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Thursday, 23 May 2013

Woolwich Attack - Defend yourself because no one else will.

Look at this picture-it is what symbolises Britain in 2013

A young man going about his business is first run over and then hacked to death by a couple of foreign islamist assailants  shouting Allah Akhbar (or some such religious shit) wielding meat cleavers , knives and a handgun. After killing the poor bloke they then hold informal press conferences with the people standing around watching and recording on their phones so they can upload to Loo Tube.

After 20 minutes the Police decide to arrive and take down both attackers wounding them.

Attackers are taken to hospital in an Air Ambulance.

Later in the day protests by EDL are met with an instant Police response who set about cracking heads.

What the fuck is wrong with this country. Its bad enough that a young soldier gets attacked on the street because of the job he does but for fucks sake what is wrong with the people who just stand around and record the horror without making any effort to help .The only person with any guts was a brave lady who confronted one of the animals whilst everyone else  carried on recording.

As for the Police they just stood back and did nothing for 20 minutes. I really cannot understand why the first Police on the scene didn't weigh up the situation and at least attempt to do something -it was probably too late for the Soldier but what about protecting the public(not that many of them deserve protecting).

When seconds count the Police are 20 minutes away.

It sickens me to the pit of my stomach that someone can be slaughtered on the streets of London like this.

It sickens me even further that no one came to his aid or even attempted to do something for him.

The attackers are subhuman scum and I hope they die a very long and painful death but to those that stood around and watched yet did nothing -you are scum as well and I hope you live a long life and this haunts you for every waking and sleeping hour.

Clearly if you are in trouble don't expect the public to help you and the Police might turn up at some point .If  no one else is going to protect us and our family then we must have the means to protect ourselves .

I have never understood why law abiding individuals that are considered responsible enough to own a shotgun or rifle are not considered responsible to own and carry a handgun.

We the law abiding majority demand our right to defend ourselves by any means we see fit -we want our handguns back. See @LegaliseHandgun on twitter.

Monday, 13 May 2013

Establishment plans to attack UKIP using Hope not Hate.

Hate not Hope or is it Hope not Hate, I am not sure, are looking to start campaigning against UKIP.
HnH is fronted by communist Gerry Cable and has the support of many in the Labour Party and is funded(like Labour) by the unions and the far left.

Coincidence or not -after UKIP made huge gains in the local elections  HnH crawls out from under the proverbial stone to attack them .Lets face it Labour are in as much trouble over the rise of UKIP as the con servatives and the limp dems.Ed Millipede faces many labour voters moving over to UKIP especially now  he has totally ruled out a referendum on EU membership .Typically the lefties resort to underhand name calling when they have lost the argument .
I include Clegg/ Cameron and the rest of the rabidly pro europe brigade in the conservative/limp dem coalition as also being lefties and I am sure they are as happy as Ed Millipede to try and take the shine off the success of UKIP by any means, fair or foul.

In effect far left pressure group HnH is labelling a quarter of the electorate as fascists which is rich considering they themselves are more fascist than the supposed fascists they oppose.

Lets not forget also that searchlight/HnH head Cable is also chair to a Met Police Advisory group and is definitely part of the establishment .HnH is being used as an attack dog by the established parties/establishment to discredit UKIP with the hope of stalling their rise in the polls.

People must realise that this is their only chance to rid Britain of the ConLibLab troika that has done so much damage to this country over the last 2 decades (if not longer).
By supporting the only party that will guarantee an in/out referendum you are supporting the best chance for a  free trading independent Britain .Support any other party and you are just voting for more Europe and more of the same.

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Bilderberg 2013 will be held in Watford .

Gun Control from an American Perspective.

The British public lost their right to self defence years ago- only the criminals and the criminal state enforcers have the weapons.

Saint Barry O Bummer is now looking to take the guns off the American public despite the right to bear arms being enshrined in their constitution.

This is why that may be a good idea... for the crims.