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Tuesday, 30 March 2010

ESCC appoints chocolate teapot as C.E.

White smoke has been seen coming out of the chimney at ESCC HQ quarters Q to indicate a new chief executive has been annointed.

The person deemed suitable for the position of head of ESCC clusterfuck is ta da !! Becky Shaw.

Thats right Becky Shaw has been chosen because of her outstanding performance in leading bollocky change in a multi discipline diverse public service environment. More likely she has been selected because a) she is a woman or b)common purpose graduate.Neither of these things should have any relevance for a job as head honcho of a crappy County council but sadly it does.
There is no mention of competence or suitability for the job and Ms Shaw seems pretty smug with herself having climbed the slippery career pole from Director of Policy and Communications to Chief executive.
Can you imagine a large Private sector employer promoting the twat with the stupid glasses that updates the firms adverts and web site to a position of Chief executive in some sort of dodgy backroom deal that communist China would be proud of.

It looks like someone else being promoted beyond their capability and being bunged over £100 grand a year.The justification will be "we have to pay the best money to get the best person".All I can say is if shes the best the other candidates must have been pretty useless.
I have it on good authority that Ms Shaws old job is going to be filled by Mrs Chlamydia O Reilly the toilet cleaner at County Hall because she is an expert in shite and is therefore the best person for the job.

The obvious question is why do we need a chief executive for a County Council and why do we need to pay patently unsuitable people loads of wonga to do it.

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Damian McAlonan-billy bullshit ratings.

Damian McAlonan is one of the not so great and not so good of Crowborough Town Council.
Judging by the bullshit he writes he is a bit of a comedian as well.

This from his online profile.

"Skilled negotiator, exceptional trainer and qualified mentor that motivates peak performance from self and team members."

I am going to give him 8 out of 10 billy bullshit marks for that one.

Then this one

"Elected Government Official (Councillor)"

Now thats just taking the piss isnt it because we all know that he was co opted onto the council without a vote being cast.

I am going to give him 10 out of 10 billy bullshit marks for that plus a bonus of 5 lying cunt marks for good measure.

Crowborough Town Council-bankrupt but still spending.

Crowborough Town council have decided to press the red accounting button marked "financial disaster".

They are already considering borrowing £1000,000 to help pay for the new white elephant community facility.
Despite the madness of this idea they are thinking it might be a good idea to stump up the extra money to get the thing built which is likely to be another £600,000.

Notice there is no mention of any cutting back on the specification of the hall or reducing the spend to match the money available.Hey what do they care anyway they dont have to pay it back.It will come down to the good old taxpayers of Crowborough to pay an extra £15 a year for the next 50 years or so.If we are paying for it why cant we have a say in the building and running of this project.Well the answer is obvious isnt it-how would the dodgy back hand deals continue if there were "the wrong sort of people" on the commitee (code for not bent).I should point out that currently the Council has just £169000 cash to fund a project that is likely to cost
the wrong side of £3000,000.Can you imagine the reaction if you went to your Bank Manager and asked to borrow £3 mill to buy lets say a sunseeker boat even though you only have £160,000 to put down as deposit and to run your boat for the next 20 years.
I think the second word would be off followed by "close the door on the way out".

Its totally unbelievable that we have managed to get all the financial retards on the council at the same time.Mind you as we havnt even voted for most of them is it any surprise that people are appointed because of their golf handicap rather than their financial skills.

To add insult to injury the Town Council are looking for a new Town Clerk and are thinking of offering a "RELOCATION PACKAGE" to get the right person.Fuck me I am sure there is someone locally who could do the job without too much trouble.Perhaps they are having to look far and wide for the type of person who will turn a blind eye to all the councils dodgy deals whilst being able to write the cheques (no questions asked).

Sack the whole undemocratic corrupt lot of them and start afresh.I reckon the Town would run pretty well with a Town Council half the size and cost it is currently .

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Cressida Dick-more blood on her hands.

A Metropolitan police officer is due in court to face a death by dangerous driving charge after a young mother was killed in a car crash on the A21 near Tunbridge Wells.

PC Nigel Brown, 46, from the Met’s specialist crime directorate, will appear at Sevenoaks Magistrates Court next Tuesday (March 16) in relation to the head on collision on May 5 2009.

It follows a Kent Police investigation managed by the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) into the incident on Pembury Road north of the Longfield Road roundabout.

Mother-of-three Felicity Austin, 29, who lived in Hadlow, died after the black Renault Megane she was driving was in collision with an unmarked Met Police car, a black Skoda, driven by PC Brown.

She was the only person in the car at the time.

From Kent News

The specialist crime directorate is run by none other than Cressida (common Purpose)Dick.
She attracts death like shit attracts flies.

Surely another promotion for her in this one.