward every year rather than back.

I finally gave up on the phone as I decided that someone who cant speak English is not going to be able to explain nor understand tax procedures but no worries I thought as you can always use emails .Errr no actually the HMRC do not allow you to contact them by e mail and you have to either phone or write.Deciding as a last resort to write I look up the relevant office for Sussex only to find out its in fucking Jockland.

What sort of fucking useless organisation decides that the right person to deal with a problem in Sussex should be someone Scottish based 100s of miles away.

Like all public services HMRC have decided to recruit staff on the basis of their ethnic background and who they vote for rather than their intelligence of ability to speak English.

Is it too much to expect someone local who speaks English with a basic understanding of their job to deal with my query.Quite clearly in the case of Her Majestys Right Cunts it clearly is.

HMRC-where tax can be very taxing.

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

PC halfwit and his Christmas message.

Christmas is only a few weeks away and the weather is turning much colder with frosts in the morning.Driving is a joy on crisp clear days such as we have had over the last couple of days.

Motorists had better make the most of it though because it will not last.We are fast approaching the season where we will see sullen fat arsed rossers blocking off main roads and undertaking random checks for the reason that they can .

I should make it clear that I do not condone drink driving in any way but stopping and inconveniencing innocent drivers in the hope they can catch someone who may be guilty of something is totally wrong.

My vehicles are all legal and I pay a lot of money in road tax every year so I dont expect to be stopped because the rossers will have no suspicion that I have done anything wrong for the simple reason that I have not.If some doughnut eating PC decides to stop me then be warned because I will not be happy.

A couple of years ago my wife was stopped at a road block whilst driving a brand new car and as always as sober as a judge only to be asked by PC dipshit whether she knew it was illegal to drive whilst over the limit.In a strange sort of way I am looking forward to the time when it will be my turn to be subject to the stasi treatment because I will be ready.I have a pen and paper to make a note of all the lovely numbers of PCs who I come into contact with and my smartphone takes lovely videos .Hopefully I will get PC dipshit who stopped my wife for no good reason because I see it as my duty to wind him up on film and see what happens.The Police like to refer to the attitude test when they stop motorists as if a bad attitude is justification for harrassing law abiding motorists.Perhaps our third rate Police state enforcers should reread their oath that they swear to ...

"I, ... of ... do solemnly and sincerely declare and affirm that I will well and truly serve the Queen in the office of constable, with fairness, integrity, diligence and impartiality, upholding fundamental human rights and according equal respect to all people; and that I will, to the best of my power, cause the peace to be kept and preserved and prevent all offences against people and property; and that while I continue to hold the said office I will to the best of my skill and knowledge discharge all the duties thereof faithfully according to law."

So to PC dipshit and his friends take note of the phrase containing the words fairness and impartiality in the above pledge and make sure you know it all word for word because if you stop me I will expect you to be word perfect.Mind you the brainless morons we have in the Police these days may well have problems with words like integrity and respect .
Oh and I always expect to be called Sir when public servants are addressing me (master and servant relationship).
Re reading the Police oath makes me wonder what part of it covers perverted Sussex Police prancing around Brighton proclaiming how much they love gay sex whilst on duty and in Police uniform.
The above video is not without humour though-look out for the bit where baldy fat rosser said how much he enjoyed being at the front rather than the back !!!!.
Target rich-view this as an example of the sort of bullshit that Sussex Police comes out with.
PC poofter and PC Lezzer mixing business with pleasure.

Saturday, 13 November 2010

Bedfordshire Police-The enemy within.

UK’s Bedfordshire Police’s rules regarding terrorists and dangerous criminals

If they’re non-Muslim

• Consider the most opportune time of day to be able to arrest suspects with minimum resistance
• Apply all necessary force to enter the premises and arrest suspects accordingly.

If they’re Muslim:

• Community leaders must be consulted before raids into Muslim houses.
• Officers must not search occupied bedrooms and bathrooms before dawn.
• Use of police dogs will be considered serious desecration of the premises.
• Cameras and camcorders should not be used in case of capturing women in inappropriate dress.
• If people are praying at home officers should stand aside and not disrupt the prayer.
They should be allowed the opportunity to finish.
• Officers should take their shoes off before raiding a Muslim house.
• The reasons for pre-dawn raids on Muslim houses needs to be clear and transparent.
• Officers must not touch holy books or religious artefacts without permission.
• Muslim prisoners should be allowed to take additional clothing to the station.
With this continuing appeasement, no wonder it’s now predicted that Britain will become an Islamic state by 2070. (Time to think about your children.)

Friday, 12 November 2010

Rotherfield smoking bomb.

Those of us that are lucky enough to live outside the shithole 3rd world areas of this country thought we were safe from the multicultural contagion sweeping the country.Like the black death we thought it would never affect us which meant we were unprepared when it arrived.

For people who dont know Rotherfield is a lovely quiet place where nothing much happens and the residents are happy to get on with their own life happy in the knowledge that the contagion sweeping the country could be on the moon for all the affect that it had on them as individuals and the village in general.

It comes as a shock then to know that some twat has ripped down and destroyed the posters for the poppy appeal fundraising event in the town.The local paper reports it like they dont have a clue who would possibly do such a thing and seems to hint that it may be someone in the village that has just moved in!!!.

To work out who did this you only have to know that intollerant followers of the religion of peace have been burning poppies this year .
Just down the road from Rotherfield we have the Marks Cross Ali Bongo(or something like that) mussie school that was raided by the anti terrorist police a couple of years ago because it had links with the terrorist Hookhand.

The other clue is that the poster featured a picture of a smoking bomb because the event included a talk from a bomb disposal expert.I cannot think of any group that would have any issue with a picture of a smoking bomb can you?

You dont have to be sherlock holmes to work it out.

Dont forget to wear your poppy with pride wherever you live.
The talk takes place at 7pm on November 20 in the village hall.

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Wanted dead or alive.

Amanda Park-paid lefty agitator.

The soap dodgers were rioting yesterday in protest at something or another.

Isnt it strange that the far left didnt do anything during 13 years of labour misrule(including introduce tuition fees) but suddenly decide to riot when someone tries to sort out the finacial disaster that we face today.

Isnt it strange also that the person that was interviewed many times yesterday by the BBC to speak for the poor hard done students isnt even a student but a paid activist.

If I was this soap doging lefty lezzer I would be expecting a knock on the door from the plod very soon.

As the Police are not very efficient at rounding up lefty scumbags I am going to do my duty and publish her photo and contact details.
Amanda Park Association Secretary
Glasgow Caledonian University Students' AssociationStudents' Association Building70 Cowcaddens RoadGlasgowG4 0BA

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Wealden Council - putting themselves first.

Wealden has launched its new website .I am not sure what its supposed to achieve or which 6th former they got to put it together but the result is pretty bloody awful.

The layout is terrible and the general design is about as exciting and inviting as a pile of vomit.

Its all done in a bile green colour to signify I presume the green nature of the area before Wealden allowed any tom, dick and harry or (Clive Wilson) to build any monstrosity anywhere and everywhere.Obviously there are strict rules to apply when considering developments but when the applicant is in your lodge or common purpose network such trivial matters can be overlooked cant they.For people who are not involved in trouser legging or have not had their brain rewired by a lunatic called Julia there is the old tried and tested method that results in your application for a 10 bedroom 4 storey house in the middle of the Ashdown Forest being approved no questions asked. Its called a "drink" but using terms that we all understand its a bung or bribe . An envelope of wonga pushed through the doors of the relevant councillors in the dark of night should see your pet project pushed through with no problem.
If you delve deeply into the new website site map I am sure there is a section where you can bung your councillor using paypal for your convenience.

Wealden Council putting people first it says -dont make me laugh.

How the Liberal Bedwetters Argue.

After watching the above clip you will get some idea how much the liberal bedwetters hate their own country (the clip is American but applies equally well over here) yet argue in favour of the scum who want to wipe us all out.

No need to ask whether mussie funnybeard got arrested just ask instead how long would it be before you got arrested if you stood outside a mosque proclaiming death to the mussies.Not long I wager. But what do we expect from the Police that has been infected at all levels by liberal betwetters that not only piss in their own bed but piss in everyone elses as well and expect you to be grateful for it.