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Saturday, 27 June 2009

Sussex Police Farce

On Sunday 14th June a commemoration service was held at the Chattri Memorial near Patcham in Brighton for the Sikh and Hindu soldiers who died in hospitals in Brighton & Hove during the Great War of 1914-18.As usual it was well attended by many from Brighton & Hove's diverse communities, along with representatives from Sussex Police, Brighton & Hove City Council, the Racial Harassment Forum, and other armed and emergency services.Two poppy wreaths were laid on the memorial by Sussex Police's DCI Ian Pollard and DC Mo Dando of the Sussex Black Police Association.
Police Cadets Harry Dinnage and Christine Marchant also helped on the day and Hate Crime Caseworker Suchi Chatterjee attended to show her respects for the young men who died so far from their homes in a foreign land.Engraved on the memorial itself are the words:
'To the memory of all the Indian soldiers who gave their lives for their King-Emperor in the Great War, this monument, erected on the site of the funeral pyre where the Hindus and Sikhs who died in hospital at Brighton, passed through the fire, is in grateful admiration and brotherly affection dedicated.
Sod the thousands of non ethnic people who fought and died for their country.The Sussex Police farce decide to celebrate diversity and ended up devaluing the whole thing.The ultimate insult to those that died was having a "hate crime caseworker" present and members from the racist black police association.The Police wonder why they have lost the respect of the community
I cant think why?
I look forward to the police attending a similar event to remember the English people from Sussex who have died fighting for their country.No doubt there will be representatives from the white police association and a caseworker responsible for investigating racist crimes against English people.On second thought perhaps not and after all the Police are very very busy eating doughnuts and catching people travelling 3mph over the speed limit.

Friday, 26 June 2009

Who is a hoon and who isnt.

Just so everyone knows which councillors voted to spend money they dont have see below.It seems like only 2 councillors had the guts to stand up for the council taxpayers of Crowborough.

If that indeed was their motive then well done to them.Shame on the rest of them.

RESOLVED to authorise the Town Clerk to obtain borrowing approval of £329,600 (made up of £179,600 for the Goldsmiths project and £150,000 for land purchase)

FOR (Hoons) Cllrs Paul Adams, Leigh Colbran, Peter Cowie, Philip Fermor, Mick Hall, Anita Nerwin-Nye, George Moss, Liz Scott, Mark Symons and Neil Waller

AGAINST(Heroes maybe) Cllrs Colin Stocks and Sandra Timms

Crowborough No Vision Project

ADVERTISING in empty shop windows, turning the High Street into a pedestrian zone and the massive improvement of public transport - these are just a small sample of what Crowborough businesses and residents want to see in the next 20 years.
Business owners also crave a purpose built enterprise centre which offers flexible business space for a low rent, scrapping town parking charges, more active promotion of the area, the creation of a tourism strategy and more pedestrian signs.

The ideas have come about after the Crowborough Visioning Project (CVG) hired the firm Dialogue to carry out a public consultation into what people want.
These ideas will be compiled into a document which will form the blueprint for future development in the town.
It will then be incorporated into the Wealden District Council local development framework.
Crowborough town Cllr George Moss, CVG leader, said: "Hopefully over the next month we will get some input back, hold a meeting with the retailers and get even more of a feel for what they want."
The consultation also revealed residents wanted to adopt the European concept of "shared space" – where motorists and pedestrians "become one".
This is achieved by removing the traditional separations between cars and walkers by taking away kerbs and signs.

Lifted from the courier.

This is more total bollocks by George Moss.

Why is the Crowborough visioning project called CVG shouldnt it be CVP or am I being stupid.
Why have they employed a bunch of third rate retards to consult with us (must have missed that one).

Are we supposed to believe that a member of the public came up with the great idea of scrapping parking charges (everyone knows parking is free in Crowborough) and also came up with the idea of letting people and cars share the same roadspace.

It all sounds to me like this is what the council are going to do and they are pretending the ideas came from the public.Do we think that the council will actually publish who came up with what idea,course not.

Friday, 12 June 2009

Crowborough Town Council

Just one question.
When are the Town Council going to get off their collective fat arses and arrange to have the vergeside grass cut.
Montargis has grass so long that you could lose a small amazonian tribe in it.
The council seems to prefer to waste money on the country park and community facility(sounds like a mental hospital) than actually keeping the town looking spick and span.
The council are really taking the piss.

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Gordon is a Wan##r

Dont watch this if you are easily offended.

Gordon Brown booed .

Our popular Prime Mincer getting what he deserves.

Gordon Brown on the Apprentice.

One to enjoy for no other reason than its funny.