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Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Australian floods.

Every year we give squillions of pounds to every third world shithole on the planet that just disappears into a black hole of corruption.We also give aid to countries like China for fucks sake so they can come over here and buy up our companies up and move them back to their homeland.Not a Christmas goes past without pictures of dying Africans that have no ties with us at all being shown on television in order to extract even more money from us so they can buy some more AK47s.

Why then isnt there the same level of aid to help the Australians(many of whom are of British descent) who are suffering floods of biblical proportions in Queensland.Most families including mine have relatives in that part of Australia and what are we as a country doing to help our brothers in the southern hemisphere-pretty much fuck all as far as I can see.

We bail out Ireland and shovel money to India like its going out of fashion but seem to be turning our backs on our kith and kin in Australia.

If anyone has any views on what can be done to help then let me know.

I think the following quote may be appropriate in such times.

"good friends are like fire extinguishers-when you need them you know where they are "

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