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Saturday, 27 June 2009

Sussex Police Farce

On Sunday 14th June a commemoration service was held at the Chattri Memorial near Patcham in Brighton for the Sikh and Hindu soldiers who died in hospitals in Brighton & Hove during the Great War of 1914-18.As usual it was well attended by many from Brighton & Hove's diverse communities, along with representatives from Sussex Police, Brighton & Hove City Council, the Racial Harassment Forum, and other armed and emergency services.Two poppy wreaths were laid on the memorial by Sussex Police's DCI Ian Pollard and DC Mo Dando of the Sussex Black Police Association.
Police Cadets Harry Dinnage and Christine Marchant also helped on the day and Hate Crime Caseworker Suchi Chatterjee attended to show her respects for the young men who died so far from their homes in a foreign land.Engraved on the memorial itself are the words:
'To the memory of all the Indian soldiers who gave their lives for their King-Emperor in the Great War, this monument, erected on the site of the funeral pyre where the Hindus and Sikhs who died in hospital at Brighton, passed through the fire, is in grateful admiration and brotherly affection dedicated.
Sod the thousands of non ethnic people who fought and died for their country.The Sussex Police farce decide to celebrate diversity and ended up devaluing the whole thing.The ultimate insult to those that died was having a "hate crime caseworker" present and members from the racist black police association.The Police wonder why they have lost the respect of the community
I cant think why?
I look forward to the police attending a similar event to remember the English people from Sussex who have died fighting for their country.No doubt there will be representatives from the white police association and a caseworker responsible for investigating racist crimes against English people.On second thought perhaps not and after all the Police are very very busy eating doughnuts and catching people travelling 3mph over the speed limit.


  1. You make a possibly valid point and then devalue it by making a ridiculous and fatuous comment about police "busy eating doughnuts and catching people travelling 3mph over the speed limit".

    What evidence do you have to suggest that police eat more doughuts than anyone else?

    I can assure you that no prosecution would result from anyone exceeding the speed limit by 3mph and that in fact, very few police resources are committed to enforcing traffic offences.

    Could I suggest that you restrict your comments to your own opinions and desist from making unsubstanciated comments for which you have no evidence.

  2. As this is my blog I post pretty much what I like how I see it.The advantage to you of my free speech policy is that you can also have your say.
    Obviously I have offended you as you are a Policeman that doesnt like doughnuts.
    However last year Crowborough was effectively closed off by the Police stopping traffic in a snow storm.Up the road from the ANPR van was 2 silver Focus STs one with 2 fat coppers stuffing their faces with what looked like doughnuts to me.So Police wasting their time and my tax pounds
    stopping innocent motorists while they stuff their face with doughnuts is what I saw.
    Evidence enough for me.
    Thanks for your comment Bones.Perhaps you would like to post a longer comment detailing the good work that Sussex Police does that doesnt involve
    shite diversity/ethnic community/gay pride type issues or pandering to the low life scroats and pikeys.

  3. Looks like this original text report was copied from another source, did you have rights to reproduce that in your blog, including the names of those attending?
    I am related to one of those & I may have similar thoughts as to the British who fought for this country, and no I have nothing to do with the Police.

  4. I dont need permission to reproduce things that are in the public domain taken from a press release.
    I also dont need the permission of those involved because that too is in the public domain.If any persons has any issues they need to direct it to the Police who released their details to all and sundry via that press release.
    PS- It was over 3 years ago so its probably a bit late.


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