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Thursday, 27 January 2011

Incandescent over light bulbs.

Visited my local (well actually its not that local) DIY store yesterday to look at new light fittings.Having found the light fitting that was suitable and having sought and gained the approval of Mrs Swing I went in search of lightbulbs.
A big sign in front of the incandescent lightbulbs stated that EU regulation now forbids the sale of 100w lightbulbs but the retailers are also not selling 60w incandescent bulbs but they would be more than willing to sell me a range of energy saving light bulbs.When the energy companies started giving away energy saving light bulbs I tried them out and found that they save electricity by not producing any useful light at all.When switched on they give off as much light as a glowworm but if you wait a minute the bulb kicks in to maximum light production which is akin to a candle.When I flick a switch I want instant consistent light not a strange 2 stage yellow glow.Dont be fooled by the "lasts 3 times longer" than conventional bulbs argument because they dont.

So DIY retailers have taken it on themselves to restrict the sale of environmentally friendly lightbulbs that only contain a thin metal filament glowing in an inert gas contained by glass in order to sell small chemical weapons devices containing enough mercury to kill an average family and giving off ultra violet light radiation instead of visible white light when in use.

I came out stocked up with a couple of boxes of screw in 40w spotlight incandescent bulbs which when fitted gave out more light than the crappy energy saving bulbs that were supposed to be equivalent of 60w.Not only did the normal bulbs give out more light but the light produced is much more natural and easy on the eye.When Mrs Swing and the kids came home they all commented how nice it was to flick the switch and get instant bright light and how much nicer it was to have something akin to sunlight rather than a yellow glowstick.

I will be going back tomorrow to stock up on some more and also popping over to my not so local local ASDA who I believe are still selling normal incandescent bulbs boxed as heavy duty bulbs suitable for industrial applications including inspection lamps.
I now have the problem of disposing of all the energy saving lightbulbs that I no longer have use for.Any ideas.

Exposure to mercury vapour causes madness followed by death.

They will be putting chemicals in our water next to control us -well actually they already do in some areas of the country.I am sure theres nothing to worry about as I am sure its ok to dump toxic flouride industrial waste in our water supply.Nothing to see here move along .

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

The day democracy died.

View this and then tell me we still live in a democracy.

Australian floods.

Every year we give squillions of pounds to every third world shithole on the planet that just disappears into a black hole of corruption.We also give aid to countries like China for fucks sake so they can come over here and buy up our companies up and move them back to their homeland.Not a Christmas goes past without pictures of dying Africans that have no ties with us at all being shown on television in order to extract even more money from us so they can buy some more AK47s.

Why then isnt there the same level of aid to help the Australians(many of whom are of British descent) who are suffering floods of biblical proportions in Queensland.Most families including mine have relatives in that part of Australia and what are we as a country doing to help our brothers in the southern hemisphere-pretty much fuck all as far as I can see.

We bail out Ireland and shovel money to India like its going out of fashion but seem to be turning our backs on our kith and kin in Australia.

If anyone has any views on what can be done to help then let me know.

I think the following quote may be appropriate in such times.

"good friends are like fire extinguishers-when you need them you know where they are "

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Boilers and global cooling.

In my position of climate scientist I can now state that there is a consensus of opinion in this country that points to the fact that global warming is a load of crap.
The general consensus also indicates that C02 is an inert gas that plays no part in the warming or cooling of the planet.

Taking these things into account along with the fact that it would appear that the planet is getting colder not warmer is it too much to ask our nazi masters if it would be possible to actually be able to install conventional gas boilers in our home rather than the pieces of shit condensing boilers that have been forced on us over the last 10 years.
Condensing boilers actually use more gas under normal circumstances than a conventional boiler and have a life span of 10 years max if your lucky.If your unlucky you may find that your sparkly new boiler is only fit for the junk heap after 3 years and you will be forced to replace in with another expensive condensing piece of crap.Once you get rid of your conventional boiler you will never be able to go back to the position of having a reliable boiler that works even in the coldest of weather.

If you are thinking of throwing your hard earned money away on a low efficiency condensing boiler I would urge you to think again.