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Friday, 19 November 2010

Barroso-Little man with little ideas.

Barroso is the odious little unelected head of the EU .

Words and phrases that spring to mind whenever I see his ugly mug are....

Small man syndrome,ugly,cunt,twat,marxist,unelected,spastic,undemocratic,special needs,oxygen thief,communist,arsewipe ,enemy,useless,rude,arrogant,spazzer,fuckwit,borrowed time,Ireland debt,career finished.

Only my opinion mind.

Isn't it time we came out of the EU and left spazzers like Barroso on the scrapheap where they belong.The world has moved on and we should perhaps be aligning ourselves more with the Commonwealth rather than Communists.
The futures bright but Barossa isn't and the future certainly will not feature the EUSSR. Doesn't it strike anyone as strange that Alki Aida doesn't target the EU as an institution.Could it be that outside the EU parliament the EU is seen as irrelevant or its a case of my enemies enemy is my friend?

Come on guys its time to wake up and let it be known that we want out of the EU and we want it NOW.

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